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Komori Corporation
11-1 Azumabashi 3-chome, Sumida-ku
Tokyo 130-8666, Japan

Phone: +81-3 36 24 71 63
Fax: +81-3 36 24 69 55

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Komori Lithrone G 840 Perfector H-UV - iPad (0:46)
Komori Impremia IW 20 - iPad (0:47)
Komori Impremia IS29 - iPad (0:50)
Komori GX40 Carton - iPad (0:58)
Company Profile
Kando- 'beyond expectations'- is our standard for the Komori

Our concepts originate with user ideas, and our efforts are devoted to customer satisfaction. Since our establishment in 1923, Komori has adhered to our origins: manufacturing products of superior quality and reliability. We are known throughout the world as a manufacturer of printing machinery. We are not, however, satisfied with this level of achievement. To build on this success, we are delivering kando-generating products and services worldwide as a true global company, contributing culturally, socially and economically. This is Kando: Beyond Expectations - the standard by which we judge ourselves. We are continuing our pursuit of broadening the potential of printing for a future rich in printed communications. Komori respects people and has a strong focus on environmental conservation and corporate ethics. Our mission: to empower kando printing for people everywhere.