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Via del Commercio 22
26014 Romanengo (CR), Italy

Phone: +39 0373 729272
Fax: +39 0373 270131


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Ferrarini & Benelli digital generators for our corona and plasma systems can be installed on all production lines. Our generators are designed to reach the high powers needed today to treat the more difficult plastic materials at maximum line speed and useful for customers who want to perform line inspections 24/7, to certify their production.

The latest generation generators are offered in combination with the multi-electrode corona discharge stations which lend to supplying high power.

Corona Quality Control

The innovative software created by Ferrarini & Benelli allows:

• import of the Corona Treatment data from an SD card mounted on the generator to the one's own PC
• storage of the valuable information acquired and its display through the use of graphics
• produce certificates of Corona Process Quality to send to customers.
A single application to check all treatments, lines, reels and all your customers!


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Ferrarini & Benelli designs and manufactures stations for corona treatment (universal or specialised materials and applications); systems for atmospheric plasma treatment for small surfaces; digital generators, ozone destruction systems; ink for measuring surface tension.


We produce corona treatment stations for neutral or metallised plastic film, paper, sheets, foil, foam, labels, pipes and other special applications.

Station of high-performance universal treatment equipped with special electrodes and ceramic rollers. For use with all types of conductive and non-conductive materials, plastic and metallised film, paper and aluminium foil, even laminated. Designed for applications of extrusion coating, flexographic and rotogravure printing, laminating and coating machines characterised by high speed.

High-performance treatment station for non-conductive plastic film, guarantees high levels of surface treatment at high speed, even with more difficult materials that require very high power coefficients. Especially suitable for installation on lines for cast extrusion, extrusion coating, flexographic and rotogravure printing, laminating and coating machines and to treat materials with significant thickness, such as foam materials.

Narrow web treatment stations for the treatment of labels before printing. They are equipped with ceramic electrodes that allow for the treatment of all types of materials, both conductive and non-conductive. Ensure excellent adhesion of printing inks. Available in two models ET/75 and ET/98.

Single sheet treatment: FORMAT
Single-side treatment station for small and large sized single sheets. It can treat plastic materials, paper, plasticised paper and even metallic or conductive materials in general.


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FB PLASMA 3D treatment

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FB Plasma 3D is useful for solving problems of adhesion to various surfaces and can be integrated into existing production systems or mounted on industrial robots.

Atmosphere plasma treatment is a surface treatment which improves the wetting properties of polymeric materials and metals. Suitable for small three-dimensional or very thick surfaces, applicable in many sectors including automotive, medical, cosmetics, and in general in the production of plastic components (injection moulding).

In the Converting sector and Packaging the system is mainly used on fold-and-glue lines to treat the areas where the glue is applied. In the creation of boxes or other types of container of plastic or laminated paper, this treatment significantly improves the bonding of glue.

FB PLASMA 3D, works under conditions of atmospheric pressure and does not require vacuum technology, and is suitable for treating: 3D objects, small areas of plastic parts, profiles and sections, cables and pipes, strips of plastic film.

The system is composed of a high frequency generator and a dedicated nozzle. The treatment width of a single nozzle is 10 mm. Plasma is created inside the nozzle between two electrodes. Then, it is directed toward the substrate that needs to be treated by an air flow.

Printing applications

  • Pad printing
  • Silk-screening
  • Ink-jet printing

Laminating applications

  • Improvement of the durability and reliability of gaskets
  • Application of glue on folding cartons
  • Flocking on rubber and plastic.

Cleaning applications

  • Removal of dust and grease from plastic
  • Degreasing of steel, metal and semi-finished products.


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Ferrarini & Benelli's digital generator for plasma treatment is easy to use, cost-effective, featuring compact design, high safety and low maintenance.

Digital control

  • Up to 300 W for each nozzle
  • Multi-language LCD display
  • Remote control panel (up to 5 m)
  • Power control
  • Air presence control
  • Remote control of start/stop/intermittent signals
  • Safety alarms indicators (short-circuit, overheating, absence of air).

Display of work parameters

  • Set power [W]
  • Work frequency [Khz]
  • Effective power [W]
  • Current consumed [A]
  • Duty cycle [µs]
  • Temperature [°C].

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