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MGI Digital Graphic Technology
161, avenue de Verdun

Phone: +33-1-45210660
Fax: +33-1-45211490

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Product Categories
Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems  
Inkjet - coating 1 Product
Xerography sheet-fed production systems 1 Product
Envelope manufacturing and printing machines  
Printing machines for security printing  
Envelope feeders  
Slitting and cross cutting machines  
Die-cutting machines  
Creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines (combined)  
Laminating machines  
Coating machines  
Card manufacturing systems 1 Product
Numbering systems for cards  
Bar code systems  
Digital inks - UV curable  
UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes  
Addressing and personalization systems  
JETvarnish - 52x105 cm


JETvarnish - Digital Spot UV Coater up to 52x105 cm

MGI’s revolutionary JETvarnish has changed the way the graphics industry views spot UV coating. Gone are the days of messy, expensive plates and screens – the JETvarnish provides a 100% digital solution that simplifies the spot UV process, allows for personalization and costs drastically less than traditional silk screen or offset methods.

Ideal for operations with offset and/or digital presses, the JETvarnish is the perfect offline solution for spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands, providing printers with true value-added services. Clients receive visually stunning pieces that allow them to differentiate themselves and with customization not available through any other spot UV coating method.

MGI’s JETvarnish remains the only commercially available and patented digital inkjet spot UV coater with a worldwide install base. Clients include book/yearbook printers & publishers, finishing houses, large commercial shops and package printers.

Min. 21 x 30 cm / 8 x 11.8”
Max. 52 x 105 cm / 20 x 42”

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Meteor DP8700 XL - format 33 x 102 cm


Meteor DP8700 XL Digital Press - up to 33 x 102 cm

The most versatile digital press in the global graphics market, the Meteor DP8700 XL offers users the widest range of substrates available (paper, plastics & envelopes), the largest cut sheet size (up to 102 cm / 40" in production), laser-safe prints, no click charge and an economical total cost of operation, plus offset-comparable output quality.

The Meteor series of digital presses is becoming the solution of choice for graphics professionals in a wide range of industry segments, including commercial printers, plastic card manufacturers, in-plants, book printers, photo printers, governments and envelope printers, among others.

Min: 100 x 148 mm - 3.94x5.83’’ *
Max: 330 x 650 mm - 13x26’’ standard **
or 330 x 1,020 mm - 13x40’’ with option **

*from bypass
**max. paper weight 250 gsm

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JETcard; The Card Factory - For ISO CR-80 cards


JETcard - The Card Factory

Utilizing MGI’s award winning and revolutionary inkjet technology, the JETcard provides card manufacturers with an all-inclusive printing solution.

The JETcard utilizes blank cards (with smart chip, magnetic stripe or RFID) and is ideal for turnkey production from 1 card to millions, all ready to be sold (fully printed, personalized, coated, encoded & verified).

The JETcard is targeted for card manufacturers as well as commercial printers, maximizing productivity for high volume applications while still remaining cost-effective for short runs. The JETcard has already been awarded the prestigious "2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix" and the Graph Expo 2011 "Must See 'em", in recognition of MGI’s R&D achievement.

From an individual blank ISO CR-80 card, the JETcard is able to achieve in one pass, the following processes:

− Pre-print coating to ensure a full compatibility with the substrates available on the market (PVC, ABS, paper, etc.)
− Printing in 4 to 6 UV colors
− Micro text and guilloché patterns
− Full variable data printing including text, barcodes & images
− Spot UV coating or flood UV coating for card protection
− Security inks revealed only under a black light
− Read & write capabilities on HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripes
− Automated quality controls and ejection into a rejection bin of the defective cards

New Enhanced Printing functions (2011)

  • Printing with spectacular embossing/3D effects or flat print effect
  • Opaque white UV ink now available
  • Signature panel printing
  • Variable Data Printing even on embossed/3D effects
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