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ABB Schweiz AG, Geschäftsbereich Druckereien
Segelhofstrasse 9P
5405 Baden 5 Dättwil, Switzerland

Phone: +41-58 5 86 87 68
Fax: +41-58 5 86 90 54

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The MPS suite of solutions for newspaper production includes the following systems:

MPS PageManager – for page planning at the level of partial pages with the integration of advertising and editorial systems

MPS PlateWorkflow – for the production management, visualization and tracking of the plate-making process

MPS Roll Handling – for automating the supply of newsprint to the reelstands according to the needs of the press.

MPS Production – for the planning of print products and productions on the press and print quality functions

MPS Press Control –controls, drives and control consoles for newspaper presses

MPS InsertManager – for the comprehensive management of inserts and direct advertising with complete integration of commercial and production systems

MPS Delivery Planner – for order-oriented distribution management with complete integration with the production systems

MPS Cockpit – for order-oriented resource management and planning of the entire production process (prepress, press, mailroom and distribution) across one or more print sites

MPS Insight – for the on-line monitoring, reporting and analysis of the entire production process (prepress, press, mailroom and distribution)