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Cardboard Baler with Cross Cylinder

Usage Specialized in compressing cardboards, paper, plastic scraps etc. Cross- cylinder design reduces the...more

Cardboard Shredder

Usage Specially used for shredding waste paper, cardboard or carton. Features ● Equipped with...more

Large-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like waste paper, cardboards, cartons, waste...more

Medium-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage Widely used for compressing waste cardboards, cartons, paper, plastic film, straw etc. which are popular in...more

Paper/Carton Balers

Usage Specially designed for recycling waste cardboards, cartons and newspaper etc. Equipped with wide feed...more

Small-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage Specially used for recycling waste paper, cartons, cardboard trims/scraps etc. which are popular in...more

Trittau, Germany
technotrans AG
Sassenberg, Germany

The climatic conditions in the area around paper have a considerable influence on its consistency. Such hygroscopic...more

Ambitious aims call for innovative technology. The finishing of printed products by means of print varnish has been...more

deltaspray. line – innovative technology for highest productivity Spray dampening units are an important part...more

Advantages at a glance: powerful water preparation for use especially with offset printing applications ...more

The productivity in the press room is continuously increasing. Modern presses reach output of 18, 000 sheets per hour....more

Ambitious aims call for innovative technology. The finishing of printed products by means of print varnish has...more

Central ink supply

technotrans ink supply systems help printing companies save significant amounts of time. Depending on the construction...more

technotrans combination units

technotrans systems for dampening solution circulation and ink unit temperature control ensure consistent and...more

Precise dosing = less consumption The dosing accuracy applied during the preparation of a dampening solution as...more

Mosca GmbH
Waldbrunn, Germany
C.B.G. Acciai S.r.l.
Caronno Pertusella (VA), Italy
Ecograph AG
Mollis, Switzerland

Advanced engineered polymers that are mainly used within the Flexographic industry. A very popular containment blade in...more

The standard carbon steel used worldwide by printing houses. Unlike many of the low quality carbon steel on the market...more

A better choice of blade when corrosion is an issue. Enhanced rust resistance properties when water based inks are...more

Used when extended lifetime is desired. Improved against fast oxidation of the blade tip and abrasive conditions, as...more

Our 300 series times two—twice as many carbides/μm2. Wears down into much finer particles, causing less print...more

Special micro alloyed tool steel with increased hardness and ductility for improved wear resistance and superior blade...more

PrimeBlade® 900 Nano series

New revolutionary patented metallugic treated steel blades. We´re the only supplier of these exclusive and...more

As a supplement to the doctor blades, PrimeBlade Sweden AB also supplies the high quality PrimeSeal ink chamber end...more

Swedev A/B
Munkfors, Sweden
adphos Digital Printing GmbH
Bruckmühl, Germany
Benford UV Ben Boden Services Ltd.
Holmer Green, Great Britain / Northern Ireland
KERSTEN Elektrostatik GmbH
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
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