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Airtec A/S
Lemvig, Denmark [incl. Greenland]
Humidity control in room

We design and manufacture solutions for high pressure air humidification for direct room applications. To maximize...more

Premium Listing
BiLuVa KL 2900

Geeignet für ein Raumvolumen bis maximal 2900 m³ inkl. Luftaustausch TxHxB (mm): 450x624x725 Tiefe mit...more

BiLuVa KL 5800

Geeignet für ein Raumvolumen bis maximal 5800 m³ inkl. Luftaustausch TxHxB (mm): 450x763x725 Tiefe mit...more

BiLuVa KL 8700

Geeignet für ein Raumvolumen bis maximal 8700 m³ inkl. Luftaustausch TxHxB (mm): 450x1022x725 Tiefe mit...more

CyanX Limited
Leeds, United Kingdom
NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH
Schkölen, Germany
Dedusters NE

NESTRO NE- series dust removers comply with all current requirements and are approved for internal installation in...more

Paint Mist Extraction Paintline

The surface finishing requirements in coating operations are high. Frequent colour changes, special paints, short...more

Baling Presses

NESTRO horizontal baling presses are ideal for use in industry, manufacturing and waste disposal operations. They press...more


Alcoprint 4000 stellt die geringstmögliche, sollwertkonforme Konzentration von Isopropanol (IPA) im Feuchtwasser...more

Troika Systems Ltd.
Highworth, Wilts, United Kingdom
AniCAM + Anilox QC and AMS Anilox Management System

Why Anilox Quality Control? State of the art 3D scanning technology for today’s flexographic printer. The...more

AniCAM and Flexoplate QC

The AniCAM Flexoplate QC has been developed for 3D readings of Flexoplates and Sleeves. In addition to the standard...more

AniCAM and Gravure QC

Gravure QC Why Gravure Cylinder Quality Control? There are many variables to control in a press shop and therefore...more

SurfaceCAM for LS Anilox and Engraving measurements

The SurfaceCAM has been designed to address the embossing and decor market where coarser structures demand a 3D...more

Changzhou Yudong Roller Manufacturing Corp./Inc.
Changzhou, China, People's Republic of
Ceramic Anilox Roller

Sulzer Metco TriplexPro- 210 Plasma spray system,get a harder、smoother、more wearable ceramic coating. Germany lastest...more

Chrome Anilox Roller

Cells: 150- 300 LPI (60- 120L/CM) Sharp:Pyramid、Hexagon、Tri- helic Max. Diameter: 800mm Max. Length: 7000mm ...more

Dec Impianti SpA
Rho (Mi), Italy
solvent recovery systems - DEC IMPIANTI

Solvent recovery systems (SRS, SRP, SRU) are used in solvent- based manufacturing processes to control emissions of...more


LaserKote™ is an unyielding, laser- hard finish engineered for precision application in the most rigourous coating...more

XLT™ Anilox Roll

The XLT™ digital technology was developed for precisely transferring thin ink films with micron accuracy. We...more

Janoschka Holding GmbH
Kippenheim, Germany

Unser Tiefdruck- Sleeve- System ist hervorragend geeignet für den festformatigen Verpackungs- und Dekordruck. Der...more

Lead Lasers BV
Tilburg, Netherlands
Coating Rolls

Sandon Global specialise in coating rolls on both flexible packaging and gravure units. Due to the nature of the liquid...more

SAS (Smart Anilox Systems)

wide web / narrow web SAS is an anilox solution tailored to our customer’s printing needs. SAS utilises the...more

i-Pro (HD Process)

wide web / narrow web The i- Pro engraving is specifically designed to answer the question of ‘high...more

Tewex Repro Sp.zo.o.
Brzezno, Poland
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Stamford, CT, USA

Clarity™ Solutions Suite Optimieren Sie die Ergebnisse Ihres Unternehmens und nutzen Sie das industrielle...more

DirectViewTM Software Liefert unternehmenskritische Informationen zur Leistungsoptimierung und zur Erfüllung...more

Cardboard Baler with Cross Cylinder

Usage Specialized in compressing cardboards, paper, plastic scraps etc. Cross- cylinder design reduces the...more

Cardboard Shredder

Usage Specially used for shredding waste paper, cardboard or carton. Features ● Equipped with...more

Large-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like waste paper, cardboards, cartons, waste...more

Medium-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage Widely used for compressing waste cardboards, cartons, paper, plastic film, straw etc. which are popular in...more

Paper/Carton Balers

Usage Specially designed for recycling waste cardboards, cartons and newspaper etc. Equipped with wide feed...more

Small-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage Specially used for recycling waste paper, cartons, cardboard trims/scraps etc. which are popular in...more

Macpresse Europa S.r.l.
Vernate (Mi), Italy
Balers for MSW-RDF

All MACPRESSE balers are designed to operate in the dirty, dusty environments they work in. Our balers have a...more

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