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Brugine/Padova, Italy

For a printing house to function optimally, constant control of the humidity in the print rooms is essential. Paper and...more


ML System's humidification system controls the humidity all year round and prevents the following problems: ·...more

Everywhere in the electronics industry they work intensively in order to remove the static electricity. The room...more

PrintCity GmbH & Co. KG
Gröbenzell, Germany

Massiv Betriebskosten senken Ein zentrales Thema, um das Optimum zwischen Investitions- und Betriebskosten zu...more

Venti fertigt und installiert Luftheizsysteme, Be- und Entlüftungen mit Wärmerückgewinnung sowie...more

Gesetzliche Auflagen sicher erfüllen Neue gesetzliche Auflagen sind Herausforderungen für jeden Betrieb....more

Für ein „gutes Betriebsklima“ sorgen Prozessgasabsaugungen, wie zum Beispiel Schweißrauch-,...more

Das Erfassen, Fördern und Abscheiden von Stäuben oder Feststoffpartikeln aus Luft und Prozessgasen durch...more


Temperatur und Luftfeuchte intelligent regeln Neue Produktionshallen werden häufig ohne natürliche...more

Belüftungsanlagen und Entlüftungsanlagen

Für Wirtschaftlichkeit, Produktionsqualität und Raumklima Maßgeschneiderte Be- und...more

Airtec® A/S
Lemvig, Denmark [incl. Greenland]

Plug & Spray concept Airtec® EasyLine high- pressure air humidification system is targeted at the small and...more


HydroBasic pump system is frequency inverted ensuring a variable speed on the pump full adjusted to the actual needs....more


Plug & Spray concept Airtec® HydroLine high- pressure air humidification system is targeted at the middle and...more

Cumulus Nederland B.V.
Cuijk, Netherlands
The nature of water and air ....

All life on the surface of the earth exists by the presence of water and air. The prefect symbiosis in nature between...more

CyanX Limited
Leeds, Great Britain / Northern Ireland
Grafix powder extraction

On all Grafix powder spraying systems the powder is applied as sparsely and exactly as possible. However, an extraction...more

The world's most compact, high powdered humidifiers

Non wetting - Dry Fog humidification. High Pressure Systems We can offer this type of humidification for larger...more

DRAABE NanoFog Evolution Humidifier

Humidification: as fine as possible - as small as required The NanoFog humidifier is the perfect system for...more

DRAABE PerPur pure water system

Health and safety under control! For smooth and 100% hygienic operation of the air humidifier, the DRAABE PerPur...more

DRAABE TurboFog 32 Humidifier

The power humidifier for ceiling mounting! The high- power Turbofog 32 air humidification system is specially...more

DRAABE TurboFog Humidification

One humidification system for every requirement! The wall- mounted air humidification system TurboFog 8 and...more

Finestfog GmbH
Ottobrunn, Germany
MERLIN Technology GmbH
Ried im Innkreis, Austria
Compressed air humidification

Jet air humidifier with compact design for wall- or ceiling mounting. The humidifier unit is fitted with up to 4 No....more

High pressure air humidifiers

State- of- the- art technology for humidity combined with safety. Regardless of the individual demands you place on an air...more

Ultrasonic technology

The principle 'ultrasonic air humidification' creates ideal room and business climate contitions. Too dry room air in...more

Wevelgem, Belgium
technotrans AG
Sassenberg, Germany

The productivity in the press room is continuously increasing. Modern presses reach output of 18, 000 sheets per hour....more

Precise dosing = less consumption The dosing accuracy applied during the preparation of a dampening solution as...more

The ink. mate distributes the ink evenly over the entire width of the ink duct using an agitator cone and keeps the...more

Advantages at a glance: powerful water preparation for use especially with offset printing applications ...more

The climatic conditions in the area around paper have a considerable influence on its consistency. Such hygroscopic...more

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
St. Louis, MO 63105, USA

Baldwin's pH Compact Measuring System 8205 is designed for determining the pH- value of the fountain solution. It...more

IpaSonic Alcohol Measuring and Metering Equipment

Baldwin’s IpaSonic is a compact system for measuring 2- propanol concentrations in offset fountain solutions....more

Ink Agitators

Baldwin Ink Agitators The constant agitation of the ink in the ink fountain prevents a formation of a skin and...more

Baldwin Spare Parts & Premier Service Packages

Protect your Investment with Baldwin Original Spares and Premium Service Packages Expertise: • Dedicated...more

QFID 100 HR- Solvent Determination - GC HSS Analytic

Solvent Determination Instrument Short description: The QFID® - 100 HR measures automatically all printing...more

QUMAT 428 Static Analysator - Static Meter

The QUMAT® - 428 is a measuring device for measuring the electrostatic characteristics of printings, plastics,...more

QUMAT®-955 Olfactory - Odor Intensity Determination

A unit for purposing intense odors in compliance to the principle of dynamical or static gas dilution. Based on testing...more

Daetwyler SwissTec AG
Bleienbach, Switzerland
Beta Industries
Carlstadt, NJ , USA

QUICK MINI DIGITAL MICROMETER The Beta Digital Paper Micrometer allows precise and repeatable thickness...more


BETA COAXIAL SCOPE Coaxial illumination renders common objects in a completely different way. Surface texture and...more


The Beta Digital Electronic Ruler allows precise, non- contact measurements of large and small distances. Small details...more


BetaColor Densitometers & SpectroDensitometers feature State- of- the- Art LED technology for completely automatic...more


BETACOLOR VIEWER 3 - THE BEST COLOR TOOL SINCE THE DENSITOMETER Beta's latest color viewer brings innovative new...more

Quadro Four Function Pocket Meter

Quadro Four Function Pocket Meter Measure: pH, Conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids) and temperature (C or F)...more

BetaColor S7 Spectrodensitometer

Betacolor S7 Spectro Xpress Our new low cost Spectro- Densitometer offers these features: 7 Color Density and Dot...more


BETA DIGITAL PAPER BALANCE SCALE #100 This portable and accurate electronic scale makes it easy to determine the...more

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