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AmbaFlex Specialty Conveyors
De Corantijn 81
1689 AN Zwaag, Netherlands
P.O. Box 94
1620 AB Zwaag, Netherlands

Phone: +31-229 28 51 30
Fax: +31-229 28 51 31

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The unique AmbaVeyor represents an economical and low cost solution for conveying products from A to B with a minimum of transfers.

The AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor that can be installed either on a turnkey basis or in modules for on-site assembly. The conveyor integrates curves, inclines and straight segments between its drive and tail unit. Configurations with one continuous belt can achieve a length of over 50 metres using a single drive. The belt comes in a width range of 200-600 mm.

NEW SpiralVeyor® LogiLift


Reductions in costs and handling times are the motives in the logistics process. The SpiralVeyor® LogiLift was designed with this in mind; reducing costs and increasing throughput. The LogiLift puts the Spiral Elevator within the range of many logistical layouts. As well as the savings, there are the functional benefits; space saving, the continuous process, high uptimes and high speeds.

  • World leading Spiral Supplier
  • Save ± 30% on investment"SpiralGrip" super grip spiral belt
  • Continuous flow
  • Compact footprint
  • High throughput

Specially developed for distribution centres and express mail whereby the transport of outer packaging and plastic (bin) totes must be carried out economically but efficiently. The LogiLift is used for transport from or to sorting systems, from storage systems or in connection with the loading area.

SpiralVeyor® SV-PF (Print Finishing)


Spiral Accumulator/ buffer for specific cooling/ curing applications. Specially used in the print finishing industry.

Belt width: standard 400 mm
Capacity: up to 120 m/min, 300 items/min

  • The innovative space saving way of book cooling
  • Only one drive neededMinimum transfers
  • The standard for the leading bookbinding machine manufacturers
  • The book line remains constant
  • Patented lateral roller system
  • Low maintenance design

AmbaFlex with decades of experience in graphical handling systems (especially Print Finishing) introduces the new generation of cooling towers for bookbinding lines. The revolutionary Cooling Tower (type SpiralVeyor®) is applied by the leading bookbinding machine manufacturers and recognized as the standard for industry.