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Grafibind Holland B.V.
De Steiger 185
1351 AT Almere, Netherlands

Phone: +31-36 5 40 25 64
Mobile: (+31-615) 69 90 95
Fax: +31-36 5 40 45 30

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KolorJet Full Color Inkjet System


KolorJet Full Color Inkjet System

The future in our market is Full Color Printing. That is why Kirk-Rudy will launch in the first quarter of 2012 a new Full Color Inkjet printing system. The Kirk-Rudy KolorJet.
The KolorJet is able to print with high speeds and an outstanding print quality on envelopes, A4 cut sheet and other cut sheet documents. All this with dynamically changing lay-outs of every single printed sheet.

The KolorJet uses the latest thermal inkjet technology (TIJ4) from HP.

The TIJ4 technology is well known for its high print quality, user friendliness and reliability.

The KolorJet print head has a maximum print swath of 108 mm. When a wider print swath is required there is the possibility to stitch two KolorJet print heads to require a print width of 216 mm. With this feature you are able to print the full width of one A4 sheet.

Also the speed is impressive. A speed of 150 meters per minute is achievable at 600 dpi.

The KolorJet is equipped with an automated service station. This service station ensures that the print heads are automatically capped when not in use. Also the nozzles will be cleaned automatically which results in a constant outstanding print quality.

The KolorJet equipped with an ink supply system containing two bulk ink cartridges of 775ml for each process color.


NetJet Addressing system


The NetJet inkjet addressing system combines HP thermal inkjet technology with an intuitive Windows-based user interface to make printing variable text and graphics simple and fast.
The NetJet addressing system is available in many different configurations. From 1 printmodule with 3 HP cartridges to 4 printmodule or even 16 printmodules.
The NetJet control module is able to connect 4 print modules. When more print modules are required a second NetJet module is needed to contol the next 4 print modules.
Only 1 PC or Netwerk is needed to control 1 or more NetJet control modules.
With 1 NetJet Control Module you are able to print 8 inch wide!
The Kirk-Rudy transport systems take care of a smooth and high speed throughput of the documents.


WaveJet Addressing System


Inkjet addressing system for most coated stocks, including aqueous.

Deliver high-impact direct mail and advertising on glossy papers with the Kirk-Rudy WaveJet. The easy-to-use WaveJet lets you print great-looking addresses and graphics on a wide variety of papers, including most nonporous, coated stocks.

The Kirk-Rudy transport systems take care of a smooth and high speed throughput of the documents.