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Chemline India Ltd.
F-1, Sarda Chamber 1, Central Market, Prashant Vihar Rohini
110085 New Delhi, India

Phone: +91-11-27359876

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Dispersion varnishes  
UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes 1 Product
Glutine glues 1 Product
Hotmelts (EVA, PA, PO)  
Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives (HMPSA)  
Polyurethane (PUR) adhesives       1 Product
Dispersion adhesives  
Solvent-based adhesives  


It is suitable for overprint coating of all types of paper and boards. The product can be used for the coating of mono-cartons, book titles, soap wrappers and various other types of labels used in the Breweries, Food and Beverage Industries. It offers following advantages:

• Pollution-free, non-hazardous, eco-friendly

• Excellent scuff resistance with good gloss.

• Totally colorless coating



CHEMLINE offers a full range of "QUIK LOCK" Animal Jelly Glues for following application:

For Hard Case Making:
CHEMLINE offers 2 different "QUIK LOCK" grades for hard case making on High and Medium Speed machines for pasting of PVC / PU Book Cover, Laminated/Printed Book Covers.

Hard Book Case Lining:
CHEMLINE also offers a special grade with high viscosity for Hard Book Case Lining on Spine.

Rigid Paper Boxes:

CHEMLINE also offers a special grade for making Rigid Paper Boxes in automatic or semi-automatic box machines. This grade can also be used for manual pasting of Hard Book Covers.

Glues are used on high speed machines like KOLBUS,MULLERMARTINI,HORAUF, etc.




Range of Solvent Based and Solventless Polyurethane / Polyster Based Adhesives:

(1) Suitable for film to film lamination

(2) Two component system

(3) Superior bond strength in all kinds of applications

(4) No odor when dried

Solvent Based Polyurethane / Polyester Based Adhesives:

In this laminating system, solvent based adhesive is applied on one of the substrates through gravure process and thus the solvent is evaporated and dried in drying tunnel and subsequently laminated to the other substrate. One of these substrates is reverse printed. Lamination is done by hot nipping under pressure and adhesives curing is achieved by use of polyisocynate hardner.