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Sung An Machinery Co.,Ltd.
10BL 1LT Mado Industrial Complex
Hwasung City 445-862, Korea, Republic

Phone: +82-31 4 91 97 41
Fax: +82-31 4 91 97 45

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Product Categories
Gravure printer


SAM currently manufactures Gravure printing machines;
The Champion model and the Sprinter model. Both models have already been fully proven and well known in the world flexible packaging industry and upon the client needs, SAM can supply various printing machines with which they can do straight type (Printing), split type (Printing), In-line printing & lacquering and also laminating with the speed from 200mpm, 250mpm, 300mpm, 350mpm, 450mpm to 550mpm at the customer’s choice.

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Extrusion coating & laminator


SAM manufactures high performance extruders at its factory based upon melting characteristics of various resins. This has SAM supply high speed Extrusion laminating machine to produce excellent melting and strong bonding quality of products. Based upon product's layer structure, SAM can produce not only single Extrusion coating machine but also Co-Extrusion coating machine and triple Extrusion coating machine which are available also to use different type of resins at the same time.

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Solution Coater


Through superior design and long term development experience, SAM can provide various kinds of Solution coating machine to work for a specific coating such as Roll coating, Slot die coating, Gravure coating and Knife coating at the needs of each buyer about the coating product properties, the machine speed within the range from 200mpm to 700mpm and the coating liquid conditions relating to viscosity, rheology, and solvent or solventless, etc.
Also, SAM can improve the machine’s productivity by installing ‘Automatic roll handling equipment’ fit for specific films each buyer indicates and machine operation conditions each buyer wants or intends to set, and by utilizing ‘different drying method’ such as Air floating drying, Roll supporting drying, and UV drying as well.

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