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drupa report no. 3 Print at its most beautiful

The current edition of the multiple-award-winning drupa report is available now.

In a 13,000-copy print run, the official medium of drupa addresses international decision-makers, multipliers, exhibitors and specialised journalists in the field. The top-quality print magazine discusses current issues, reflects on the activities on the international markets and informs about the latest news concerning the print media trade fair drupa, held from 03 to 16 May 2012.

The main focus of this year’s drupa report number 3 is on paper – with regards to content and production engineering. This is why drupa report number 3 uses seven different paper types by Paper Union. This includes tactile and particularly memorable papers such as Dolce Vita or Rives Sensation gloss shetland, Cromatico transparent paper and papers with various grammages and surfaces such as Galaxi Keramik or The Tube. The format used on the 62 pages also changes multiple times: DIN A4, fold–outs or double-gate folds at the centre of the magazine are included. Thus, paper is impressively presented in all its facets, its surface feel and various possibilities of application in the area of print communication. Top-quality finishings, such as laser press cut on the title page, hot foil lamination and scented inks ensure that the drupa report is a very precious print article.

A little preview of drupacity Düsseldorf is included in the report on the Düsseldorf Gewürzladen spice shop on Mertensgasse street. Here, one can buy the typical Düsseldorf mustard, a very special and tasty souvenir, which has been renowned and beloved beyond the regional borders since the 18th century. The „aechte Mostert“, that is the “true mustard”, still enthuses tourists, trade fair visitors and locals alike. In addition, the Düsseldorf Senf- und Gewürzhaus with its selection of mustards and spices, located in the heart of the old town, is a real attraction. It sure is worth a visit, even if just to sniff the air. It was therefore only natural to liven up this article and photo report with scented inks reminding of cinnamon, cardamom and curry.

The drupa report can be ordered via email (Ms. Anne Klaus; klausa@messe-duesseldorf.de).

drupa report Nr. 3