drupa report 2011 -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf

The drupa report No. 2 in 41 different versions:

National landmarks adorn the title pages

The latest drupa report No. 2 is hot off the press and available in 41 different versions: national landmarks of the key exhibitor and visitor markets adorn the covers of the individual editions. This has resulted in a very diverse collection. In addition to these country-specific editions, there is also the “Düsseldorf Edition” – the heart and home of drupa – for worldwide usage. Like the individually styled cover, parts of the content and image selection have also been individually designed.

As such, the latest drupa report is a typical example of variable printing of different editions tailored to specific target groups. Digital printing, and its variety of applications, is not only the main topic in the entire edition: it is also a fundamental component of this print production.

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