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2nd drupa Global Insights report


Touch the future - Applications that can create growth

Welcome to the Executive Summary of the 2nd ‘drupa Global Insights’ report ‘Touch the future – Applications that can create growth’. It is the second of a series of reports that study strategic shifts in the international print and media sector at both global and regional level and follows the publication in October 2014 of ‘The Impact of the Internet on Print – The Digital Flood’.

Published in parallel are the ‘drupa Global Trends’ reports, annual publications that track key economic and market developments in the global print industry over the period leading to drupa 2016 and beyond – the last of which was published in February 2014.

Messe Düsseldorf, in its role as drupa organizer, appointed two independent consulting and market research companies - Printfuture (UK) and Wissler & Partner (Switzerland) to conduct these two report series.

In spring 2015 we asked the printing company members of our drupa expert panel to participate in a survey on the implementation of fresh print applications. A total of 741 senior decision makers answered the extensive questionnaire with a good cross -section across markets and regions. Of particular interest were the 170 participants who took the trouble to offer personal experience of implementing applications in their own companies. Our grateful thanks go to the respondents for taking the time to participate in this survey.

Our objective in this report is to identify how digital technology is both changing the demand for print but also allowing fresh print applications to create growth opportunities. However with the help of the drupa expert panel we demonstrate that a good print application will only fulfill its potential for turnover growth and profitability if it is well planned, integrated and marketed.

The Executive Summary is available in seven languages (German, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese).

Download executive summary here

The complete English-language report in PDF format is now available from Messe Düsseldorf (www.drupa.de/2131) for EUR 249.00.