KOPIE VON: drupa textile design talents -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf

Teilnehmer des Wettbewerbs


What are your previous expierences in textile design? Are you a design student or professional? Tell us about yourself.:
Designer, photograph, I sold 2 photos for embroidery to Chanel group (Barrie - 2017) and before that worked for differents textile brands for years in Paris (Vanessa Bruno, Stéphane Plassier) and opened an art gallery in Portugal since 2021.


If you could not find your place of residence in the list above, please write it down here:
From France, but now living in Setubal, Portugal by the sea...


What does your project express? And what makes your design special? Enter your description here (500 words max.).:
My beach sportswear project is inspired by both the fashion design of tribal tattoos and the aesthetics of urban graffiti and street culture. My process that I integrated into a mobile application allowing this street art to be photographed to transform it instantlly into repetitive textile patterns without visual breaks, or into a simple central artistic pattern depending on whether you want to make an all-over or a placed pattern. My ambition is to create a brand of sports and urban clothing with my unique process.

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