KOPIE VON: drupa textile design talents -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf

Teilnehmer des Wettbewerbs

Emilija Stojanovi

What are your previous expierences in textile design? Are you a design student or professional? Tell us about yourself.:
I have not had much experience in textile design, but I have designed posters and logos for small companies. I intend to enroll in the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad (specifically the field of Graphic Engineering and Design). I am still learning about drawing, colour theory, patterns and types of designs.


If you could not find your place of residence in the list above, please write it down here:
Novi Sad, Serbia


What does your project express? And what makes your design special? Enter your description here (500 words max.).:
My design represents the desire to be successful, the exhausting road to that success, and how it cannot be reached sometimes because of people who do not really deserve it (e.g. because of better jobs/social statuses, manipulation). The thorn imagery is taken from the Serbian saying "Od trnja do zvezda" ("From thorns to (the) stars"), from which I was primarily inspired by. I originally intended to make the hands and thorns white, and place them against a dark background, but I felt dark hands with white/blue outlines would make the design pop out more. The thorns were drawn and stylised in a "neon" effect to complement the hands. The design is meant to resemble a glitching television.