KOPIE VON: drupa textile design talents -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf

Teilnehmer des Wettbewerbs

Yuqi Zhou

What are your previous expierences in textile design? Are you a design student or professional? Tell us about yourself.:
My name is Zhou Yuqi

I am a student of TransArts


I participated in the United Transnational Art Project



I have an wonderful passion for sustainability

I make workshops for working-class students in the student union


I am passionate in bringing arts and sciences together




What does your project express? And what makes your design special? Enter your description here (500 words max.).:
Good morning, folks, where are the confident, attentive you?

Scientist are masturbating the earth, I imprint, it’s your right to Crave, the New Eco-Sexuality.

I believe ecosystems are very sensitive and bodily related, surface and depth.

Explain this eco sexuality, research title “climate change induced soil body”, inspired by scientists masturbate the earth by digging holes in order to collect enough data and a large quantity of images, along with people’s opinions that latex is bad, excessive exploitation of indigenous people, sexualized images of black tight desires, and its usage. here,

wearable technology, the way you take care of it might have something to do with this blind adoration of characterization of modern society's heavy use of materials as fashion, asexual use, latex wood skin, a piece that might be considered as disgusting? In the separation between the human citizens and their fear and loathing of the underworld or even nature to bridge the gap =between their domesticated trunks and the creation of a ritual that is also perceived as nasty or something that rots and dies, something that is racked to the body, affixed to the earth, choosing to care for and love on the material, the skin, the debris, which acts like a therapeutic metaphor as if you feel this has a healing power to preserve what is about to decay.

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