Geomarketing: How Does it Work? is the Central Question for one of the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION Highlight Projects -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf

Geomarketing: How Does it Work? is the Central Question for one of the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION Highlight Projects

At PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2022 you will have the opportunity to see digital strategies implemented in six special highlight projects. We are successively presenting these on the blog. The first one, you might have seen in a certain magazine, as it is all about one thing: Geomarketing.

At PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2022, which is co-organised by drupa and our partner Fachverband Medienproduktion e.V, and will take place from the 22nd to 23rd of June 2022, we will introduce you to several highlight projects our partners and exhibitors prepared. This series kicks off by exploring the question of what geomarketing actually is, together with project partner locr.

Using locations, the most promising target groups can be filtered out, to show the way from the customer to a specific destination with personalized maps: the keyword is geomarketing. But how exactly does it work? What does such a project entail?

This can be ideally illustrated by the highlight project “Geomarketing: How does it actually work?” and its background: In the run-up to PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION Rüdiger Maaß, Managing Director f:mp. and DRUCKMARKT editor-in-chief Klaus-Peter Nicolay came up with the idea of individualizing the magazine cover of the 137th edition of DRUCKMARKT. Of course, the question immediately arose as to how complicated, expensive, and practicable this was and whether one should not immediately make a geomarketing project out of it, which can serve as a guideline for interested users.

Geomarketing: Why it Pays Off

Many projects already show how successful and uncomplicated geomarketing can be. Nevertheless, the development of geopersonalized mailings for printed advertising forms is a challenge. To master this challenge, DRUCKMARKT, and f:mp. joined forces with locr and Limego while working on the highlight project and won XeroxMondiXMPie and johnen-druck as partners to realize the idea.

Specifically, the aim was to show how diverse and informative geomarketing can be when integrated into direct mailing processes. On the cover page 4, the advertising for the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION should be transported and at the same time the destination address should be printed. In this way, the highlight project illustrates various ideas for the creative use of geomarketing and is unique for each reader. It also holds an event invitation to the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2022. So it is not surprising that this project will also be exhibited as a highlight at the event, as Thomas Schnettler (TS), responsible for Business Development at locr, explains in an interview:

drupa: Why are you presenting the highlight project “Geomarketing: How Does it Actually Work?” at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION?

TS: In our highlight project, which was created together with a great team of industry experts, the name says it all: the cover customization of Druckmarkt magazine illustrates what location-based marketing can look like and how surprisingly easy it is to implement. The direct mailing examples on the cover (including an invitation to PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION) provide ideas for creative use of geomarketing – and at the same time show that, in addition to magazine publishers, events and retail, it works for companies from almost all sectors.

This is because images and illustrations are indispensable in dialogue marketing. They act as an eye-catcher and are informative. With individualized map sections and additional geoinformation, the addressed customers immediately find their own location and feel personally addressed, all important information is conveyed and at the same time the route is visualized, which looks different for each customer. Thus the reader is already mentally on the way, which demonstrably increases the response rate and success of the campaign. QR codes effortlessly expand the high-quality print products with digital content. In contrast to virtual content, the sense of touch also comes into play and potentiates information processing again. The message can be experienced on an additional level, which produces remarkably higher response rates.

drupa: Mr Schnettler, so what potential does geomarketing offer in combination with print?

TS: It literally “shows customers the way”. Maps convey a great deal of abstract information in a very brief time, making them far superior to text and images. They also evoke memories and emotions in the recipient and ensure that the route to the company location is directly visualized.
Personalization has become indispensable in the print sector, and based on existing customer addresses and location data, it effortlessly opens up completely new possibilities. From narrowing down the most promising target group spatially to creating personalized map sections for each individual customer, geomarketing ensures higher response rates and more efficient campaigns. This ultimately leads to more effective use of resources, which is becoming an increasingly important issue for the print industry.

Geomarketing: How it is Done

In order to use these advantages also for the promotion of PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, a first draft was developed by locr designer Vincent Grahn. In collaboration with the designer Susanne Widera, ForTeam Kommunikation GmbH, a “save the date” map and a full-page display on cover page 4 with geoindividualization were created for the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION in Düsseldorf.

Map files are provided in .jpg format. After the maps have been created, the individual components of the project, such as address data of the recipient, were combined as variables using the XMPie uCreate software, from which a printable PDF in 300 dpi was then generated individually for each recipient. The print professionals at Limego GmbH then took over the geoindividualization data either as PDFs or as .jpg data that are linked to the layout.

The envelope was digitally printed because of the personalization, the inner part in offset. For this issue, DRUCKMARKT has used “color copy original 250 g/m²” from Mondi AG – a paper of the certification level Cradle-to-Cradle-Certified Bronze – for the first time. Johnen-druck made sure that the digital prints were laminated to protect them from abrasion before further processing.

As you can see a lot of work goes into such a project and the recipient receives a multilayered product. For marketing campaigns, this is of course a great increase for success. And since the solutions are available for both print products and online media, geomarketing also even builds a useful bridge from fully individualized print media to the online world.

Curious to see what the geomarketing project at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2022 is all about? Then make sure you get your ticket now and look forward to the next highlight projects we will introduce here!

Thomas Schnettler, for his part, can’t wait to get back into personal contact at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION and tell us more about the project:

drupa: What do you associate with #endlichwiederMesse (German for #finallyTradeFair)?

TS: Meetings and conversations in both private and professional contexts simply cannot be compared to online conferences, as most would probably answer this question. The switch to online communication has brought exciting new developments and benefits in many areas, and yet face-to-face meetings have been distinctly lacking – especially in the print industry. Print products are ” tangible” and can now finally be presented appropriately again. We are looking forward to exchanging views on how others have experienced the developments of recent years and what new ideas have emerged.
Copyright pictures: locr

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