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Print-on-Demand Books Will Soon Be Printed in Florida

Print-on-demand giant Amazon wants to add a new center for letterpress printing in Florida. It has not been officially announced by Amazon yet, but Orange County’s mayor is excited.

Far more than just rumors are hinting that Amazon will soon build another center for its print-on-demand (POD) books in Florida. According to reports from the U.S. based Orlando Economic Partnership organization, company representatives have announced that such a book printing station would be set up at Amazon’s Boggy Creek Road logistics center in Orlando. In this case, it would be the first location within Florida.

POD Books: Environment-friendly and Flexible

POD books are experiencing a surge in popularity for a number of reasons. The environmentally friendly aspect of not printing more than there is demand for, leaving no books to be disposed of, makes the model an everyday concept for the present and future. Authors or publishers are not left with leftover books and thus unnecessary costs. In addition, there is no risk of supply bottlenecks.

Amazon always offers POD books as “available”. According to the business, it has been proven that fewer customers buy a product if it is not currently available. So stating that the book is always in stock also helps with sales.

Amazon Remains True to its Roots

The globally active Amazon Group started out as a logistics center for books. More than ten years ago, the POD books division was created, which has been expanded further and further. Now also in Florida.

Amazon economist Sam Blatt explains:

“We are excited to expand our network to better serve our customers in Florida. We’re grateful for the support we’re receiving from local and national agencies […].”

Tim Giuliani, CEO of Orlando Economic Partnership is positive about the new letterpress center:

“We welcome Amazon’s continued expansion in our region and its commitment to promoting prosperity across the board.”

Other POD Offerings and the Future

Of course, Amazon is not the only provider that sells POD books. However, depending on the provider, the offerings differ massively. Some publishers of the books even have a minimum number of copies to be printed. Paper selection can also be a deciding factor: If you want to use FSC-certified paper, as we did when we produced our exhibitor brochure, you’re doing the environment a big favor.

Given the many advantages, there is no doubt that in the future the trend will be even more clearly toward POD, even outside of book printing.

What do you think? Will print-on-demand be even more present in the printing industry in the future?

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