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Smart Packaging: Digimarc and EVRYTHNG’s New Technologies Boost Brand Integrity

In this day and age, smart packaging is a one-way ticket to combating counterfeiting, strengthening brand protection, winning over consumers and increasing recycling rates. In other words, intelligent packaging solutions will not only boost brand integrity but will also drive the packaging sector forward – towards a digital transformation.

How Digimarc and EVRYTHNG’s New Technologies Work

Digimarc Corporation is a global leader in product digitization known for creating Digimarc watermarks that accelerate next-generation digital identification. The included dual-factor authentication, such as QR codes and digital watermarks, is visible on a single package. Recently merged with EVRYTHNG, Digimarc integrates its identification technologies with the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud: the concept of the digital twin on the web for physical items. To put it simply, the digital twin provides intelligence data in one place, also called the ability to learn about each product’s journey and interactions via its traceability.

Ken Sickles, Chief Product Officer at Digimarc, explains further:

"The company has created a uniquely digital solution that leverages the ubiquity of smartphones and other digital devices to make product authentication much more streamlined and less prone to human error"

The Benefits of Smart Packaging Based on Digimarc and EVRYTHNG’s Solutions

The new Digimarc® Brand Integrity digital solution provides brands and their customers an opportunity to verify the authenticity of products in a more flexible manner. By assigning each product a serialized digital identity that can be tracked in the cloud and accessed via scanning, for example the QR code on the product, the authentication process seems more accurate than traditional physical authentication measures.

Mr. Sickles clarifies the impetus for the launch of Digimarc‘s Brand Integrity solution:

"As counterfeiters have become more sophisticated and supply chains more diffuse, companies are recognizing that traditional brand protection approaches that are largely reactive and reliant on trained inspectors and specialized equipment, are both ineffective and inefficient".

To sum up, Digimarc’s Brand Integrity solution protects and strengthens the reputation of brands, as it assigns every product a digital presence and connects it to the cloud that records and tracks each product’s journey. As a result, Digimarc’s intelligent packaging solution makes the supply chain more transparent and sustainable, as it can reveal counterfeits or information about recyclability, for instance. Digitizing products with QR codes and coupling them with the cloud play an active part not only in speeding up the assimilation of technologies into the marketplace but also in embarking towards a digital transformation.

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