Do You Struggle to Keep Ahead of Climate Regulations? -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf

Do You Struggle to Keep Ahead of Climate Regulations?

Join our conversation at drupa cube – the hub for critical discussions in the printing industry

by Jonathan Graham, SGP Partnership

Staying ahead in the print industry means more than just following trends and meeting environmental regulations; it's about embracing a comprehensive strategy. I'm excited to share the benefits of a strategic approach at the drupa cube where a panel of guests will explore how regulations, standards, and innovations can intersect to define success in the printing industry.
We will share a common-sense path to exceeding regulatory standards. Spoiler alert: Double down on sustainability and ESG goals. It's a strategy that not only ensures compliance but often will enable you to exceed regulatory benchmarks.
Committing to sustainability and integrating ESG goals into a company's DNA signifies a commitment that drives new benchmarks for responsible practices.

By investing in sustainable technologies, upholding ethical operational standards, and fostering a culture of responsibility, companies can transcend regulatory compliance. These actions become the cornerstone of their operations, naturally elevating their practices beyond what regulations demand. A good example is Smyth Companies in North America.

Smyth consistently leads the printing industry in its multiple locations in high standards of environmental excellence, exceeding regulatory measures. With eight strategic locations across the United States, Smyth prioritizes sustainability & ESG. The company received recognition as a Best Workplace in the Americas for an impressive 12 consecutive years, reflecting its dedication to fostering an environment where employees flourish alongside the organization. Also the commitment to environmentally friendly initiatives originates at the individual level. Through a collective effort, Smyth employees foster a strong partnership to drive green objectives, continuously enhancing business operations.

Smyth's Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) certification stands as a testament to its commitment. This comprehensive sustainability certification encompasses production, office practices, and a proven methodology tailored explicitly for the printing industry. The company showcases a spectrum of best practices, making socially responsible decisions that positively impact the environment, offering customers sustainable supply options, and prioritizing the health and safety of its employees.

In addition, Smyth participates in the EcoVadis network third-party through which companies can gauge its environmental, social, and governance performance, ensuring visibility and accountability in its sustainability efforts.
In essence, a strong focus on sustainability and ESG goals doesn't just ensure compliance—it sets the stage for a company to lead by example, setting new benchmarks and positively impacting its industry and beyond.

Join us at the drupa cube on Wednesday June 5th at 3 pm CET for our extended session, we'll share with you how a sustainability focus can successfully propel your business in more ways than just regulatory compliance and keep you ahead of trends.

Five ways to stay ahead of regulations

  1. Embrace a proactive sustainability approach: Companies can proactively anticipate regulatory changes by prioritizing sustainability initiatives. When sustainability becomes a core focus, it aligns operations with evolving environmental standards, often exceeding regulations.
  2. Adopt ESG Goals: Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals into the business framework ensures a well-rounded approach to corporate responsibility. This broad focus meets existing regulations and prepares companies for future regulatory changes.
  3. Engage with customers: This cultivates loyalty and enables companies to anticipate shifts in their expectations regarding sustainability and ethical practices. Adapting to these changes not only enhances customer relationships but positions the company ahead of regulations by meeting or exceeding evolving customer-driven standards
  4. Invest in innovative technologies: Investing in sustainable technologies not only improves efficiency but also positions companies ahead of regulatory demands. These advancements often exceed current requirements, future-proofing operations against upcoming regulations.
  5. Collaborate and connect with industry peers and regulatory bodies: Actively participating in industry discussions, collaborating with peers, and engaging with regulatory bodies fosters a deeper understanding of forthcoming changes. This involvement provides insights that can be applied preemptively to ensure compliance and potentially influence policy directions

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