Digitalisation and Corona Treatment -- drupa - April 20 to 23, 2021 - Messe Düsseldorf


FERRARINI & BENELLI s.r.l. Corona and Plasma

Digitalisation and Corona Treatment

Industry 4.0 is opening up new scenarios and opportunities in the field of Corona treatment. 
Corona treatment is a surface treatment; a Corona treating station generally consists of a generator, a high-tension transformer, an electrode charged to high voltage and an ozone suction fan. 
All mechanical parts of a Corona treating station, as well as its controls need to be integrated into the customer's production line. The integration of the control functions takes place by incorporating the remote controls of the Corona generator into the PLC of the line. 
The traditional communication systems employed allow customers to choose which features they want to see and monitor. 
Two main parameters affect the Corona treatment: 
  • system parameters
  • process parameters.
The solutions implemented by Ferrarini & Benelli allow to set the main features of a Corona treating station, for instance:
  • adjustment of power according to the width of the material
  • automatic adjustment according to the speed
  • setting of minimum speed of stop and start
  • autostart and skip treatment 
  • wet start (controlled start in humis environments)

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