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In the dynamic world of print, where innovation is paramount, premedia and multimedia printing are shaping the future. At drupa you are able to explore the integral role of premedia, the convenience of print online services, and the transformative impact of multimedia printing on e.g.  multichannel publishing and e-business print solutions.

At drupa 2024, exhibitor from the fields of…

·         Software for multimedia
·         3D Software
·         Data security
·         Remote Services
·         Online Print Shops
·         Web-to-Print
·         Editors
·         RFID-Systems
….and many more will be present.

Transforming the Print Landscape: The Power of Premedia and Multimedia Printing

Premedia involves the preparation and optimization of digital files before they hit the press. Seamlessly integrating premedia into your operations ensures a streamlined workflow and elevates print quality. Whether you're a professional or just entering the industry, understanding the significance of premedia is essential for staying competitive.

Enter the era of print online services, revolutionizing the way businesses handle their customers print needs. These services provide a virtual gateway to efficient processes, allowing users to upload, collaborate, and track the progress of their print projects in real-time. The convenience of print online services enhances accessibility and facilitates a more collaborative and responsive print environment.

Multimedia printing takes the print experience to the next level, incorporating various forms of media into the traditional print format. This innovative approach caters to the demands of multichannel publishing, where content needs to be dynamic and engaging across diverse platforms. For e-business print solutions, multimedia printing opens avenues for interactive and visually compelling content that captivates audiences and enhances brand communication.

In conclusion, embracing the synergy of premedia, multimedia printing, and e-business print solutions is a strategic move towards a future-ready print environment. Stay ahead in the competitive print landscape by unlocking the potential of multimedia workflows and delivering impactful multichannel publishing experiences.

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  • Top exhibitor
    Premium Exhibitor

    CloudLab Web to Print Solutions

    Dortmund, Germany
    CloudLab is the leader in innovative browser-based web-to-print and web-to-pack solutions. Our extensive experience in printing and software development enables us to advise and support over 300
    CloudLab Web to Print Solutions
  • Antigro Designer Sp. z o. o.

    Kraków, Poland
    Antigro Designer offers comprehensive, modern solutions for print customisation. As the most advanced print personalizer, it offers a wide selection of supported products, including nearly everything
    Antigro Designer Sp. z o. o.
  • dna- drupa next age

    Appalachian State University

    Bonne, North Carolina, USA
    As a premier public institution, Appalachian State University prepares students to lead purposeful lives as global citizens who understand and engage their responsibilities in creating a sustainable
  • Baumer hhs GmbH

    Krefeld, Germany
    Baumer hhs, based in Krefeld, Germany, is your worldwide partner for reliable and innovative glue application and quality assurance systems. For over 35 years, everything we do has been geared to
    Baumer hhs GmbH
  • Premium Exhibitor

    BW Papersystems Hamburg GmbH

    Wedel, Germany
    BW Papersystems builds innovative machines for the sheeting & packaging, folding carton, stationery, book binding, security documents, and corrugating & finishing industries. Right now,
    BW Papersystems Hamburg GmbH
  • CIP4 Organization

    Zürich, Switzerland
    The CIP4® Organization is a not-for-profit standards association. CIP4's objective is to simplify automation in print production and business workflow. Members meet twice a year for face-to-face
    CIP4 Organization

    ConceptiK® Agentur für Digital- und Printmedien Ira Küpper-Bredtmann

    Köln, Germany
    ConceptiK® has been offering professional web-to-print project management from idea to print for over 10 years. Print shops, publishers, advertising material manufacturers, advertising technicians
    ConceptiK® Agentur für Digital- und Printmedien Ira Küpper-Bredtmann
  • touchpoint textile

    D.G.I. Digital Graphics Incorporation

    Yangju-Si,, Korea, Republic
    DGI has started a business in 1985, manufacturing Drafting Machines, Pen Plotter, and Cutting Plotter. Through continuous investment in research and development, We have secured unparalleled core
    D.G.I. Digital Graphics Incorporation
  • D.G.I. Digital Graphics Incorporation

    Yangju-Si,, Korea, Republic
    DGI is a leading inkjet printer development and manufacturing company in South Korea, founded in 1985 and listed in the Korean Stock Market in 2001. Through continuous research and innovation, DGI
    D.G.I. Digital Graphics Incorporation
  • Premium Exhibitor

    Dataline Holding nv

    Loppem-Brugge, Belgium
    Dataline Solutions knows what print media companies need to streamline their processes, automate their workflows and increase their profits. Their high-performance MIS/ERP software MultiPress&
    Dataline Holding nv
  • EngView Systems JSC

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Leader in Packaging Design Software: At EngView Systems, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge CAD/CAM solutions tailored explicitly for the packaging industry. Our commitment goes beyond just
    EngView Systems JSC
  • eProductivity Software

    Köln, Germany
    With a solid foundation spanning over thirty years in the industry, eProductivity Software (ePS) is the largest software provider in the market with its robust, future-proof ecosystem that serves
    eProductivity Software
  • Esko-Graphics BV

    Gent, Belgium
    Esko is a global provider of integrated software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods. Our products empower teams to support and manage the packaging
    Esko-Graphics BV
  • Premium Exhibitor

    Francotyp-Postalia Vertrieb und Service GmbH

    Berlin, Germany
    Francotyp-Postalia Vertrieb und Service GmbH, based in Berlin, is the German sales company of the globally active FP Group (FP). FP is an expert in solutions that make office and working life easier
    Francotyp-Postalia Vertrieb und Service GmbH
  • GA-Maschinen GmbH

    Alsfeld, Germany
    Ga-Maschinen GmbH Germany, Novesia srl Italy and ProVision d.o.o. Lukavac/Bosnia are an international team of companies offering competent advice, purchase and sale of industrial machines, service
  • Hybrid Software Group

    Cambridge, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    About Hybrid Software Group Through its operating subsidiaries, Hybrid Software Group PLC (Euronext: HYSG) is a leading developer of enterprise software for industrial print

    Wien, Austria
    IN-LOG | GÄMMERLER is a leading postpress supplier, providing intelligent and reliable solutions for commercial, book and newspaper printing. Our solutions range from simple machines to complete
  • dna- drupa next age

    InterRed GmbH

    Siegen, Germany
    InterRed: AI-based multi-channel publishing. Content management system (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), editorial system, automation (print, digital, translations, workflows) and much more.
    InterRed GmbH
  • ISRA VISION GmbH Frankfurter Str. 112 64293 Darmstadt

    Darmstadt, Germany
    ISRA VISION is a leading provider of technologies for industrial image processing (machine vision). As part of the Atlas Copco Group, a global leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions,
    ISRA VISION GmbH Frankfurter Str. 112 64293 Darmstadt
  • KELENN Technology

    Igny, France
    KELENN Technology is a leading process company specializing in additive technologies and image processing. Focused on the demand chain for industrial production, we excel in developing advanced
    KELENN Technology
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