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future technologies

In the ever-evolving landscape of the printing industry, staying ahead means understanding and adapting to emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies. At drupa you are able to explore the dynamic landscape of the print industry, focusing on emerging trends such as printed electronics, RFID technology, biomarkers for brand protection, autonomous printing, the integration of AI solutions and many more future technologies.

At drupa 2024, exhibitor from the fields of…

·         Printed Electronics
·         Maschinen und Herstellungsverfahren für organische und gedruckte Elektronik
·         Gedruckte Funktionalitäten
·         Anwendungen für organische und gedruckte Elektronik
·         Gedruckte Sensoren
·         Gedruckte Lautsprecher
·         Gedruckte RFID
·         Gedruckte Batterien
·         Organische Feldeffekttransistoren
·         Anwendungen zur Nanotechnologie
·         MICR Farben für Inkjetdruck
·         Biomarker für den Markenschutz
·         Industry 4.0
·         Autonomes Drucke
·         KI Lösungen (Maschinelles Lernen)
·         Smart Factory
·         3D-Druck
·         Inspektions- und Testsysteme
·         Forschung und Entwicklung

….and many more will be present.

Unveiling Tomorrow's Possibilities: The Future of Printing Industry Trends and Technologies

Printed electronics is a game-changer, seamlessly merging technology with traditional print. As a future printing technology, it facilitates the creation of electronic components on various substrates, opening avenues for flexible displays, smart packaging, and even wearable devices. The adaptability of printed electronics holds immense potential for creating interactive and functional printed materials.

Biomarkers for brand protection is an innovative approach to combat counterfeiting. By embedding unique, identifiable biomarkers in printed materials, brands can secure their products and intellectual property. This trend not only safeguards authenticity but also instills consumer confidence in the legitimacy of the printed items.

Autonomous printing takes center stage as the industry embraces automated processes for enhanced efficiency and reduced turnaround times. From automated prepress tasks to robotic systems in print production, autonomous printing streamlines workflows and positions the industry at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

AI solutions for print technologies usher in a new era of intelligence. Machine learning algorithms optimize print processes, from color correction to predictive maintenance. This trend enhances precision, reduces errors, and contributes to the evolution of a more sustainable and efficient printing industry.

In conclusion, the future of the printing industry is a fascinating intersection of technological marvels and strategic trends. By embracing transformational technologies, the industry is not only evolving but also setting the stage for a dynamic and innovative future.

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  • SisTrade Software Consulting S.A.

    Porto, Portugal
    SISTRADE - Software Consulting, S.A. is an information systems company with know-how in software development and consulting service for different activity areas, including printing industry companies
    SisTrade Software Consulting S.A.

    Schwentinental, Germany
    Anilox roller and gravure cylinder inspection at the touch of a button Quality control is essential for gravure cylinders, anilox rollers, flexo plates and embossing rollers. The idea of SOPRIN GmbH
  • STOMA GmbH Maschinen und Geräte für die grafische Industrie

    Siegburg, Germany
    Stoma GmbH, graphic machines and devices, was founded in december 1971. Since then, etching machines and equipments have been build for letterpress flexo printing stamping gravure printing safety
  • Synaptik Lamination SL

    Girona, Spain
    Synaptik was established in 2010 and is a privately held company located Catalonia. We are an international company with installations all over the world. We are a team of experts in lamination with
  • SYNCRO Srl

    Busto Arsizio, Italy
    Syncro has been an industry benchmark since 2007, by offering a wide range of auxiliary machinery for plastic extrusion lines.  Syncro presents the new generation of machines and auxiliary
  • tec4check GmbH

    Marburg, Germany
    Print Inspection and Braille inspection by tec4check We present the latest print inspection in our MediaCheck Workflow system. Comparison PDF to PDF Comparison PDF to scan of a single packaging or
    tec4check GmbH
  • Tessitura GmbH

    Mönchengladbach, Germany
    Because only those who know their processes and make the flow of data and information visible and controllable across media disruptions can increase their efficiency, reduce costs and react flexibly
  • The Cool Tool GmbH

    Mödling, Austria
    TheCoolTool stands for research, production and sales of innovative machines for model making, design, prototyping and education. In 1982 the company was founded as a specialist for unique machine
  • theurer.com GmbH

    Freiberg am Neckar, Germany
    theurer.com C3 is the leading ERP/MIS software for the printing and packaging industry. C3 organizes all processes - from costing, sales and production planning to logistics and controlling. Over 200
    theurer.com GmbH
  • Ultimate Tech

    Montreal, QC, Canada
    Automation in overdrive. This is the foundation of all our software development and today, Print Service Providers worldwide benefit from increased productivity in a digital and hybrid environment.&
    Ultimate Tech
  • Universal Converting Equipment Ltd.

    Ipswich, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Universal Converting Equipment produce the world beating Universal X8 slitting machine. Outperforming other duplex slitters including duplex turret slitter rewinders, the Universal X8 has to be seen
    Universal Converting Equipment Ltd.
  • VFP Ink Technologies SAS

    Asnieres Sur Seine, France
    VFP Ink Technologies’ core activity is to design and manufacture high-tech industrial inks and varnishes. A leading player in the European market with a worldwide distribution, VFP Ink
  • Vulcan Automation Kft.

    Budaörs, Hungary
    Vulcan Automation specialises in robotic automation for the press industry. Our solutions include: - palletising solution for folded sheets - palletising solution for books - Filling leaflets into
  • W. H. Leary Co. Inc.

    Tinley Park, IL, USA
    W. H. Leary Company, Inc. is a leading innovative provider for Glue Application, Quality Assurance and Data Collection systems, specializing in the paper converting industries such as folding carton,
    W. H. Leary Co. Inc.
  • XSYS Germany GmbH

    Willstaett, Germany
    We offer our customers a maximum of freedom and flexibility. Thanks to an open system, the wide range of products and the inventiveness of our experts. XSYS is the specialist for the global
    XSYS Germany GmbH

    Emmingen-Liptingen, Germany
    For more than 60 years, ZEISER designs, manufactures and supplies serialization and numbering technology to the security printing. We ensure that passports, ID documents, excise tax stamps or
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