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  • 06.01.060  Compressed air supply (at the machine)
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  • 06.19.040  Ventilation systems (central compressed air supply)

Ventilation systems (central compressed air supply)

Our products

Product category: Compressed air supply (at the machine)

Side channel pressure/vacuum pumps (combined pumps)

... Intake filter, vacuum as well as pressure safety valve can be integrated as an optional extra in the patented design of the sound absorbers. The sound absorbers can be varied in length, affording flexible adjustment to available installation space.

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Product category: Compressed air supply (at the machine)

Rotary vane pressure/vacuum pumps, oil-free

... Already featuring integrated intake filter and control valve, these pressure/vacuum generators can be fitted with other accessories without a problem. The blast air cooler, which is also integrated, guarantees a very low blast air temperature. The compact cover ensures low noise and heat emission. The combined pressure/vacuum generators are additionally equipped with a second intake. This provides the capability of making minor adjustments to the suction and pressure side as well as to high blast air volumes. By way of option, the second intake can also be used as a second low-vacuum suction air supply. Optional corrosion protection also makes these vacuum pumps suitable for extracting moist air.


Series X: Becker Innovation with Top Warranty

Pneumatic technology of the Becker brand is worldwide a synonym for precisely dosed, smooth industrial processes in many industrial sectors. For application areas with high requirements, as they are common for example in the electronics industries, Becker offers the vacuum pump product line: the series X.

With this special development [suitable for the application], Becker extends its popular T/DVT/DVTLF product range by the models X/DVX/DVXLF.

Equipped with special developed vanes, these oil-free rotary vane pumps distinguish themselves by high abrasion resistance and with that extremely long service lives. And since no dust develops where there is virtually no wear, the devices of the series X are perfectly suited for precision processes under clean room conditions.

Becker guarantees for these pumps a vane life-time of 20,000 operating hours or max. 3 years. A guarantee for a top technology with the following advantages:

• quick, clean, quiet
• 100% oil-free
• vibration stable
• wear resistant
• energy saving
• long-life reliable

An additional reliability plus is the on-site service by Becker in case of need. Exchange installations and the downtimes associated with that are no longer an issue anymore.

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Product category: Ventilation systems (central compressed air supply)

Centralised Systems

Becker provides intelligent pneumatic solutions for one or several production machines.

In central pneumatic systems, multiple single pumps on separate production machines are replaced by just a few larger vacuum pumps and/or compressors in a separate room (control room, basement etc.). The units are connected to the production machines via pipes.

Central pneumatic systems provide your machines with on-demand vacuum and blast air, which means energy savings. Noise levels are drastically reduced in employee work areas.

Each pneumatic supply in a centralised system is equipped with its own frequency converter. Thus, the pneumatic requirements of each production machine can be continuously adapted for any given operating point. By average, frequency-controlled units operate at a relative speed of approx. 65%. Overall, this leads to significant energy savings over separate units and devices without speed controlling.

Our central pneumatic systems are always optimised for your specific requirements. Each system is designed and configured especially for the requirements of the given application.


No heat or noise emission in production area
In production facilities, workplaces are being subjected to ever more stringent noise and heat emission regulations. In centralised pneumatic systems, there is no longer a need for separate vacuum pumps and compressors. Employees are subjected to minimum levels of heat, noise and oil mist.
Lower energy requirements for air conditioning systems

Eliminating the many separate pumps leads to a significant reduction in convection heat. Thus, air conditioning systems are subjected to lower loads and consume less energy. By removing the exhaust outlets (and the accompanying oil mist) from the production area, the air quality is greatly improved in the production area.

Energy savings using VACON controller
The central systems are controlled using the VACON controller. The VACON controller monitors and controls up to 4 different pressure or vacuum levels.

Central maintenance area
In centralised pneumatic systems, you can inspect and service the pneumatic supplies at a single location. It is much easier to access and inspect these units than to having to travel to each single supply unit for this purpose.

Lower maintenance requirements
Plants without a centralised pneumatic supply system typically have multiple vacuum pumps and compressors from multiple manufacturers in production. The many different replacement and wear parts required for each separate system results in drastically increased logistics and becomes expensive for the plant operator. Generally speaking, vacuum pumps and compressors in centralised pneumatic systems are low maintenance and utilise many of the same parts and materials. This restricts the range of required parts to an absolute minimum.

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About us

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Becker is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment. Renowned throughout the world and in many industrial sectors, Becker's vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems are available as single components and complete system solutions.

With many innovative products and designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and future-oriented strategic investments, combined with stable family ownership, both customers and suppliers alike rely on Becker as a fair partner. For our employees, we offer an interesting workplace in a socially responsible environment.

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