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Product categories

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.125  Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.250  Dryers
  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.265  IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers

IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.270  IR dryers, infrared dryers

IR dryers, infrared dryers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.290  UV dryers

UV dryers

Our products

Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

IR Modules and Systems

Helios Quartz for over 70 years has been specialized in the manufacturing of IR quartz emitters (in short, medium and fast medium wavelenght) and in the production of Infrared Modules and Systems for industrial heating processes.

The IR modules manufactured by Helios Quartz are:

  • completely cabled,
  • equipped with thermal sensor for high temperature,
  • already prepared to accommodate Helios infrared quartz emitters,
  • already prepared to accommodate Helios quartz protection plates.


Helios Quartz, working together with customers, customizes the modules design according to the specific requirements of the applications and provides costumers Infrared heating modules and control systems suitable to be fitted up to new and existing lines.

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Product category: Dryers


In order to test different materials and to offer the best solution according to customer’s specification, Helios Quartz established a specialized Infrared Technical Center equipped with a cutting-edge Testing Machine capable of testing the behaviour of all kind of materials subjected to infrared radiation.

Helios Quartz specialists at the Infrared Technical Center are able to provide the customers with accurate information about:

  • the difference and the benefits of IR technology compared to traditional heating systems;
  • the most suitable wavelength for the specific material;
  • how the IR radiation affects the material;
  • how the IR system can be adjusted in the existing line;
  • how IR technology optimizes production efficiency.

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Product category: IR dryers, infrared dryers

IR Quartz Emitters in Printing Industry

Helios Quartz is worldide leader for the manufacturing of IR Quartz Emitters in single and twin tube, in short, medium and fast medium wavelenght for Industrial Applications.

Helios Quartz products are widely used in Paper & Printing Industry as they cover all the most complex needs in terms of drying solutions. Below some of the most common fields of application.


In the production of paper, a mixture of fibers and water is sprayed uniformly on a net mesh conveyor belt. The usage of IR emitters combined with traditional vapor heated rollers is suggested in order to optimize the process by facilitating the uniformity of the moisture level required thus avoiding large variations in the humidity of the product.


The heating by the Infrared Quartz emitters allows the ink to penetrate into the paper more quickly.

Infrared technology can be used with almost all conventional printing inks (water based and solvent base), since the infrared radiations reduces significantly the viscosity of the inks and facilitates a quick fixing on the paper.

The usage of IR emitters takes great quality advantages in printing processes and it is mainly valued for almost all multi-color machines/applications, except those designed for UV curing, for which, of course, it is required the UV technology.

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Product category: UV dryers

UV Lamps

Advanced technology, careful selection of materials and maximum reliability: Helios Quartz UV Lamps are the result of a long and solid experience in the market.

Air, water and surfaces disinfection and oxidation, Ultraviolet curing, drying of UV glues, paints and varnishes: Helios Quartz UV Lamps are suitable for many applications, even the most complex. According to the different applications and customers’ needs, Helios can study, develop and produce specific UV Systems and Equipments.

The wide range of UV Lamps by Helios Quartz includes:

  • Medium Pressure UV Lamps
  • Low Pressure UV Lampsintro UV Lamps
  • Amalgam UV Lamps
  • Black Light UV Lamps (Wood’s light)

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1940, Helios Quartz Group has been a family-owned company with two production plants in Italy and Switzerland combined with offices in the USA, South America, and Asia to become a major international supplier for Quartz Glass processing and the manufacturing of IR & UV Lamps. Helios Quartz also produces Specialized Equipment for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical applications.

Over 70 years of experience in the industry has enabled Helios Quartz to acquire advanced technology know-how, deep knowledge of production processes and solid skills in many areas of various applications: Helios Group companies are able to meet every need, studying solutions for the more specific and complex applications thanks to a cutting-edge testing laboratory located in the production of Cambiago, Italy

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