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Product categories

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.095  Conveyor and transportation systems (no floor conveyors)

Conveyor and transportation systems (no floor conveyors)

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.120  Pile turners

Our products

Product category: Conveyor and transportation systems (no floor conveyors)

Conveyor Systems

In modern offset printing substrate piles have to fulfill very demanding requirements with respect to alignment, straightness and positioning.This leads to explicit needs for the pile handling process. Firstly, the sheet format continues to increase, which results in heavier piles and heavier pallets. To avoid safety and health risks and to reduce the physical impact for the operators an automated support of the material handling process seems highly recommendable.

To achieve the extremely high processing rates of several thousand sheets per hour the piles have to be perfectly aligned and straight and exactly positioned in the feeder. An automated material flow from a pile turner as a pile preparation station to the press or the die cutter minimizes the risk that the pile quality may deteriorate due to manual interaction on its way to the feeder of the machine.

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Product category: Conveyor and transportation systems (no floor conveyors)

Integrated Facilities

Integrated facilities link the transport of piles and pallets between different machines and plants.

Examples are integrated systems that offer automated supply of piles at the feeder and automated removal of piles at the delivery of one or more presses or die cutting machines, as well as the transport of empty pallets from the feeder to the delivery of those machines.

In addition, different processing steps can be inter-linked. For example piles can be transported automatically from the press to the die cutter and further on to the gluing line, with and without intermediate stops at a ware-house. The following shows a sketch of a principle plant lay-out and some examples of individual factory solutions for reference.

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Product category: Pile turners

Pile Turner for Turning, Jogging and Aerating of Print Sheet

We supply different types of pile turners that can be used for preparing piles of printing sheet. They can be equipped with jogging and aerating units to enable an operator to segregate out waste sheet, to separate sticking sheet, to blow out dust that is trapped between sheets and finally to align the pile as part of the preparation for the printing or the die cutting process.

The pile turner can be equipped with a centering device for positioning the pile in the center of the palette. The pile turner allows also an exchange of damaged pallets and a change from wooden pallets - which are normally used to supply the material from a paper mill - to plastic system pallets for the non-stop feeding process. The pile turners can be equipped with a unit for a fully automated pallet exchange. And finally, they can be equipped with conveyor technology for integration into a fully automated pile handling system.

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