Apex International

P.O. Box 41, 5527 AK Hapert
Metaalweg 8, 5527 AK Hapert
Telephone +31 497 361111
Fax +31 497 361122


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Jeanine Graat

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Metaalweg 8
5527 AK Hapert, Netherlands

+31 (0) 497 36 11 11

+31 (0) 497 36 11 22


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.07  Chemicals and other additives
  • 05.07.050  Roller washing and maintenance products

Roller washing and maintenance products

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.035  Sleeves for flexographic printing

Sleeves for flexographic printing

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.070  Roller coverings

Roller coverings

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.085  Folding and pasting units

Folding and pasting units

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.170  Coating units

Coating units

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.310  Roller cleaning systems

Roller cleaning systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.315  Roller washing machines

Roller washing machines

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.335  Metering rollers

Metering rollers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.340  Inking rollers

Inking rollers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.355  Coating rollers

Coating rollers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.365  Anilox rollers

Anilox rollers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.370  Sleeves


  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.085  Test printing devices (also see Laboratory printing devices)

Test printing devices (also see Laboratory printing devices)

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.18  Research and development

Research and development

Our products

Product category: Roller washing and maintenance products

Anilox Maintenance

No more dings and dents. Products to protect and keep your anilox in good shape.

In order to keep your sleeves, your rolls and even your plates in a good shape, Apex co-operates with Bicarblast to offer certain indispensable maintenance products, such as covers and brushes.


Brushes are available in:

Stainless steel (for ceramic rolls)
Phosphorbronze (for chrome rolls)
Nylon for your printing plates

Anilox roll protection covers preventing rolls from damaging, available in:

Plastic (washable)
Felt (breathable)
Skai (durable)

- See more at: http://www.apex-groupofcompanies.com/maintenance-2/#sthash.5dEM1Pu0.dpuf

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Product category: Roller washing and maintenance products

BioClean Liquids

Clean your anilox in a safe way. Liquids for daily & periodical cleaning!

Features Bioclean Liquids
Apex offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for daily and periodical cleaning of anilox rolls, plates, etc. The liquids are user- and environmentally friendly. Different products are available for Water based inks, UV inks or Solvent based inks.

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Product category: Roller washing machines

BioJet Equipment

The operator- and environmentally friendly method for deep-cleaning anilox rolls.

A total cleaning package engineered and supported by the world’s leading Anilox manufacturer. For the BioJet deep-cleaning procedure, we use Sodium Bicarbonate powder to clean the rolls. Apex has an exclusive co-operation with BicarBlast Eersel/NL for a cleaning service in/out house.


Features BioJet Mechanical equipment for the deep-cleaning of anilox rolls:

BioJet In-Press for cleaning (in the machine) and Cabinet (outside the machine)
Operator- and environmentally friendly
Safe way of cleaning anilox rolls without damaging them
All types of inks, water-, solvent based and UV inks and even 2 – component coatings can be removed.

Benefits BioJet deep-cleaning method:

Longer lifetime of the rolls
Always an optimal ink-transfer capacity
Immediately after cleaning the roll can be installed onto the press (no cooling down needed; no unnecessary long downtime).

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About us

Company details

Apex International, headquartered in Hapert, The Netherlands, is the leading manufacturer of anilox and metering roll solutions in the world. The company employs approximately 300 people and serves over 5,000 active customers in all markets (corrugated, narrow-web, wide-web, offset and coating applications) on a global scale. Apex operates five production facilities and seven sales offices worldwide, providing a local presence for customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations. Apex products are approved and deployed by all leading machine manufacturers in the flexo and offset industry.

Not only did Apex pioneer the original 60 degree hexcell engraving, Apex also holds globally recognized patents on the award-winning GTT technology that uses continuous lasers to engrave a slalom pattern onto the anilox. The continuous laser is responsible for creating an anilox product capable of delivering the smoothest, most consistent and controlled laydown in the industry, which is especially important for printing optimized Fixed Palette. The Ink flow is more consistent and unobstructed, subsequently solving print issues such as spitting. With GTT, flexo printers can also streamline press operations across multiple facilities, reduce anilox inventory and variation, and reliably deliver consistent quality from the shortest to the longest of press runs.

Apex International will be participating in live demonstrations at several machine manufacturers. An up-to-date list will be provided at the Apex stand during the Drupa show.

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Company data

Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

Number of employees




Area of business

premedia/ mulitchannel