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Zentrale BST eltromat International

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Heidsieker Heide 53
33739 Bielefeld, Germany

+49 5206 999-0

+49 5206 999-999


Our range of products

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  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.020  Web guides
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  • 06.01.025  Web inspection and control systems

Web inspection and control systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.095  Colour measurement and control systems

Colour measurement and control systems

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  • 06.01.205  Quality inspection systems
  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
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  • 06.01.215  Register control systems

Register control systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.330  Web monitoring systems

Web monitoring systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.150  Control, feed-back control and drive technology

Our products

Product category: Web guides

CLS Pro 600

Perfect line and contrast guiding using CLS Pro 600

With its high performance and user focused functions, the CLS Pro 600 gives outstanding
quality for the benefit of your customers:
• With its high-resolution defection of lines, print edges or web edges using a color sensor
• Optimum lighting thanks to automatically controlled LEDs
• Outstanding dependability even at the highest web speeds
o The high scan rate of 500 Hz allows precise guiding with high web speeds also with
interrupted lines or contrasts
o The high-resolution CCD-color line chip supports the precise
guiding especially in combination with the high scanning rate
• Integrated clear color display
• Convenient selection of printed line, printed edge or web
edge using a color display of contrast transfers
o Laser projection to the center of the measuring range
allows an easy alignment and adjustment of the camera
• Intuitive user guidance and convenient operation
o Clearly arranged display
o Easy setup (without text)
• Broad measuring range of 25 mm for precise web guiding results
• Precise shifting of the reference position for maximum accuracy
• Removable keyboard which can be installed at a central point of the machine
• Additional standardized output signal of 0 – 10 V
in combination with a blocking signal
• USB interface for fast storage of parameters and jobs
• Robust design

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Product category: Web guides

Web Guiding

Highest precision for your web guiding:
BST eltromat web guiding.

Aligned to your production:
In their scope and automation level, BST eltromat web
guiding systems exactly comply with the requirements
of your production process when
it comes to scope and automation level.

Controlling systems for each processing degree:
How the path of your production web is best controlled
depends on the processing level of the web. Unprocessed
webs may only be adjusted by means of the web edge or
web centre-line, since the web itself does not have any
further contrast features. Finished webs, on the other hand,
offer more options for sensor-based position detection
thanks to, for example, printed lines and freely selectable

Web guiding types
Regarding the web edge guiding, guiding is realised depending
on the left or right web edge by means of an edge sensor.
During web centre-line guiding, two edge sensors detect
the position of the web centre-line as the basis for the position
setting. Contrast controlling procedures are oriented on
continuous or broken printed lines or a contrast edge.
Precision due to experience
As the leading manufacturer of quality-assuring systems for
the web processing industries, BST eltromat International has
already installed more than 100,000 systems in over 100
countries worldwide.

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Product category: Web inspection and control systems

PowerScope 5000

Monitor print quality efficiently:

The POWERScope 5000 digital web video system is a tool, which
satisfies the demands in label printing and other narrow
web printing applications. But this economical video web monitoring
system is also perfect for monitoring wider webs.

POWERScope 5000 combines state-of-the-art technology with user friendliness –
making it perfectly aligned to satisfy the demands of modern printing machines. The
BST eltromat system uses a compact digital progressive scan camera for high resolution
images and includes a number of features that are unique when it comes to entry-level
web monitoring.

POWERScope 5000 is available with manual and optional motorized camera movement

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Product category: Colour measurement and control systems

FSS 15

The quick way to perfect color setting:

Electronic ink fountain control systems from BST eltromat set
new standards – in precision, speed, reliability and operating
comfort. With the ink fountain control system FSS 15, BST is
offering a system that is optimally adjusted to the requirements
of the printer.

Its first-class price-performance ratio makes FSS 15 a versatile
solution for all printing presses – regardless of the print width
and number of publications.

FSS 15 – the advantages for you:
• fast setup for printing
• simple operation
• maximum precision
• increased productivity
• minimized paper waste
• reduced costs

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Product category: Colour measurement and control systems


iPQ-Spectral allows you to comply with pre-defined color standards
by performing inline measurements within your printing
machine during productions. This means measurements after roll
changes using print samples with hand-held devices are no longer

Fully-automated measurement
• provides easy operator setup
• permanently records color data during the job
• objectively evaluates the color data and will trigger warnings
and alarms if the preset tolerances are exceeded
• logs color deviations and generates a job report

This on press monitoring allows for a rapid response to color deviations,
resulting in reduction of waste. Furthermore, you will get
a deeper insight into your printing process. Evaluation of the data
enables you to optimize the internal production processes, thus
gaining a competitive edge because cost savings can be easily identified.
In summary, the spectral inline color measurement system will
help you to create an economical printing process that will also
consistently impress customers with the highest possible color

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Product category: Quality inspection systems

Surface Inspection

Defects - iPQ-Check surface:

Improved material and surface properties are the main reason for the coating
and laminating of substrates. No defects are allowed to influence this new
and improved functionality. Typical defects like coating streaks or delamination
defects need to be detected and alarmed to the operator, also a later elimination
of the defects needs to be supported in the workflow. The iPQ-Check surface
is the ideal system for implementing a zero defect quality control solution during

100% Inspection - iPQ-Check surface

The small and robust camera module has the smallest footprint in the market.
This allows for an easy and low cost integration into the production line.
With its modular architecture the system can be adapted perfectly to many
different applications. The iPQ-Check surface can be equipped with RGB or
monochrome line scan cameras, as well as different types of high performing
LED’s for illumination.

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Product category: Quality inspection systems

TubeScan eagle view

Web viewing systems are a standard in the converting
and label industry. They are used on almost every printing
press for monitoring registration and overall print
quality and accuracy, and color. The down side of in-line
100 % inspection systems so far has been the heavy
investment, which many printers have avoided, thereby
compromising quality assurance.

The new patented TubeScan eagle view is now bringing
both worlds together: Multiple cameras are combined in
the same housing to offer detailed viewing and 100 %
inspection at the same time. The intuitive touch screen
interface makes setup extremely simple and fast.

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Product category: Quality inspection systems

SHARK 4000Lex

100% real-time defect detection: This is the strength of the SHARK LEX
systems, which have been developed especially for a variety of uses in
the narrow web and label printing industries. The SHARK LEX systems
are characterised by their simple operation and reliably high productivity.

SHARK 4000 LEX the 100% print defect detection system for use on
rewinders and narrow-web printing machines, stand out due to the well-engineered
technology, extensive range of functions and comprehensive defect management software.
Your advantage: Invariably first-class printing results for the maximum satisfaction among
your customers.

• 100% defect detection for narrow web printing machines and rewinders
• Process monitoring when using the printing machine
• Web widths up to 600 mm (23")
• 4,000 pixel color or 6,000 pixel grayscale camera
• Detailed and very exact detection even of smallest defects

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Product category: Quality inspection systems


The iPQ Check module by BST eltromat is an intelligent tool for
uncompromised print quality inspection for the complete print

iPQ-Check is especially suitable for many applications in the web
printing industry. The high performance line scan cameras deliver
detailed color image data for an immediate image reproduction
from the first print cylinder revolution onwards. Sophisticated
technologies and algorithms ensure the complete and reliable
monitoring as well as the immediate correction of error sources.
The result: defect free print quality, lower production cost and
higher press productivity.

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Product category: Register control systems

regi_star 20

The hardware architecture with maximum flexibility was developed
especially for the regi_star 20, so that additional functions can be
integrated at any time.

The regi_star 20 is suitable for all common printing processes
and can be installed at any inline printing press. The system can be
easily adapted to the individual needs and process requirements.

Challenge us – we can help you to meet your customers‘

• Quick to print
• Minimising waste
• Ensuring print projects of high quality
• Increasing customer satisfaction
• High degree of automation
• Optimising processes
• Increasing productivity
• Reducing costs

BST eltromat – synonym for excellent
detection of all print marks.

The 1-pixel color camera metalized marks and allows the detection
of marks with a very low contrast. This means that cold seal
and lacquer can be controlled in the web-web comparison. The
detected marks are displayed on the user interface as a live color
The modern user interface with touch monitor offers individual
and efficient handling of the register control system. The clearly
designed UI provides a high degree of operating comfort for the
printer. This allows the next job to be prepared while the current
job is still running.

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Product category: Web monitoring systems


Digital web viewing for your quality assurance:

iPQ-View by BST eltromat is a powerful tool for digital web
viewing during the printing process.

Based on high-quality video display, the iPQ-View operator
makes informed decisions on optical quality assurance. The
intuitive operator interface minimizes the reaction times and
offers the operator new capacities for other tasks. A wide range
of standard functions and numerous options makes iPQ-View an
attractive multifunctional tool for quality assurance.

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Product category: Control, feed-back control and drive technology


Adapted to your production needs:
Scope and degree of automation of the BST eltromat
automation concepts are specifically based on the requirements
of the corresponding production.

BST eltromat offers a comprehensive service portfolio from drive
technology to safety technology to cover a wide field of use.
Our solutions are based on close cooperation with our customers:

Services provided:
• planning, design and counseling ...
• development and implementation of all system
components (including control concept) ...
• commissioning, function testing, safety testing,
and optimization.
BST eltromat offers automation solutions for:
• control concepts/HMI
• visualization systems
• controls
• drive technology
• positioning technology
• safety technology
• interfaces
• web control
• web tension control
• process optimization
• quality control systems
• and further individual system components.

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Product category: Control, feed-back control and drive technology

Layer & Basis Weight Measurement

For the precise production and control of flat web material, BST eltromats subsidiary BST ProControl
offers a broad service package, ranging from planning, feasibility studies
and implementation through to comprehensive after sales service.

BST ProControl services include:

• Quality control of flat web material
• Technical solutions for measurement and control
• Development and implementation of quality systems
• Online measurement within the production process
Precise registration, contactless measurement and
continuous inspection and assessment of:
• grammage/surface-related mass
• (layer) thickness
• density
• moisture
• speed
• length
• ash
• coat weight
• optical features

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Product category: Control, feed-back control and drive technology


Modern production machines for working and processing of web-shaped work at the
highest speeds – therefore they must always reliably deliver flawless results.

Through a comparison of real and nominal values, BST controllers
ensure that the material is placed exactly in its intended position.
The compact design of all BST controllers allows direct fitting
onto or into the guiding device or your machine. With a variety of
connectable components, the devices can be optimally adjusted
in every case to your particular tasks.
All controllers come with ports for various sensors (ultrasonic,
optical, line and contrast sensors as well as scan line cameras) and
actuators drives of various performance classes (with and
without position feedback).

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Product category: Control, feed-back control and drive technology


Motor-driven actuators
Motor-driven actuating drives are used wherever a very fast response to web position changes is needed.
The actuator can be connected directly to the controller.
Ready-to-install designs mean quick, cost-effective assembly which is particularly beneficial for retrofitting existing systems.

Features of BST eltromat's actuators:
• Wear-resistant DC motors
• Ball screw spindle drives for a long service life and minimum backlash
• Designed for curved and linear correcting movements
• Various combinations of actuation path, force and speed possible
• Available with or without position feedback (precise capturing of current actuating drive position) and electronic end position switch-off
• Maintenance-free

Performance data
BST eltromat actuators can be used in combination with our guiding devices for a variety of web guiding tasks.
We offer electric drives with actuating forces of up to 9,000 N and strokes of up to 300 mm with or without
position feedback.

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Product category: Control, feed-back control and drive technology


BST eltromat offers their customers the right scanning system for each type of material.
The product range contains different sensors for different applications.

Ultrasonic sensors (US)
The scanning of the web edge is carried out contactless by ultrasonic

Optical sensors (IR/RS)
Non-contact scanning of the web edge is carried out by light.

Digital sensors
The non-contact scanning of the web of material is carried out by detecting contrasts in light conditions. A CCD Cam 100 can scan up
to eight contrast transfers.

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About us

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BST eltromat International

By the merger in 2014, the long-established companies BST International and eltromat – combined their expertise and know-how to a strong brand: BST eltromat International. Thus BST eltromat is the full-service provider for quality assurance and production optimization for the web processing industry.

BST eltromat is the only supplier in the market to offer their customers the whole range of quality assurance from a single source.

The solutions are used in the printing, packaging, coating, converting, foil, rubber and tire production and the solar cell and battery manufacturing worldwide.

Individual components, standard applications or complexe networked sysems - BST eltromat connects sophisticated technology and new developments whilst always considering the individual productions needs. Benefit from this portfolio of solutions and the products of the proven brands BST ProControl and AccuWeb.

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