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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.015  Web-fed inkjet printing systems
  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.060  Other digital printing methods

Other digital printing methods

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.12  Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • 01.12.065  Xerography/electrophotography


  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.030  Printing machines for label printing

Printing machines for label printing

Our products

Product category: Web-fed inkjet printing systems

MJP20AX High-speed web-fed full-color inkjet printer

A technology breakthrough in web-fed inkjet printing technology 

MJP20AX is the game-changer in industrial digital inkjet printing. Fully equipped with cutting edge inkjet technologies as well as highly sophisticated paper transport system, this innovative printer proudly leaves all the old concepts of industrial digital printing far behind by its unrivaled performance.


A new introduction of ink-circulating printheads with high resolution and high jetting frequency offers a lot of benefits that enhance productivity and reliability of the printing system, particularly by means of anti-clogging mechanism that prevents ink from staying within nozzle-chambers, thus realizes spontaneous and continuous refreshment of heads.


In-line coating module integrated right after unwind unit is designed to apply primer or bonding agent onto substrate so that the printer is able to deliver wider choice of substrates including coated offset stocks.


MJP20AX runs at 200m/min in 4c/4c at resolution of 1200x1200dpi. This high-speed and high-quality inkjet printer proudly drives your printing business in commercial and transactional jobs.

Visit us and see MJP20AX at live demonstration!

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Product category: Xerography/electrophotography

MDP4000 Sheet-fed digital press

MDP4000 is a new-generation digital on-demand printing system that strongly supports low to high volume production for commercial printing and B2C marketing such as direct mails, transpromos, posters, leaflets, etc. fully utilizing its outstanding productivity of 4000 sheets/hour (simplex) or 2000 sheets/hour (duplex) with superior print image quality comparable with that of offset lithography.

This innovative digital printing solution offers today’s offset printing providers a chance to replace existing offset jobs to digital print, meanwhile widening the print application to cover carton and packaging applications by means of high-accuracy handling of thick media as well as possible upgrading with extra special colors.

Full-integration of Miyakoshi’s technology of liquid-toner electro-photography. The combination of ultra-fine particles of liquid-toner and 1200x1200dpi imaging resolution delivers smooth gradations and sharp images, thus achieving outstanding printing quality comparable with that of offset lithography.

Miyakoshi’s original cut-sheet handling system allows duplex printing in a single pass. Newly-designed satellite-type configuration of photoconductor drum contributes to greater color-to-color registration accuracy and smaller system footprint.

Visit us and see MDP4000 at live demonstration!

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Product category: Printing machines for label printing

MLP-H High Speed Semi-rotary Wet Offset Press for Labels

The World's Fastest MLP-H Debut at DRUPA 2016

Because of variety of job and job lot no. in current world market, Users should be care of plate cost, plate making time and make-ready time.

Compare to Flexo & Letter Press, Offset plate is cheaper and shorter making time, Offset's make-ready time is also shorter.

MLP-H's target is Flexo & Letter Press Users who seek profits with small to middle run job lot by high quality.

MLP-H's Max Speed is 300 impressions / min. and Max. Repeat Length is 16". Its max print capacity is 121m /min. This is the fastest and the most productivity Semi-rotary Offset Press in the World and you have never seen before.

MLP-H Machine Configuration at DRUPA

[5 Color Offset + Hot Foil + Flexo + Screen + Die Cut] with Automatic Registration System

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About us

Company details

"We are a company that creates customer's pleasure and satisfaction" is our basic policy, and we intend to become a company that is respected by stock holders and that is needed for society, by dedicating to customer's prosperity, through that each employee does his/her best to brush up human quality and technical strength, and serving high quality products and service, for our company's stable & permanent growth and realizing happy life of our employees and of their family.

We are a company that creats customer's satisfaction.
Miyakoshi group unites to one by heart that each employee wants to serve the best products and service to customers, for sales / design / planning up to production / quality control / maintenance service. We collect a full power of Miyakoshi group, and open future of printing. Miyakoshi's challenge continues...

Latest technology and products of miyakoshi for printing machine up to other relevant equipments correspond to needs of the days.
Miyakoshi have developed many kind of printing system such as business form printing machine, processing machine, offset printing machine etc. one after another in correspondence with demand in the market, which changed very fast as like Gravure, letter press, offset and digital on demand….
Miyakoshi's corporate identity, researching the latest technology of the days and realizing it soon, has been kept over 60 years since the establishment.

To have more productivity,
Miyakoshi produces most appropriate printing and production system for customers.
Miyakoshi's products including most popular business form press are now working in wide fields.
Miyakoshi responds to customer's needs for 21 century's new technology as like ink jet printer system, compact multi color offset printing machine and envelope rotary machine etc. with Miyakoshi's novel idea and abundant know-how.

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