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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.010  Cutting machines and cutting systems
  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.015  Loading and unloading devices for high-speed cutting machines and cutting systems

Loading and unloading devices for high-speed cutting machines and cutting systems

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.040  Multiple-up cutting machines

Multiple-up cutting machines

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.090  Reel slitting and rewinding machines

Reel slitting and rewinding machines

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.220  Reel slitters, inline

Reel slitters, inline

Our products

Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

KAMPF Lifecycle Service

The KAMPF Lifecycle Service accompanies you and your machines at every stage, in every time and makes a significant contribution to always get the quality and performance of production at the highest level.

Our services comprise:

- Field service

- Original spare parts

- 24/7 helpline

- KSP KAMPF Service Portal

- Retrofit service

- KAMPF Academy

- Resale services

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

Unislit II

The slitting machine for converters

The new KAMPF slitting and winding machine model Unislit II is the update of the successful Unislit slitter series. This machine was developed in addition to our Universal series in particular for film manufacturers and converters who pay great attention to a perfect finished roll quality.

Due to the modular structure and many different options, a tailor-made machine can be offered for every case of application. Thus, the ideal machine concept can be found for the manufacturer of CPP, PA, BOPET or BOPP film, but also for the converter of metallised foils or paper/film or paper/paper laminates by selecting the corresponding options.

Any parent roll quality can be processed by most different unwind units and dancer roll systems. Whether using a lift-in device, core protrusion, conical or cylindrical take-up: KAMPF always has the best solution for you.

Whether blade cut, burst knife or scissors cut, either manual or automatic adjustment, our Unislit II is perfectly adapted to your needs.

This machine is equipped with individual winding stations with a separate contact roll. The principle of horizontal moving off of the winding stations at increasing finished roll diameter was taken over from the Universal series. A clear separation between winding tension and nip pressure during the entire winding process ensures a perfect finished roll quality.

The electric drive developed by KAMPF reflects our experience for decades in building slitters and winders. Easiest operation and a minimum of maintenance jobs in combination with an optimum monitoring are highly convincing.

By the way: with Unislit L it is now possible to slit materials even up to a width of 7,000 mm.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems


Dedicated to thinnest film and narrow width
The Microslit series

Flexibility and precision!
Microslit CON

Microslit CON, the new narrow cutter that ideally supplements the Microslit range. This machine expands and adapts your production range in the converter industry enormously. The comprehensive range of services of this development ranges from conventional converter application to processing new materials that are used in modern technologies. The Microslit CON is ideally suited in particular for processing battery separator film.

The Microslit CON is convincing due to the sturdy design of the machine and the highest quality cutting and winding results. This machine is characterised by flexibility and productivity.
Operation of this compact machine is safe and easy. The removal carriage for the finished rolls and original roll handling reduce machine set-up time.

Microslit CAP

The Microslit CAP cuts the thinnest of foils perfectly to narrow widths, in particular condenser foils.
The technological features of this special machine give you the opportunity to expertly solve product specifications. Finest quality products with minimum production tolerances are the result.
The Microslit CAP profits from the perfect interaction of the basic concept that is typical for Kampf with the compact, sturdy construction, the excellent roll configuration for the special material channels and the most modern drive and cutting technology. The sturdy construction sets the stage for the so-called wave cut for the generation of a wavelike cutting contour.

The enormous adaptability and flexibility of the Microslit CAP and the use of efficient handling technologies guarantee maximum willingness to perform and minimum downtimes.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

Conslit III

The new dimension

The Conslit III is the consistent further development of the proven two-spindle machines. All common, as well as process-critical packaging materials can be assembled. To meet the current and future requirements for a highly efficient and user-friendly roll slitting and rewinding machine, new options have been provided or developed existing options.

The new operating concept, based on many years of experience, offers optimum comfort due to is newly developed 2-touch navigation.

A quick maintenance and thus a reduction of downtime is given due to easy accessibility of all controls and electrical and pneumatic components. To reduce set-up times and for faster and more accurate machine set many new features such as serve the automatic dipping and pitching the upper blade or new options, such as the splicing table or automatic knife positioning.

The new winding system ConCert takes care of a perfect coil buildup with a constant material geometry and web length between slitting and contact point at the coil. Due to the positioning system I-Set the manual adjustment of the knives is omitted, thus reducing setup times. With X-Cut the material web can be cut off and spliced to the new cores independently of the rewinding direction and material consistency.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems


Creating flexibility

Conslit – the machine full of possibilities

The KAMPF Conslit machine series continues to set standards for roll slitters in the converting market.

The Conslit is the flexible solution of the well-proven two-spindle machines.

All common as well as specialty packaging materials may be converted.

New options have been provided and/or existing options enhanced to meet your current and future needs.

Flexibility and modularity are the key characteristics of Conslit. Various options can be combined to create a machine which fits your needs best.

The operating concept, based on many years of experience, offers optimum comfort due to its Kampf 2-touch navigation. The quick maintenance features and the reduction of downtimes is ensured because of the convenient accessibility of all control elements and the electric and pneumatic components.

The Conslit will be supplied as a compact unit. Machine installation can be done quickly and easily, a special foundation is not required.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems


The high-perfomance package

The Autoslit III is the consistent development of the well proven dual turret machine with material guiding from the top. The focus during the design of the machine was given to highest efficiency as well as flexibility. Improved and new designed options reduce the set-up times to a minimum. The machine speed has been increased up to 1,000 m/min, to improve the efficiency of the machine its maximum.

All common as well as sensitive packing materials will be converted in a state of the art high quality. The highly efficient and operator friendly machine fulfil todays as well as future requirements.

For a perfect winding quality a linear guided winding system with dynamic winding shaft support is applied, to guarantee a constant geometry between slitting and contact point.

The operating concept, based on longtime experience, offers the highest comfort including enhanced and intuitively usable 2-touch navigation. All relevant menu points will be reached within two finger touches.

To reduce the changeover times in combination with a precise set-up of the slitter, the automation level has been increased. The high level of automation reduces cycle time and increase machine efficiency up to a maximum.

Because of easy accessibility of all machine elements, including electric and pneumatic components, short down times and reduced maintenance times are outstanding characteristics of this machine.

The Autoslit III is supplied as compact unit. The on-site assembly is simple and quick. No special basement is required.

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines


Best to the core

Our Nonstop Liners are modular designed turret winder. These machines convince by an outstanding price-performance ratio. The product family offers a complete modular system for tailor-made solutions.

Different cross cutting systems, multi-web slitting, integrated pull roll station, adapted material and roll handling suit with process needs and the turret contact roll optimises the production quality and every day success.

The Narrow-Web-Winder is a non-stop turret winder in cantilever design. Web width up to 600 mm and finished roll diameter up to 1,000 mm cover the production needs of this business. Material thickness up to 0.3 mm and production speed up to 150 m/min.

Narrow-Web-Winder, when non stop production is required.

The BaseLiner is the perfect in-line turret-winder for speeds up to 150 m/min and material thickness up to 0.6 mm.

BaseLiner – best to the core.

The EcoLiner - when high performance is required. For materials thickness up to 1.5 mm, roll weight up to 7,000 kg and production speed up to 300 m/min.
Ecoliner - the perfect machine for any production.

The InLiner is designed for top quality, maximum load and highest speeds. Material thickness of 0.003 mm up to 1.5 mm, roll weight up to 6,000 kg and production speed up to 350 m/min. Special modules for outstanding winding quality.

InLiner – first choice for perfection.

All Nonstop Liners are available for one or two rewind directions and as non-stop unwinder.

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About us

Company details

Slitters, rewinders, winders and special machines for precisely accurate performance

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is your partner if you produce or process web-shaped materials such as films, refined papers, packaging materials and aluminium.

KAMPF machines work for every size and every purpose:

Rewinders, unwinders and winders
Slitters for the converter industry and for processing films in excess of 10 metres web width such as BOPP, BOPET etc.
Special machines such as slitters for the thinnest types of films and the appropriate handling systems in each case
Separators and doubling machines for the production of aluminium foil as well as slitters for aluminium foil and aluminium band

KAMPF slitters, rewinders and winders keep on running – because reliability is our prime principle! Our global network is ready for action for you 24/7. Because your business operation has to be up and running.

KAMPF slitters, rewinders and winders have been running for over 90 years – and with that the experience to solve every problem and look far into the future. Over 500 employees are currently constructing your machines, finding the best solutions for you as advisers and service specialists and developing the next innovation for your future requirements. Kampf is integrated into the Jagenberg Group. Welcome to our headquarters in Wiehl, near Cologne, to our branch offices in China, USA and India, to our industrial premises in Dohr and to our service and sales offices all over the world.

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100-199 Mio US $

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> 75%

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  • future technologies
  • equipment/ services/ infrastructure
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