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Via delle Brigole, 4
23877 Paderno d´Adda/Lc, Italy

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Register control systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.300  Viscosity control devices

Viscosity control devices

Our products

Product category: Web guides

SELEGUIDE 9000 control panel

The system to control the edge of the material.

SG 9000 is an economic edge guide suited for all kind of printing press or converting machine. The system checks and controls the position of the edge of the material.
SG 9000 logic control is user friendly and it is used for controlling a positioning frame. The correction signal leads an electrical linear actuator with end switches and servo center. The measured error is controlled byreflective photocells or ultrasonic sensors or infrared sensors.
All the parameters are settable by the operator control logic. The system shows the measured error on an LCD display that shows graphically and numerically the deviation values. The zero setting can be modified for moving the offset level. In the most sophisticated systems the sensor can be motorised. The auto-center device is used for moving the edge guide in a central position in order to start a new job with the same potential correction on both the sides.


Ultrasonic sensor for transparent materials
Infrared sensor for nonwoven, tissue, napkins, diapers
Automatic gain adjusting
Sensitivity 0,01 mm
Max correctable error +/-5cm
Error visualization with a blue LCD display

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Product category: Register control systems


CRS 9008 EYE TOUCH is the latest generation register control developed by Selectra. Modular and simple structure, it carries out longitudinal and transversal control of print register. Possible applications of CRS 9008 EYE TOUCH are rotogravure flexographic and offset printing presses.

LED Fiber optic scanning heads with automatic gain adjustment amplifier are used to read the print marks. The digital oscilloscope can be used to display and control the input signal. Programming, controlling and displaying of error can be implemented through the industrial PC with LCD touch screen monitor.

Each print element is synchronized by encoder and controlled independently by advanced microprocessors.


Speed 5/600 m/min
Sensitivity 0,01 mm
Max correctable error +/- 10 mm
Presettable error threshold +/- 0,05/3 mm
Minimum working speed programmable
Mark recognition automatic
PID parameters of motor control programmable
Monitor LCD e touch screen
Presetting Optional

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Product category: Viscosity control devices

SELEVISCO 9000 controllers

Selevisco can operate in two different ways.

In manual mode the system displays the viscosity measured by a single sensor and let the operator add the solvent to correct the visosity value. In automatic mode the system executes a comparison between the programmed viscosity value and the measured one. Based on the magnitude of this difference new solvent is added to correct the error. In case of malfuctioning or lack of solvent the system activates the proper visual and audible alarm to alert the operator. The system has been designed to be auto-cleaning. The solvent enters directly in the measuring sensor both during the regulation step and when activating the cleaning function at the end of the job.

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About us

Company details

Once again Selectra doesn't lose the chance to show its innovations in DRUPA.
For over forty years the company has been involved in the industrial automation applied to the printing and packaging fields designing and realizing a wide range of products. Updating and renewing are the basis of the company’s philosophy, which has remained unchanged over the years thanks to research and qualitative improvements.
On the occasion of Drupa 2012, visitors of our booth will have the chance to observe the new automatic register control EYE-TOUCH-2 with innovative marks, which prevents from printing errors and reduces start-up waste, bringing colours to register from any starting position; the new viscosity system SELEVISCO-9000, based on the principle of vibrating lamella in a fluid with the inline group together with the automatic washing unit; the web inspection system Inspecto CS2; and the new web guide SELEGUIDE 9000 with LED optic, ultrasonic and infrared sensors, which is having a great success internationally, thanks to its user-friendliness and its very competitive price.
Selectra is assisted by skilled engineers who offer a wide technical advising support during designing and after selling as well, thanks to their long and deep knowledge of the market and of the Italian and foreign customers’ needs.

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