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Roller washing and maintenance products

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  • 06.01.310  Roller cleaning systems

Roller cleaning systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
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  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
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Waste water treatment plants

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Solvent disposal plants

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.090  Solvent recovery plants

Our products

Product category: Roller cleaning systems

Washing machine Type HA/HA-S

Cleans anilox rollers and anilox sleeves of all resolutions, and gravure cylinders. Very good and gentle cleaning due to spraying with an effective cleaner and subsequent spraying with water (high pressure, 100 bar) while the rollers, sleeves or cylinders are rotating. The inside and front surfaces of the sleeves are sealed to prevent penetration of the washing agent. The machine can be adapted to various tasks with many available sizes and the appropriate accessories

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Product category: Roller washing machines

Washing machine type 360 for gravure cylinders

Washing machine for gravure cylinders. The cylinders are loaded onto a pneumatic slide-in unit in front of the washing machine housing. Short spraying distances. Machine versions for different numbers of cylinders.

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Product category: Roller washing and maintenance products

Partner company for cleaning chemicals

Highly effective and eco-friendly surface cleaners

KS-Chemie, a member of the BÜFA Group, develops and markets cleaning products for the manual and mechanical removal of inks, paints and varnishes. In addition to products for industrial cleaning processes, the company manufactures cleaners for use in washing machines in the graphic arts industry and the paint and varnish industry.

These products are characterized by their high cleaning power and efficiency, coupled with environmental compatibility. The portfolio comprises water-based and water-free, low-emission products with a wide application range for many different ink systems.

Applications include all major automatic and manual cleaning processes in the printing and packaging industry, e.g. processes that dissolve and remove ink and glue residues from printing units, rollers, cylinders and printing plates.

SpeedyClean for plate cleaning

The SpeedyClean products are the newest addition to the KS-Chemie portfolio; they were developed exclusively for use with the new plate cleaning equipment by D.W. Renzmann. The fast-acting and powerful cleaners remove water-based ink systems, solvent-based inks and UV-curing inks at room temperature. SpeedyClean products are suitable for all plate materials and for surfaces made of ceramic, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized materials and non-ferrous metals.

ROTO-Clean and ROTO-Clean S for clean distillation units

When contaminated cleaning baths are distilled, the clean washing agent is separated thermally from the less volatile and solid impurities. The residual components are paste-like and sticky. A rotating scraper can help clean the walls and floor of the distillation vessel, but will not remove all residues.

To dissolve these residues, KS-Chemie recommends ROTO-Clean, a highly alkaline cleaner concentrate that is diluted with 50% water. When the mixture is brought to a boil, the residues are dissolved and can be conveniently discharged with the cleaning solution.

In some cases, the residues in a contaminated cleaning bath are prone to polymerization, forming incrustations that resemble a thick, tightly interwoven coating. They can be removed with a stronger version of the cleaner by the name of ROTO-Clean S. Again, this is a highly alkaline concentrate that needs to be diluted with 50% water before use.

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Product category: Washing equipment for machine components


D.W. RENZMANN sets new standards in the cleaning of flexographic plates

The new FlexPlateCleaner will be presented at drupa 2016

D.W. RENZMANN, manufacturer of washing machines and distillation units for the graphic arts industry, will present its new FlexPlateCleaner for fast and efficient cleaning of flexographic printing plates at drupa 2016 (hall 16, stand D39). The powerful system gently cleans and dries flexo plates, allowing them to be reused immediately.

In times of shorter print runs and frequent print job changes, finding efficient ways of cleaning ink-carrying press parts is becoming ever more important. The new FlexPlateCleaner cleans and dries flexo plates using a fast, reliable and highly automated process. The plates are transported automatically into the cleaner, where the cleaning process is initiated by photoelectric cells. The FlexPlateCleaner comes with a patented transport system that allows the speed of the plates to be regulated individually via a manual potentiometer. After cleaning and drying at a temperature of 70 °C max., the flexo plates are immediately ready for reuse or storage.

Thorough yet gentle cleaning

In the standard version of the FlexPlateCleaner, a transverse brush and a rotating brush work together to thoroughly clean the plates. The speedyFlexPlateCleaner is equipped with an additional brush unit. The FlexPlateCleaner automatically adjusts the contact pressure of the washing rollers to the thickness of the plate. Advanced foam rollers ensure that the high-quality flexo plates are cleaned very gently, preventing typical damage caused by manual cleaning.

Easy and intuitive operation

Another benefit of the FlexPlateCleaner is its easy and user-friendly operation. When the contents of the solvent and water tanks reach the minimum level, the operator is informed via an audio signal and a change in the LED color of the ON/OFF button. The cleaning progress is also indicated by the color of the ON/OFF button.

The robust and low-maintenance FlexPlateCleaner comes in two sizes: The model 46 can process plates of up to 440 mm width and at least 150 mm length, while the model 60 is suitable for plates of up to 580 mm width and at least 150 mm length. The maximum plate thickness is 3.5 mm.

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Product category: Washing equipment for machine components


The new washing machine 3400-e will be presented at drupa 2016

D.W. RENZMANN will present the new washing machine 3400-e for thorough cleaning of press parts, ink pans, doctor blades, miscellaneous parts and small containers at this year's drupa (hall 16, stand D39). With the e-series, the specialist manufacturer of washing machines and distillation units for the graphic arts industry has created a powerful yet inexpensive range of equipment.

Shorter print runs and frequent job changes mean that uncomplicated, fast and thorough cleaning of ink-carrying press parts is no longer just desirable, but a necessity. The ex-proof and ATEX-compliant washing machine 3400-e is designed to gently and reliably clean even larger quantities of press parts, ink pans, doctor blades or buckets. The next generation of the washing machine model 3400 makes do without additional accessories and meets the highest efficiency and safety requirements, despite costing less than its predecessor.

Convenient and safe

The closed washing chamber of the 3400-e is loaded through the machine's front door, which is equipped with a counterweight, and supplied with solvent from a separate solvent tank integrated into the machine. The filling level in the solvent tank is controlled automatically, and the automatic wash program is executed without manual intervention. To ensure the operators' safety, the machine can only be started when closed.

The parts to be washed are placed in pull-out stainless steel baskets and cleaned using a system of oscillating spray pipes. Short spraying distances and a powerful pump ensure optimal cleaning results. The working dimensions of the washing machine 3400-e start at a height of 500 millimeters and a length of 1500 millimeters.

Robust and low-maintenance

The 3400-e stands out by its robust and maintenance-friendly design. Large removable strainer baskets protect pumps, pipes and the spraying system from foreign matter and damage. A separate pneumatics control box means that pneumatic parts can be serviced without opening the control cabinet, protecting sensitive electrical components from exposure to damp compressed air. The solvent vapors created during washing are extracted quickly and completely by a powerful fan and pneumatic air intake and mixing flaps.

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Product category: Washing equipment for machine components

Washing machine Type 3400

Cleans printing press parts such as ink pans, ink containers, doctor blades and other parts with solvent or with alkaline water-based cleaners. During the washing operation, the parts are sprayed with solvent by spray pipes oscillating around their longitudinal axes. Very good cleaning results due to short spraying distance and a powerful washing pump. The solvent tank is separated from the washing chamber; hence emissions are considerably reduced. The machine can be adapted to various tasks with the appropriate accessories. The solvent washing machine is type-examined and explosion-proof (category 1/2) in accordance with ATEX

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Product category: Washing equipment for machine components

RENZMANN units of ATEX category 1 for zone 0 inside

Explosion protection of RENZMANN solvent washing machines according to ATEX equipment directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95)

External explosion protection

The outside of RENZMANN solvent washing machines meets the requirements of ATEX category 2; the units may therefore be operated in explosion hazard zone 1.

Internal explosion protection

When the solvent is heated to a temperature above its flash point and/or when aerosols are formed through the spraying of any solvent with a pressure of more than 0.7 bar or through the rotation of the washing brush, a potentially explosive solvent vapor-air / aerosol-air mixture is generated in the washing chambers. Consequently, the interior of such solvent washing machines is classified as zone 0 (ch. according to EN 12921-3 "Machines for surface cleaning of industrial products using flammable cleaning liquids".

Fulfillment of the "CRITERIA FOR THE SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT AND PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS” according to the ATEX workplace directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137)

D.W.RENZMANN uses a certified quality assurance system according to ATEX and consistently implements all relevant legal requirements.

The operator is required by ATEX to use equipment of the correct category for the respective hazard zones, e.g. category 1 equipment for zone 0.

D.W.RENZMANN supplies category 1 washing machines with a type examination according to ATEX and thereby protects customers from any liability due to unsuitable or prohibited washing machines, irrespective of the solvent used.

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Product category: Waste water treatment plants

Distillation unit type ROTOmaX

recovers washing solvent and washing fluids and treats ink residues in a cylindrical distillation boiler featuring a steam-heated floor. The unit is designed for batch operation and continuous operation. High-boiling solvents can be distilled with the available vacuum technology. An agitator/scraper system rotating slowly in the boiler permanently stirs the contents, keeps the heating surfaces clean to ensure an optimum heat transfer and, at the end of distillation, automatically discharges the residue through the open discharge valve at the bottom of the boiler. With the type-examined agitator/scraper system and other safety-related details, the unit meets ATEX requirements

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Product category: Solvent disposal plants


The ROTOmaX-e 20 minimizes solvent costs and waste

Climate and immission protection regulations make specific demands on cleaning processes, such as the restrictive use of solvents. The new ROTOmaX-e vaporizes and condenses used solvent in a sustainable process, minimizing the quantity of highly viscous waste. Once the solvent in the distillation vessel reaches a predefined level, distillation starts automatically. The solvent is heated via an insulated, level heating floor (20 kW) until it boils and vaporizes. At a distillation rate of 60–120 l/h, the ROTOmaX-e needs only a little over two hours to distill 250 liters of used solvent. At the end of the distillation process, approx. 94 percent of the high-quality solvent can be reused in various areas.

Fully automated distillation

Once the solvent in the boiler reaches a predefined level, filling stops automatically and distillation begins. An agitator with scrapers (rotor) keeps the heating surfaces free of residues and ensures an optimum heat transfer at all times. After condensation, the rotor automatically transports the reduced residue into a disposal container – manual intervention or cleaning is not required. The easy-to-read display of the ROTOmaX-e shows the heating temperature, filling quantity, refilling quantity, residue quantity and distilled solvent quantity at a single glance.

Waste reduction cuts costs

The ROTOmaX-e is a highly efficient system that recovers up to 94 percent of the used solvent, which can then be reused for cleaning. This greatly reduces the need for fresh, expensive solvent, eliminates transportation costs and minimizes the effort and cost involved in residue disposal. Users profit not just by lower expenses; they also make an important contribution to the protection of our environment.

The robust and cost-effective distillation unit comes in two additional sizes besides the ROTOmaX-e 20: The ROTOmaX-e 15 has a filling capacity of 200 liters and a distillation rate of 45–90 l/h, while the ROTOmaX-e 30 can distill up to 400 liters at a rate of 90–180 l/h. The distillation rate depends on the type of solvent that needs to be distilled.

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Product category: Solvent recovery plants

Distillation unit type ROTO

Distillation unit Type ROTO

recovers washing solvent and treats ink residues in a cylindrical distillation boiler that features an electrically heated double jacket filled with thermal oil. The unit is designed for batch operation and continuous operation. High-boiling solvents can be distilled with the available vacuum technology. An agitator/scraper system rotating slowly in the boiler permanently stirs the contents, keeps the heating surfaces clean to ensure an optimum heat transfer and, at the end of distillation, automatically discharges the residue through the open discharge valve at the bottom of the boiler. With the type-examined agitator/scraper system and other safety-related details, the unit meets ATEX requirements.


distillation output*:

Model 9 » 30-60 l/h

Model 12 » 40-80 l/h

Model 18 » 60-120 l/h

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Product category: Solvent recovery plants

Distillation Unit type ROTOmaX-W

Superior heating- and agitating- / scraping-technology guarantee the maximum in saturation contaminated water based media, causing  waste quantity reduced to minimum.

Distillation Unit type ROTOaX-W with Prevaporizer

Heating energy used twice à double output, half energy consumption per litre of evaporated water.

Process description

Approximately half of the contaminated water is evaporated in the prevaporizer under ambient pressure. The steam of 100°C containing the energy installed at the prevaporizer is supplied to the heating floor of the distillation unit.

The pre-saturated water left in the prevaporizer is extracted into distillation vessel by vacuum. Vacuum inside distillation vessel reduces the boiling range of water to < 60°C. The temperature gap of > 40° between the pre-saturated water inside distillation vessel and steam of 100°C supplied from prevaporizer ends in condensation of the steam in the heating floor of the distillation unit while heating energy is transferred to the product inside distillation vessel. The saturation is finalized inside distillation vessel and 95% of the original water quantity included in the stream to be treated is evaporated and ends in the clean water stream

The condensate left in the heating floor guided by vacuum enters the condensator and joins the steam rising up from distillation vessel. The total of distillate cools down the condensator a little while passing through to vacuum unit and draining into a clean water reservoir.

The loss of water in the prevaporizer (half-half by evaporation and by extraction into distillation vessel) is compensated by continuous refill.

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About us

Company details

D.W.RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH, Monzingen

D.W.RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH is a medium-sized company headquartered in Rhineland-Palatinate on the Nahe, a river giving name to a popular wine-growing region. RENZMANN designs and manufactures washing machines and solvent distillation units, particularly for the printing and paper processing industry and the paint and varnish industry.

Core competence of RENZMANN is the removal of strong adherent contaminations and handling of flammable organic solvents or aggressive alkaline cleaning media used for cleaning.

Besides developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing our equipment, we also offer service and consulting services with a focus on:

profitable solutions,high availability and durabilitysafety at work and the protection of operating staffand environmental protection.

RENZMANN is certified according to the European Explosion Proof Guideline ATEX and market leader in its segment.

The following products and service are available:

Washing machines for printing unit parts, anilox rollers, sleeves, gravure cylinders and ink pumps

Washing machines for ink mixing containers and transport containers

Distillation units for soiled solvents and water-based cleaners

Customized specific solutions for cleaning – and recovery tasks

Maintenance, spare part supply and security checks

Cleaning media

Consulting on complete washing room solutions, the right choice of washing agent from an economic and ecologic point of view, support of conversation with authorities and ATEX risk assessments and analyses.

RENZMANN is represented by a worldwide network of approx. 75 agencies and distributors.

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