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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.05  Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • 01.05.125  Electroplating for gravure cylinders

Electroplating for gravure cylinders

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.175  Dispersion varnishes

Dispersion varnishes

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.180  UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes

UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes

  • 05  materials
  • 05.07  Chemicals and other additives
  • 05.07.010  Chemicals and products for prepress production phases

Chemicals and products for prepress production phases

  • 05  materials
  • 05.07  Chemicals and other additives
  • 05.07.045  Gravure printing consumables

Gravure printing consumables

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.045  Formes for gravure printing

Formes for gravure printing

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.225  Reel splicers, autopasters

Reel splicers, autopasters

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.300  Viscosity control devices

Viscosity control devices

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.020  Etch depth measuring devices

Etch depth measuring devices

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.030  Densitometers


  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.050  Hardness measuring instruments

Hardness measuring instruments

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.090  Anilox roll measurement devices

Anilox roll measurement devices

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.11  Print services providers

Print services providers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.12  Used machinery dealers

Used machinery dealers

Our products

Product category: Electroplating for gravure cylinders

Check Master II

The CHECK-MASTER II is an advanced measuring instrument for automatic measurement of all types of cells. Its main application is in situations where the highest accuracy and the ease of use are of great importance. Many additional accessories allow it to be used for final checking and goods inwards checking of rotogravure cylinders.

Unlike Dot-Check, the measurements are taken automatically. False measurements due to incorrect operation are hereby excluded.

The basis of this new measuring system is the world-wide known Check-Master microscope, which has been substantially modified and equipped with a CCD camera having a high-performance image processor running under Windows 98 and a high-resolution monitor.

The user surface can be individually modified to ensure optimum ease of use for every application. Due to help facilities operating of the CHECKMASTER II has still become more easy and comfortable in addition to the already existing possibilities offered by Dot Check and Check Master. The illumination of the microscope is adjusted fully automatically and operation is as usual, extremely simple. Only a PC mouse and keyboard are used to operate the instrument.
The use of a PC with Intel processor allows many other features to be provided such as storage of images and readings, connection of a laserjet- or thermo printer, links to other programs and networking with other PC’s.

• Correct and quick automatic measurement of the longitudinal and transverse diagonals and channel in one operation.
• Precise automatic determination of the screen including longitudinal and lateral repeat (feed) and angle output.
• In addition, the cells can be measured manually by using the mouse.
• Exact output of the surface of a cell in µm2.
• Accurate optical depth measurement (motordriven: automatic or manual) with IFC and trend bar.
• Determination of the volume for electromechanical engraving in ml/m2.
• Adjustment of the measuring position by 15 mm in longitudinal and transverse directions.
• Several optical magnification/measuring ranges so that both coarse and fine screen sizes can be accurately measured.
• Selection of individual or multiple measurements.
• Possibility of digital switching to 2 x and 4 x image magnification, all measurement functions remaining active.
• Considerable simplification of the series measurement of up to 24 ribbons each with up to 10 tones in one operation.
• Automatic change of measuring range with on-screen display of selected objective.
• Measurement can be made in live mode or from stored images.
• Measurement results and images can be stored on the hard disk or floppy-disk.
• Interfaces for data communication and various types of printers.
• Program for calculation of anilox rollers after entry of the known data.
• Entry of cylinder characteristic data.

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Product category: Used machinery dealers

Second Hand Machinery

Negotiation and sales of second hand machines

Our good world wide contacts to publishing and printers offer an optimal access to used printing machines and equipment.

We have an extensive supply of used machinery and we take on world wide moving of complete printing houses.

We are in the position to quote machines for the following fields:

- repro equipment
- electroplating
- gravure
- rotogravure printing presses
- flexo printing presses
- offset printing presses
- proof presses
- peripheral equipment
- print converting

If you intend to purchase or sell a second hand machine, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our service.


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About us

Company details

For more than 40 years Heimann GmbH is acting as a reliable supplier for the printing industry with worldwide activities. We are able to deliver consumable materials and to offer taylor made solutions for all printing methods as rotogravure, letter press, flexo and offset printing.

Our services are divided into following sections:

Printing Consultant
Graphic Dealer

Special line: Materials, Machines and Measuring Equipment for
Rotogravure Printing

Further assortment for: Reproduction and Printing Forme Production

We are specialized in the field of rotogravure printing and with pride we can state that the name 'HEIMANN' and the attaching services thereto are well known in the world and always appreciated.

Our delivery programme in headlines:

• Projecting of rotogravure procedures for publication and packaging printing
• Manufacturing of chemicals for rotogravure printing and for graphic arts applications
• Laboratory analysis
• AZR automatic cylinder cleaning system in rotogravure presses
• Special designed equipment for the graphic industry, i. e. proof press etc.
• Measuring equipment for rotogravure, i. e. plating, engraving, printing
• Diamond tools for cylinder engraving
• Digital products and consultancy, DtP solutions
• Consumable materials of all kind
• Second hand equipment for all printing methods
• Ink and viscosity control HEIFAREG
• APR automatic impression roller cleaning system

Especially we draw your attention to our services for second hand equipment!
In case you are interested in used equipment or you want to offer used equipment for sale do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our service. We have access to international high class second equipment and we take care for complete assistance of any project enquiry and its realization inclusive disassembly, transportation and re-assembly.

In our own laboratory, where our chemical products and the raw materials are continuously controlled, we are conducting new developments as well as improvements of already existing products. As a special service we are offering to our customers the analysis of copper resp. chrome bath liquids as well as the analysis of waste water. Additionally we are pleased to assist you in any question concerning environment and industrial safety.

For many years we are a member of the European Rotogravure Association (ERA) as well as a member of the German subject section for Flexo printing (DFTA). In recurrent conferences we take the opportunity for discussions with users and customers about technical developments and to hear about their results by using our products.

The technical requirements and conceptions of our customers with regards to equipment, complete systems or materials are being picked up, developed and accomodated according to their special needs by the continuous contacts and close co-operation with competent partners of the printing industry.

In many cases the solution of one procedure step problem leads towards new questions in the forthgoing procedure. With our overlooking the complete process we offer optimal proposals and solutions as well complete as also in detail.

Our customers appreciate the advantage that our capability is comprehensive and process overlapping.

Make use of our performance:

We offer: taylor made solutions with high quality products at competitive prices

our features: trust and confidence, loyalty and reliabilty, honest and correctness

Graphische Technik und Handel
Heimann GmbH

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  • prepress / print
  • premedia/ mulitchannel
  • materials
  • equipment/ services/ infrastructure