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  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.125  Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.160  Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.045  Exhaust air purification systems

Exhaust air purification systems

Our products

Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Corona Station

Plasma technology first became commercially available in the 1950s. As more and more possible applications for plasma were discovered, the technical challenges rose. New processes were found, new solutions became market ready and laboratory trials became patented products.

As an early pioneer in the plasma market, SOFTAL has always been part of the corona world. In over 50 years, SOFTAL has constantly pushed the boundary of technical possibilities. Today, corona and plasma solutions by SOFTAL are in use worldwide. We have produced over 10.000 corona stations and more than 250 corona systems for film stretching lines.

From the outset, the focus has been on the market and the demands of our customers. Our systems are fine-tuned to match the material to be treated and the available budget.

Typical for SOFTAL products are the many small and large details that ensure uninterrupted operation and maximum up-time in everyday production life. This might simply be a choice of ideal components, or more complicated design details, like a removable electrode module for easy maintenance. Decades of experience and progress contribute to every single design step in all or our products.

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

ALDYNE™ treatment solutions

A number of our plasma treatment stations allow the user to displace ambient air in the reaction atmosphere in which the plasma arc is ignited and treatment performed by injecting Nitrogen. ALDYNE™ by SOFTAL goes one step further and allows the user to specify the exact composition of the gas atmosphere . In addition to the treatment station, corona generator and Nitrogen supply components, an ALDYNE™ system has one further component: The gas mixing panel.

The gas mixing panel of an ALDYNE™ system uses Nitrogen and inert gases to generate a process gas mixture for injection into the treatment station's electrode gap. The composition of the process gas can be adjusted, until the process gas atmosphere and plasma discharge fit the requirements of the related material perfectly. Of course, the gas mixing panel control systems allows for different gas recipes for different materials.

In combination with the extermely high power levels that can be achieved with patented liquid-cooled electrodes by SOFTAL, ALDYNE™ offers perfect results where other systems fail. It is a more cost-effective alternative to wet chemical primers and a giant step forward towards environmental protection, process optimisation and long-term cost reduction.

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Product category: Flame pre-treatment systems and plasma pre-treatment systems

Surface treatment with Plasma technology

Plasma technology is based on corona treatment. In contrast to technically less challenging corona treatment systems, plasma treatment takes place in a nitrogen atmosphere.

In standard corona treatment, the plasma discharge is ignited in the air gap between the corona electrode and the component which is used as the counter electrode. The plasma discharge causes different chemical reactions between the ambient air in the electrode gap and the material surface. Ambient air is composed of ca. 78 % Nitrogen, 20 % Oxygen, 1 % Argon and a number of different gases in smaller quantities.

In many applications, the results of a corona treatment can be optimized by increasing the proportion of nitrogen in the treatment atmosphere. The plasma treatment stations from SOFTAL offer just this by injecting Nitrogen into the discharge gap: more precise control of the discharge atmosphere and the treatment results.

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About us

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"Adhesion guaranteed" has been our company motto from the very beginning. And from that very beginning more than 45 years ago, we have continuously refined our corona discharge technology, always striving to enhance its usability. Usablility is the foundation upon which we have built long-standing relationships with a global community of highly satisfied customers.

Our unique combination of experience and innovations has led to a range of products which can be easily installed, offer a high degree of accessibility and are virtually maintenance-free. "Install and forget" - Softal equipment is designed to free up time for more important matters.

We believe that cheaply designed equipment does not cut costs and a look at our reference list shows that many companies all over the world have come to the same conclusion. In the long run, our equipment bears witness to our company motto: Adhesion guaranteed!

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