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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.010  Cutting machines and cutting systems

Cutting machines and cutting systems

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.030  Slitters and cross cutters

Slitters and cross cutters

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.065  High-speed cutting machines

High-speed cutting machines

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.085  Slitters and cross cutters

Slitters and cross cutters

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.090  Reel slitting and rewinding machines
  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.295  Foil converting machines

Foil converting machines

Our products

Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines


SRS 962/S: reliable in the versatility.
Slitter Rewinding machines able to work with a wide range of plastic film, laminated co-extruded film as well as paper and aluminium foil.
On customer request is available the independent unwinding group.


"Shaftless" type unwinding group.
Hydraulic arms to support the rewinding shafts during the working phase.
"Laser" cardboards positioning aid system.
Independent motorization for top and bottom rewinding stations.


All machine functions are managed by a wide colour "Touch Screen" panel. The system controls thanks to A.C. digital inverters the servo A.C. motors. This machine is able to store all work parameters as "work menus" for an extremely quick and sharp machine setting. A high speed serial communication network controls all hardware units as PLC, "Touch Screen", Inverter. On customer request it’s possible to control the machine by modem for a total remote control and direct service.

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines


SRP 162/SVI: the slitter rewinder with high technology and total environmental respect

The slitter is proposed as "TOTAL OIL FREE" machine, thanks to an innovative electro-mechanical system for mother roll lifting.
Equipped with an independent vertical Shaftless unwinding group connected to the machine with top web path, SRP 162/SVI works optimally materials such as paper, aluminium, plastic films and laminates.

Standard equipments:

Independent unwinding group “Shaftless” type
Twin rewinding stations with fully clutched shafts with ball friction system to lock the cores during the rewound phase
Special rewinding cores “Laser positioning aid system”
Asynchronous A.C. motors (digital flux vector inverters) for draw roll, top and bottom rewinding shafts
Twin slitting systems with oscillating razor blades and shear circular blades.
Unloading side fork system


Full digital close flux vector inverters manages all A.C. Asynchronous Motors.

All machine controls are managed by wide colour “Touch Screen” unit and the automatic alignment system of the mother roll by edge guide group electro mechanic type with microprocessor, complete with CCD sensor.


On customer request it’s possible to control the machine by modem or Ethernet for a total remote control and direct service.

Unwinding web tension control managed by A.C. asynchronous servo vector motor driven by fully digital inverter.

Automatic shear circular blade units positioning system.
Fully automatic “Laser” core positioning system driven by “Brushless” motor with computerized set up managed by “Touch Screen” unit.

Fully automatic ended rolls “push out” system for top and bottom rewinding stations.

Semi-automatic splice table group with air vacuum system with two independent vacuum plate (top and bottom) managed by PLC unit.

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Product category: Reel slitting and rewinding machines


TMS 840: small, powerful, green.

The Mini-slitter rewinder mod. TMS 840 is used to work materials as plastic films, paper and laminates in order to obtain thinnest film and narrow webs.
It is particularly involved in the label industry. Equipped with asynchronous A.C. motors (digital flux vector inverters), has a work speed of 500 mt/1’.

Standard equipments:

Mother roll holder shaft located in the machine frame, having a pneumatic expansion with self centering system for cores with inside Ø 3”.
Slitting system with oscillating razor blades.
Side compact and mechanical rewound roll unloading fork system, integrated in the structure of the machine and rotating on its axis for cores of 3”.


All machine controls are managed by wide color "Touch Screen" unit of 8”..
Low consumption and high efficiency A.C. motors achieved by fully digital Inverters with “close flux vector” mode configuration.
Automatic unwinding web tension managed by load cells driven by microprocessor system.
Pneumatic splice table controlled by PLC with blocking clamps and positioning sensors.
Automatic offset pivot web guide system (OPG) for the edge reading and servo center function.


Slitting system with circular pneumatic blade unit.
Pneumatic shafts for unwinding and rewinding phases of 1”.
6” cores adapters for pneumatic mother roll holder shaft.

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About us

Company details

TEMAC SRL Slitter Rewinders

Temac is an Italian Company located in Lonate Pozzolo (Varese), leader in production and sale of Slitter Rewinder Machines and Special Machines on customer demands focused to film converting for packaging use.

We join the experience of our operators, in both electrical and mechanical divisions, who boast a well-known and consolidated professionalism with a responsible “green” attitude to plan the production cycle encompassing environment impact, health and safety and increasing the trust of our home and foreign customers which can rely on dedicated solutions, prompt after-sale services and agent worldwide network.

Temac machines, all born under the logo Ecosystemac (the slitter rewinders that respect the environment!), are able to work paper, plastic films, laminates, both metallized-precious foils and low thickness foils as several materials used in the converting and packaging field.

The whole range of Ecosystemac slitter rewinders has the following endowments: easily use thanks to high automation; aid specific software that manages all working phases and reduces dead times; extreme strengthening of all the mechanic structures able to support weights and performances which encompass standard expectations.

DRUPA 2012 exhibition –Düsseldorf,Germany, 03nd - 16th May 2012 – focus its attention on numerous innovations that Italian companies like Temac srl, - Hall 11 A31 – desires to present to a public specialized in the print media industry and in following work phases.

Temac srl belongs to all those ranks and substances in the print sector, offering its ancillary machines, that encompass efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Temac Service

Temacis close to its customer and to whom, both in production and cutting department, has to work every day with slitter rewinder machines.

For this reason, we care about every need and request to facilitate the work of every kind of material, even the most delicate and with a very low thickness ones.

Last but not least, we take care of our customers on domestic and foreign markets, providing them a prompt after-sale support through our customer care service: we are always ready to reach you and satisfy your expectations, also the little ones!

Temac is growing up, together with its service@temac.it!

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees




Area of business

postpress/ converting/ packaging