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Our products

Product category: Expanding shafts and couplings

Shafts for "Pope" Rewinders

These shafts are complete with bushes and throttle valves.
Pneumatic type with key rows with independent air tubes available entirely in steel or with aluminium body. Normally manufactured for cores with inside diameter 6″, 8″ and 12″ with body lengths up to 5 mt.

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Product category: Expanding shafts and couplings

Expanding Air-Shaft with Long Self-Centering Keys

The shafts equipped with these long keys have been developed by us to be used with cores of any type of material. They perfectly center entire or reels cut into two parts without having to use costly pre-centering systems.

For optimal centering, the shaft must be equipped with at least three of these key rows with long keys and it’s possible to alternate them with key rows equipped with the usual black keys to avoid any axial movement of the reels.

Suitable for cardboard cores if equipped with long self-centering aluminium keys, the shafts can be also used with steel cores adding a steel square insert into the long aluminium keys.

These shafts are suitable for entire rolls or very narrow slits.

Inflated to 6 bar, these shafts are able to transmit a torque of 400 daNm per linear meter of 6” cardboard core.

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Product category: Expanding shafts and couplings

Pneumatic shafts with Independent & Interchangeable Key Rows

Why I.E.S. Expanding Air Shafts

Because they have five or more interchangeable key rows with independent air tubes each one with its own retention valve.
Because if one or more air tube should accidentally lose air, the others remain inflated and the job can be finished in any case.
Because the repair can be postponed to when the machine is stopped for other reasons. The faulty key row is easily identified being it the only one deflated. The repair does not take more than a few seconds by simply replacing the faulty key row with a spare new one.
Because they allow for very narrow slits.
Because they don’t present the pumping effect common to shafts with one or more dependent air tubes. In fact the air cannot be pushed from one air tube to another by the weight of the reel while the shaft is rotating and even the heaviest reel remains perfectly centered even at very high speeds.
Because they grip the core along the entire width. The short keys rise uniformly providing continuous shaft to core contact even in the case of irregular cores.
Because they are extremely light. An aluminium shaft with body length 1,6 mt suitable for 6″ inside diameter cores weighs only 25 kg.
Despite this all the air tubes inflate and deflate at the same time with one simple operation like common pneumatic shafts.
Fitted with Nylon keys (black) suitable for cardboard cores or PVC keys (red) suitable for plastic or steel cores.
Suitable for entire rolls or very narrow slits.
Inflated to 6 bar, these shafts are able to transmit a torque of 190 daNm per linear meter of 3” cardboard core.
Minimum maintenance, spare key rows ready for replacement, steel end-blocks, air tube, protective steel and nylon strip, keys, springs and air valves are already included in a spare interchangeable key row. It can be changed easily in a few seconds, by unscrewing and rescrewing 2 cup screws, without stopping production.
Expanding air shafts with interchangeable key rows are also available in “hybrid” version, that is with expanding gripping keys for locking core and parallel mechanical system with precentering balls.

Available models:

- AL light aluminium (extruded profile), 5 or 7 key rows
- AN standard aluminium (extruded profile), from 3 up to 15 key rows
- AR strengthened aluminium (extruded profile), from 5 up to 15 key rows
- HRSL light steel (tube), from 5 up to 15 key rows
- HRS full steel (rod), from 5 up to 15 key rows

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About us

Company details

Since 1964 I.E.S. Srl is at the service of the printing, paper and converting industries with the in-house production and sale of technologically advanced expanding air shafts appreciated in Italy and all over the world for their high quality standard. Their exclusive design and operational features, patented world-wide, distinguish them from all the others present on the market.

From the very beginning our primary objective has been to provide shafts that are extremely reliable though being very light.

Thanks to our constant research and development we are able to manufacture expanding air shafts at very competitive prices and satisfy varied customer requirements: from common standard shafts to the most complicated projects.

For the manufacture of our products our factory relies on the precision provided by modern high technology CNC machinery and the expertise of qualified technicians.

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