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Hauptstr. 2
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.01  Paper, cardboard, board
  • 05.01.135  Graphic board, virgin fibres

Graphic board, virgin fibres

  • 05  materials
  • 05.03  Paper, cardboard and board for technical and special applications
  • 05.03.010  Tissue


  • 05  materials
  • 05.03  Paper, cardboard and board for technical and special applications
  • 05.03.015  Other paper and board grades for technical and special applications

Other paper and board grades for technical and special applications

  • 05  materials
  • 05.10  Bookbinding materials
  • 05.10.030  Carton / board

Carton / board

Our products

Product category: Graphic board, virgin fibres


Our special wood pulp-based material – which is laminated with paper on both sides – offers the advertising industry a prime space for promotional and advertising materials. At the same time, it provides the printing industry with an eco-friendly alternative to mineral oil-based POS materials such as foam board and PVC signage.

Thanks to our wide range of lamination options, thicknesses and formats, KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS are suitable for all sorts of different applications. And the benefits they offer make them the perfect choice for your advertising and communication needs!


environmentally friendly

  • recyclable
  • excellent printing properties
  • printable on both sides
  • good cutting properties with a light cutting edge
  • dimensionally stable
  • high density with low weight
  • reduces costs of waste disposal
  • available in various laminations, thicknesses and sizes


  • indoor
  • hanging signs and advertising boards
  • POS displays
  • presentations, decoration and model construction
  • advertising materials e.g. flyers, mailings
  • creative and craft supplies
  • frameboard
  • Picture and Photo Prints

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Product category: Tissue


KATZ produces 3 billion coasters a year. A popular choice across five continents, KATZ coasters are also the market leader in most parts of the world. With origins dating back to 1903, the KATZ coaster stems from a small area of Germany known as the Black Forest.

Yet this particular beer mat is as far from 'small-town provincial' as you can get! Its functional role is impressive enough – a drinks mat capable of absorbing up to 300 percent of its net weight in liquid – but it also has plenty of other talents. As an advertising medium, the coaster is one of the industry's leading lights – and in many respects it leaves most of the alternatives in its wake. For example, a coaster study carried out in 2012 revealed that 96 percent of the people surveyed consider coasters to be an unobtrusive form of advertising. 66 percent read what is printed on them. And 62 percent would pocket coasters that they find useful, fun, sexy or appealing in some other way. Another major point in its favour is the number of people it reaches and, above all, its cost per mille (CPM): 100 coasters are typically viewed by 6,000 people over the course of just one month.

A product invented more than 100 years ago could be considered outdated – but nothing could be further from the truth for the multifaceted coaster. However long it has been fulfilling its traditional role in the restaurant industry, it is still a relative newcomer in terms of its marketing role.

What was once a useful addition to bar and restaurant tables has been transformed into a versatile and adaptable ambassador of the modern world of advertising. By equipping the coaster with QR codes or augmented reality elements such as interactive games, 3D models, sounds, links and graphics, it is possible to create exciting links between online and offline worlds while communicating an advertising message.

By linking to relevant online content, coasters can stimulate people's desire to interact with the brand message. Coasters are omnipresent in the pub and restaurant trade, a fact that offers fantastic benefits for advertisers: They enjoy a very high rate of acceptance, have a very reasonable cost per thousand, and are generally considered to be appealing and popular.

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Product category: Other paper and board grades for technical and special applications


The KATZ Group – Made in Germany


But we do that one thing outstandingly well! We offer premium quality, maximum sustainability and all the added value that people expect from German-made products.
Wood pulp is a versatile material, and everything ultimately comes down to how you use it. It has been the material of choice for beer mats for the last 100 years.

Yet our wood pulp-based material has so much more to offer! Simply modify the production process and the same material can be used to create KATZ FOOD SAFETY BOARD for the food industry, KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD for air fresheners, bookbinding materials, and pressure equalisation materials. Our product development team has also come up with genuine alternatives to the raw materials used in the POS and impact sound markets in the form of our KATZ DISPLAY BOARD and GREEN LIGNIN products.


Follow your nose to find outstanding quality! KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD is a specially developed,highly absorbent wood pulp board with a double-sided white top layer. It is primarily used to produce air fresheners, since it not only absorbs and stores fragrances extremely well, but also releases them again gradually over time. KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD also has excellent whiteness properties (D65 90%), guaranteeing top-quality printing results and a truly professional look.

Our standard KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD is 1.5mm thick. The minimum order quantity is 50 tons, though smaller quantities starting from 5 tons will also be considered if ordered in combination with other customer orders. KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD is fully compatible with offset, digital and letterpress printing technology.


ISEGA compliance makes KATZ FOOD SAFETY BOARD a great choice for both direct and indirect contact with foodstuffs. Thanks to its specially designed top layer and the use of natural raw materials, KATZ FOOD SAFETY BOARD is guaranteed to be food safe, making it the perfect packaging solution for cakes, biscuits, baked goods and other foodstuffs.
Do you need to add a functional barrier layer? No problem! KATZ FOOD SAFETY BOARD can easily be laminated with a food-grade film.


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Product category: Carton / board

KATZ wood pulp board

Our products are highly regarded by industry customers for their quality and sustainability credentials. KATZ special materials have won acclaim for their eco-friendliness, low weight, good absorbency, excellent printability, outstanding suitability for further processing and broad range of applications.We offer three different products as standard in the field of wood pulp board. These differ in regard to their surface and/or composition:

  • HW Board (High white wood pulp board)
    Groundwood pulp double-sided high white top layer made from unprinted woodfree and wood-containing recycled paper and cellulose.
  • RU Board (Rustic wood pulp board)
    Groundwood pulp with double-sided naturally coloured top layer made from unprinted wood-containing recycled paper.
  • HWGD Board (High white wood pulp board glued on both sides)
    Wood pulp board with a high white cover layer glued onto both sides. Cover layer consists of unprinted, woodfree and wood-containing recycled paper and cellulose.

KATZ HW and RU wood pulp boards are perfectly compatible with offset, digital and letterpress printing. HWGD Board is a particularly good choice for applications where further processing is required (e.g. laminating).
All products also available on request with water-repellent surface.


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