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Fountain solution management devices / Inking system temperature control systems

Our products

Product category: Air humidifiers

IQ Compressed air humidifier

20% humidity

… is too low for wood and paper processing. And this has consequences:

rough and torn veneers, high levels of dust formation, deformation of accurately sized parts, problems during painting/varnishing (e.g. air bubbles and overspray), increased risk of fire, severe "shrinking" of wood, breaking down of solid wood, electrostatics, conductivity, waviness, curling

What do you do if the humidity changes?

Everyone is familiar with the challenges: the humidity in the storage areas or production sites barely changes and the wood or the paper is already under increasing pressure.

Not with MERLIN® IQ! The MERLIN® IQ and sophisticated MICRO DROP micro-atomisation brings constant humidification, making additional costs and problems vanish into thin air.

50% humidity

… must be standard in wood processing. At the end of the day:

7 to 8% more production

20% less extra work

5% more profit

Features and equipment

- Micro atomisation of drinking water

- Compact construction, easy of self installation

- Humidification capacity variable from 625 up to 2.500 m³ ambient air (4,5 - 18 l/h), suitable for smallest rooms - specific humidity supply

- Modular construction, simply expandable by adding or removing of quick change nozzles

- Humidity sensor control mechanical or digital

- Ceiling or wall mounting, adjustable to any room constellation

IQ - the energy-saving compressed-air humidification system

Compressed air humidifier in compact construction for wall or ceiling installation. Inclusive pressure control valve, manometer, magnetic valve and humidity control.

The humidifiers could be equipped with max. 4 pcs. quick-change nozzles (type SU 4.5). This unique nozzle construction ensures even water evaporation over the whole pressure range. The water amount becomes adjusted by a pressure control valve. Humidity regulation is selectable either by a mechanical hygrostat (adjustable from 30% - 100% rel. humidity) or by an external electronic control unit with digital display and sensor probe (adjustable from 0 % - 100 % rH).

The humidification unit is suitable for self installation by the client!

Patented quick change humidification nozzle (type SU 4.5):

Capacity of each nozzle 4,5 liter per hour.

Air consumption approx. 55 Nl/min each nozzle at 4,8 bar

Droplet size approx. 12 Micron.

Optional: nozzle extension adapter

Humidification capacity variable up to 2.500 m³ air (4 nozzle) without exhaust.

Nozzle arrangement:

According to the client requests the units can be adapted to almost any plant situations.

The compact humidifiers can be supplemented fast and simply with more nozzles (max. 4 pcs. per unit). The quick-change system makes it very easy.

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Product category: Air humidifiers

High pressure duct humidification ORBIT WING® (patented)

The new MERLIN® ORBIT WING® sets a milestone in high pressure duct humidification and can easily be integrated into each ventilation and air-conditioning system. It works on the basis of the high pressure atomizing principle and humidifies the air directly inside the duct with special MICRO-DROP atomizer nozzles. Wings integrated into the system provide defined swirling at the tear-off edge.

"The aerosols fly in a circle and fly further over a shorter distance. For generating 1 kg moisture merely 2,5 to 3 Watt of energy is used. The intelligent combination of step control and pressure control is also new and trend-setting.

Functional principle: The humidification system works with filtered and safe drinking water. The water passes through a prior water softening, optional a reverse osmosis respectively a disinfection unit according to customers specifications. The oil-free and self-lubricating hydraulic water pump then feeds hoses and pipes up to 70 bars (1015 PSI) and atomizes water at the special stainless steel MICRO-DROP nozzles in the ventilation duct. By the optimized PID regulation characteristics of the automatic PLC control an excessive humidification (condensation) is prevented.

Device description

• High pressure unit with water hydraulic pump (oil-free)

• High pressure nozzle pipes for duct installation, Wings

• Special MICRO-DROP nozzle including Drop-Stop automatic

• Fine filtration, dry run and thermal protection

• All water-carrying components are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel V2A

• Additional safety droplet separator Controlling

• Duct humidity sensor

• PLC control automatic

• Optimized PID regulation for almost no condensation

• Variable power by frequency-controlled high-pressure pump

• Colour TFT display with touch screen

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Product category: Air humidifiers

Rotation lamella air humidification

ROTATION LAMELLA TECHNOLOGY = High-tech x Hygiene x Request programme

Aerosol-free air humidification through natural evaporation by means of rotation lamellas creates ideal room and business climate conditions on the basis of simple physical principles:

• The rotation lamella evaporator lies in a humidification trough supplied with drinking water.

• An integrated heating register heats the air for generation of evaporation energy.

• Integrated UVC-disinfectors guarantee that only germ-free water is evaporated.

• Rotating lamellas 'scoop' the humidity into the ambient air with an accuracy in the single percent range.

• That way they generate the individually perfect climate for tasks, offers and performances.

• Rotation lamella air humidifiers by MERLIN® are proofed with regard to their hygienic safety.

Rotation lamella humidifiers by MERLIN® can easily be integrated into existing airhandling solutions. By adjustable air outlet temperatures they additionally support heating and cooling of the room.

For each requirement the right degrees and percentages.

Well being factors do not only influence human, but also machine or digital performances. Aerosol-free air humidification by MERLIN® rotation lamella technology is efficiently used primarily in the following trades and sectors:

• ventilation and air-conditioning technology,

• low energy and passive house industry,

• electrical and pharmaceutical industry,

• digital printing, CPT-rooms,

• clean room, IT-technology,

• museums and historical archives,

• antiques and sensitive art works,

• offices, workshops and laboratories.

Moreover there is also a great number of special application fields and niches, on which your MERLIN®-sales engineer will be pleased to give you individual advice.

Optimisations are individual. MERLIN®-sales engineers calculate the ideal solution for your requirements on the basis of comprehensive analyses and measured data.

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Product category: Air humidifiers

Ultrasonic air humidification

The principle ‚ultrasonic air humidification‘

creates ideal room and business climate conditions

in an incredibly simple way:

• In a water container lamellas oscillate in a defined frequency range.

• Through this aerosols of merely 1μ are generated.

• These are released into the room air in a controlled way.

• Through them hygroscopic deficits are balanced.

• That way they create the individually perfect climate for tasks, offers and performances.

• Contra-Keim® and AquaDrain® guarantee highest hygienic standards.


The ultrasonic food humidification system MERLIN® FINESSE keeps food considerably longer fresh and presentable. It works on the basis of the ultrasound principle and humidifies the air with aerosols of 1μ. The system is completed with a reverse osmosis and an aerosol distribution system of hydrolysis resistant, food-safe materials. Mineral deposits are completely avoided by total desalination.


The duct humidification system MERLIN® FORTE can easily be integrated into each ventilation and air-conditioning system. It works on the basis of the ultrasonic principle and humidifies the air with aerosols of 1μ. For generating 1 kg moisture merely 52 W/h of energy is used. Compared to isothermal systems e.g. steam humidifiers up to 93 % of energy costs are therefore saved.


The ultrasonic principle makes the air humidifier MERLIN® PURUS an absolute master in saving: For each kg humidification capacity the humidifier on average requires an energy expenditure of merely 0.092 kW/h. The adiabatic humidification system withdraws transformation energy from the room air; the thus created cooling effect can be used 1:1. Compared with isothermal systems, e.g. steam humidifiers, 93 % of energy costs are therefore saved.


The ultrasonic air humidification system MERLIN® SENSO keeps classic counter-served goods considerably longer fresh and presentable. The system may, however, also be used for direct humidification at manufacturing processes. It works on the basis of the ultrasonic principle and humidifies the air with aerosols of 1μ. For generating 1 kg moisture merely 98 W/h of energy is used. Compared with isothermal systems e.g. steam humidifiers up to 93 % of energy costs are therefore saved. The disinfection programme Contra-Keim® furthermore supports surface and room air disinfection.

Low investments for higher profits

From the first minute Merlin®-systems give value for money.

All air-humidification systems by MERLIN® (ultrasonic, rotation lamellas or high-pressure) are designed in such a way that they can be integrated into existing air-handling systems - or have full effect as a stand-alone solution. They are calculated in such a way that in the normal case and at proper use they de facto increase profit margins in real time - for example by a more attractive presentation of goods, reduction of production losses or optimisation of process performances.

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Product category: Air humidifiers

High pressure air humidification ALPHA

Air humidification is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

With high pressure to higher productivity

MERLIN transforms water into a climate of success. Ambient atmospheric conditions have a substantial impact on basic material conditions. Hygroscopic materials, such as wood or paper, change dimensions and properties when the ambient air is too dry. Consequences are unpleasant and expensive.


undesired dimensioned change

extra rework of damaged material

additional uncalculated material costs

production problems during heating season

slower production rates

unpredictable product quality

higher electrostatic charge

poor employee performance

long time of staff away sick

increased dust formation

The principle

Incoming water for high pressure systems is filtered hygienically clean drinking water. Additional water treatment is available with a softener, reverse osmosis and disinfection unit according to customers specifications. The water lubricated high pressure pump then feeds hoses up to 70 bars (1015PSI) and atomizes water at the nozzles.

The flexible SPS-controller combined with the high quality humidity sensor keeps the relative humidity constant.

With the optional PC-visualisation, you have the possibility to control the whole system from a remote workstation.

The oil-free stainless steel high pressure pump has high industrial safety and long lifetime.

Patented humidification units draw warm air from above the unit, providing fast evaporation.

Use of humidification units without fans is possible with appropriate room dimensions.

Humidification system in action

High - end technical equipment for humidification. No matter what your demand, the Merlin system is specifically calculated according to your needs. Installation takes place without interruption of production. Merlin systems work successfully all over the world.

At a glance

modular and functional construction

easy to install “plug & play”-system

oilfree stainless steel water lubricated pump

patented humidification units with ventilators for optimum airflow

modern, functional industrial design

low energy demand

short payback time

high hygienic standards

optimum humidity balance

high industrial safety

Success by the use of MERLIN products

Keeping relative humidity in an optimum range helps humans, material and machinery. Create a better climate for higher production output.

The MERLIN Micro-Drop-System creates:

healthy microclimate in production area

improved employee well-being

optimum air humidity in production area

less electrostatic and dust

effective cost savings

Supports you with:

optimal material conditioning

improvement of product quality

reduction of waste

utilization of maximum machine capacity

reduction of sick time


MICRO DROP direct room humidification


+ MICRO DROP atomisation

+ Modular design

+ Minimum maintenance expenditure

+ Variable humidifying system

+ High operational safety

+ High hygiene standard

+ Functional design

+ Minimum operating costs

+ oilfree and maintenance-free stainless steel water lubricated pump


The high pressure air humidification unit uses filtered, clean drinking water. If needed, the water can

also be softened, filtered via reverse osmosis and disinfected beforehand. Finally, the water is pressurized up to 70 bar by a pump and sent to humidifier modules, where MICRO DROP HIGH PERFORMANCE nozzles atomise the water.

ALPHA uses a water-lubricated stainless steel high pressure pump as well as a touch-screen SPS-controller.

You can use the controller to manage the whole water preparation process, starting with the water softening through to the RO filtering. One option is to use the OPC server to visualise the processes.

As well as having a sensor that checks humidity and the safety hygrostat, the system also records temperature.

The differential pressure indicator at the filters makes it easy to tell when maintenance is required. The MICRO DROP HIGH PERFORMANCE nozzles ensure that the water is micro-atomised optimally and consistently.

Self-bleeding and precise

PATENTED HUMIDIFIER MODULES with ventilation system suck in warm air from above and ensure that humidity is quickly and optimally spread.


DP Differential pressure indicator

The differential pressure indicator at the filters makes it easy to tell when maintenance is required.

HTM Humidity and temperature sensor

The sensor measures the relative air humidity and temperature in individual measuring zones. The humidity can be adjusted in each individual zone and controlled. The HTM humidity and temperature sensor performs perfectly with its fast reaction time, high level of accuracy and additional, mechanical, safety hygrostat.

HPD High performance nozzle

The new nozzle, with its high quality finish and flow optimized design, is a development based on the MICRO DROP nozzle.

SPS Controller

The smart SPS-controller manages the whole water preparation process as well as the humidity and temperature sensors, resulting in perfect air humidity levels in your room. Optionally, you can display the processes visually on a PC (OPC interface) and record data.

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About us

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The MERLIN Technology brand stands for a dynamic, innovative, international company. Highest standard of quality and reliability characterize MERLIN Technology.

Facts and figures
Number of employees: 20-49
Year founded: 1995

The company MERLIN Technology was founded in 1995 by Johann Reisinger. At the beginning the trade was in wood processing machinery and planning overall solutions for surface engineering.

Founded 1995 in Ried, Upper Austria,MERLIN® Technology is one of the strongest growing companies in the field of air humidification and moisture measurement technology, market leader in Austria and one of the Top 5 humidification manufacturers worldwide.

Provides development, production, sales and service. So MERLIN® Technology is able to create complete solutions which always work.



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