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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.160  Book cover production machines

Book cover production machines

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.420  Laminating machines

Laminating machines

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.195  Box lining and covering machines

Box lining and covering machines

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.200  Box making machines

Box making machines

Our products

Product category: Laminating machines

AC1060 Line

What can be done with this line?

- To laminate paper on solid cardboard
- To laminate paper on E-flute
- To laminate paperboard on solid board
- To laminate paperboard on E-flute
- To turn in paper over the 4 cardboard sides

AC 1060 technical features

- Max. cardboard size : 76 x 106 cm
- Min. cardboard size : 15 x 25 cm
- Max. cardboard thickness : 4-7 mm
- Min. cardboard thickness : 0,4 mm
- Paper grammage: up to 900 gr.
- Spotting accuracy : 0,3/0,4 mm
- Speed of work: 2.000 cycles/hour
- Glue tank capacity: (+/-) 70 lt.
- Spotter pile height: (+/-) 90 cm
- Size change over: (+/-) 15/20 minutes
- Total electrical power installed: 18 kw
- Total weight: 2800 kg
- Dimensions: 8 x 2,5
- Air consumption: 411 NL/min.

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Product category: Box making machines

EP150 Line

What can be done with this line?

Paper covered rigid cardboard boxes:

- Small boxes: 4 x 3 x H.2 cm - 6,5 x 5,5 x H.1 cm
- Medium boxes: 40 x 30 x H.6.5 cm
- Small and high boxes: 9 x 9 x H.15 cm
- CD boxes
- "T" shaped slipcase: 10 x 3 x H.7 cm - 40 x 8 x H.15 cm
- Boxes with sloped sides and thumb cut
- Inside turn-in up to 50 mm
- Standard turn-in, sequential turn-in
- Wrapping with any kind of paper (patented anti-air bubbles system)
- Wrapping with strong papers up to 300 gr/sm
- Stitching heads with adjustable heights on the Quad Stayer
- Machine dimensions: 5,89 x 3,85 x H.3,47 m (in operation)

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Product category: Box making machines

EP100 Line

Europrogetti’s answer to the current needs of the market.

Machine of reduced cost, with low space requirements and mounted on casters that realizes boxes of small and medium sizes without use of heat-sealing tape.

It is a line structurally different from traditional lines allowing cost savings in production.

Moreover, the absence of heat-sealing tape enables to have the most aesthetically beautiful boxes especially suitable for jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, perfumes, etc.

What can be done with this line?

Paper covered rigid cardboard boxes without heat-sealing tape:

- Boxes with sloping sides and finger notch
- Inside turn-in up to 70 mm
- Standard and sequential inside turn-in (patent)
- Side turn-in up to 90 mm
- Coating with thick paper up to 300 g/sqm

Technical features:

- Min. sizes: 5 x 4 x H.1 cm
- Max. sizes: 35 x 25 x h.10 cm
- Paper weight: from 90 up to 300 g/sqm
- Cardboard thickness: from 0,8 up to 3 mm
- Paper pile height: 33 cm
- Cardboard pile height: 80 cm
- Compressed air supply: 5-7 bar
- Compressed air consumption in operation: 400 NL/min.
- Power installed in operation: (+/-) 9,9 KW
- Fully controlled by P.L.C.
- Machine Weight: (+/-) 3300 Kgs
- Machine dimensions: 3,8 x 2,6 x H.3,3 m (in operation)

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About us

Company details

The company designs, builds and sells paper and cardboard converting machinery, that enable to make the major range of rigid cardboard boxes in automatic.

Nowadays Europrogetti has passed from an initial demand for the shoebox industry, with standard quality, to a more diversified demand, represented by the production of special high quality boxes with a large range of sizes and dimensions, used in the most various industry fields: from jewellery to clothing, perfumes to games, videotapes to cd-rom.

One of Europrogetti's priorities since its birth has been not only to build high quality machines but also capable to fulfill more and more customers' needs, such as:

easy setting-ups
fast size changeover
to enable to work with different kinds of paper.

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