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  • 06.01.315  Roller washing machines
  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
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Washing equipment for machine components

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
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Waste water treatment plants

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Solvent disposal plants

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Our products

Product category: Roller washing machines

Parts washer, washing machine Type OWM

Function description of the parts washer, washing machine

The parts washer, washing machine OWM is used as a parts washer to clean, wash parts from the printing and converting industry. The parts washer, washing machine is designed to wash parts including ink and coating pans, doctor blades, chambers, ink trays, pots and press and coating parts. The loading of the parts in the parts washer, washing machine takes place from the front.

The wash in the washing machine basket is driven out of the parts washer by hand of the wash chamber. After the loading the wash basket is pushed into the wash chamber and locked firmly. The front door of the Parts washer, washing machine is closed by two-hand control by means of press buttons and pneumatic cylinders. The wash process in the parts washer can be started.

The technical equipment includes several wash programs

Wash cycle, adjustable: 0-100 Minutes
Drip off, adjustable: 0-10 Minutes
Optional: Rinsing with fresh wash liquid, adjustable: 0-10 Minutes

Waiting time or local customer provided exhaust ventilation, adjustable: 0-2 Minutes
The wash and the optional rinsing cleaner in the parts washer, washing machine are stored in two separated stainless steel tanks. After starting of the wash programm a diaphragm pump pumps the liquid into the nozzle system. A stainless steel fine filter prevents a clogging of the nozzles in the parts washer, washing machine.

Parts washer, washing machine offers moving nozzle frame !

In the parts washer during washing and optional rinsing a nozzle arm/frame constantly moves over the wash parts. The nozzles pray from different direction. Thus the wash process is optimal in the washing machine and the wash wash parts are better sprayed. In the parts washer, washing machine the sprayed wash liquid is collected in the lower part of the wash chamber and flows back by natural inclination into the respective tank of the washing machine. If the wash liquid is too strongly polluted, the parts washer can be optimized and the liquid can be recycelt by a OFRU distilling plant (Option)

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Product category: Solvent recovery plants

Vacuum evaporator ASC with self cleaning system

Most professional solvent recovery plant for pretentious customers

The ASC explosion proof solvent recycling plant belongs today to the most modern distillation plants world wide. Beginning with the size ASC-150 the model operates with a modern integrated steam heating generator.

Only a electrical power supply is necessary !


Benefits with ASC steam heated (ASC-150 and up):

  • No change of thermal oil necessary, less maintenance costs
  • Fast heat up of dirty solvent
  • Higher distillation speed than conventional thermal oil heated systems
  • Small construction with high efficiency

Important features:

  • High performance evaporator in stainless steel
  • Concial vessel for easy drainage of sludge
  • Integrated Agitator with perfect scraper
  • Distillation process under powerful vacuum.
  • Vessel volume up to 6000 l
  • Starting model with a 140 l vessel volume (20-75 l/hr)

All ASC distillation units consist of a continuous automatic filling. The construction is designed for high performance distillation process and manufactured in high quality standard. t .The today ASC is a result of long time engineering, great experience in manufacturing distillation plants and process engineering.

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Product category: Solvent recovery plants

Distillation plant for flex printers and pre-press houses

Installed many times world-wide:

Solvent Recovery plant ASC-150 with a high distillation rate

For single installation or typically in combination with stainless steel tanks for direct connection to a print press or flexible printing plate wash unit

Important features:

Automatic and continuous feeding of dirty solvents, 1-3 shift operation.

Plate washing solvents: Flexosolv, Nylosolv, Perchlorethylene, N-Butanole, Solvit, etc.
Print ink solvents from the print press: Ethanole/Ethylacetate

  • 24 kW, integrated steam heating generator for a powerful distillation and fast heat up in the morning
  • No manual cleaning neccessary: Perfect and strong scraper blades clean the vessel wall while distillation.
  • High grade material: All parts in contact with the solvent are in stainless steel, high resistance against aggressive chemicals.
  • Solid machinery rack in stainless steel, enough space for a drum/container and a palette.
  • Controlled by a SIEMENS microprocessor.
  • TÜV / ATEX conform, with Certificat.

Distillation speed:

From our experience, approx. 50-60 l/hr continuously with Nylosolv A (depends on type of solvent and contamination). Flexosolv same output

Typical application: Distillation and recovery of wash outs from plate processors like Nylosolv, Solvit, Flexlight , Flexosolve, Perkanole, Perchlorethylene, N-Butanole, Polysolve etc.

The machine is also able to treat Ethanole and Ethylacetate, please talk with us for a safe solution !

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About us

Company details

OFRU Recycling GmbH & CO. KG (www.ofru.com) is a medium-size family company based in Alzenau at the edge Rhine Main area. The enterprise was created in the year 1978 and looks back today on 35 years experience in the distillation technology of solvents.

Today OFRU is a leading global manufacturer of highly productive solvent recycling machines (Solvent recovery systems); solvent recycling plants for distillation solvents.

The product program covers modern distillation systems and/or vacuum distillation plants for inflammable and aqueous solvents and/or cleaners. Beside the small plants for 50 l daily volumes, fully automatic evaporators up to an output of 2000 l/hr are available.

Recycling systems recycle a variety of solvents. Almost all flammable solvents. Examples of alcohols include ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, n-butanol in the ketones: acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, esters with ethyl acetate, with the aromatics: toluene, xylene, to name only the most important.

Typical solvents include ethyl acetate in packaging printing and flexo printing in ethanol, toluene in gravure and all known organic solvents for washing the flexographic printing plates / sleeves in analog prepress.

The success bases on a comprehensive process engineering know-how in many industries and a modern development department. Technical innovations and safety is a huge priority with OFRU. Clients are based all over the world, mainly in environmental, chemical, printing and industrial sector.

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