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Our products

Product category: Laser cutting machines

A Guide to Laser Cutters for the Packaging Market

LasX helps you enhance your product packaging and increase revenue streams. Our laser cutting systems eliminate expensive tooling, letting you bring creative and intricate products to market in less time for less money.

  • LasX’s roll-fed and sheet-fed systems pass the processing material into and out of the work area. As the material passes underneath the lasers, mirrors in the laser module move the beam around to cut out the pattern. Multiple laser modules can be integrated into the system to enhance processing flexibility and speed.
  • Our XY Workstations move the entire work area in one direction while the laser moves in the X and Y axes. These workstations allow you to process larger sheets with a single scan head. An optional fixed focus assembly allows you to switch between processing modes and cut through thicker materials.

Both laser solutions give you a complete digital commercial printing workflow that eliminates downtime and tooling costs. Changing a pattern is as easy as opening a file—there are no knives or dies to swap out or clean, allowing your production rates to soar. And because you don’t have to wait for dies to be created, your time to market is markedly reduced.

Key features include:

  • Multiple processes - Perforating, through-cutting, kiss-cutting, slitting, etching, and scoring are all available, in a single workstation.
  • Tiling and nesting - Automatic tiling splits large parts over the work area and monitors laser cut lines to ensure smooth, contoured lines. Superior precision allows parts to be nested closely together, reducing material waste.
  • Job queuing and variable pattern identification - Barcodes printed on the processing material can identify and load upcoming parts, allowing automatic pattern changeover on the fly. Job queues display upcoming parts for reference and allow you to change processing order right at the workstation.
  • Registration and vision systems - Sensors and vision cameras trigger and match laser processing to registration marks or printed features, giving you unparalleled accuracy and superior precision.
  • In-line or off-line placement - A digital finishing system can be placed directly in-line with your press, giving you a fully automated, on-demand commercial printing solution from printing to finished part. Or place the laser cutting equipment offline for more hands-on control of the production process.

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Product category: Laser cutting machines

VS Series

Easy laser processing integration into existing production lines.

The versatile VS system accommodates large CO2 lasers. The VS is designed for access from either the front or back of the unit, allowing tight integration into an existing web or production line. It can also be used as a standalone system. The VS system is engineered for reliable, consistent, heavy use in industrial and commercial applications.

  • The small footprint is ideal for customers with system space concerns and allows integration with third-party roll-to-roll applications. The faceplate is easily customized for integration into different applications. Options include automation with conveyors, bar code reader for instant job change at continuous production speed, drop/collection box, flex operation, and swing-arm HMI.
  • Integrates into existing lines
  • Designed for heavy industrial or commercial use

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Product category: Laser cutting machines

MATRIX Modular Digital Finishing System

Scalable web-based laser processing at an affordable price.

The MATRIX finishing system is a scalable, roll-to-roll finishing system with a wide range of in-line finishing features including laser processing, coating, printing, lamination, die cutting, slitting and duplex winding. The MATRIX has been specifically designed to be an affordable solution to expand production capabilities based on client needs.

  • Start with a base system and add modular finishing stations as needed. The MATRIX system is designed and built by LasX Industries and Aztech Converting Systems.
  • Modular design for growing production requirements optimizes initial investment
  • Ideal for labels, stencils, electronics and industrial products

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Product category: Laser cutting machines

LaserSharp® STP

Combines the versatility and precision of laser finishing with automated robotic part handling.

With the laser tightly integrated with the robot, a single job file drives the duties of both the laser and the robot. The STP features vision registration technology that synchronizes precision through-cutting and robotic handling – stack, sort, rotate and/or shingle finished parts.

  • Complete digital workflow with instant job changeover
  • Automated separation of parts from waste by the robot
  • Process sheets up to 22" wide and infinite length
  • Vision registration for precision print-to-cut
  • Add up to 2 lasers for greater functionality and throughput

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Product category: Laser cutting machines

LaserSharp® STS

Sheet-to-sheet laser finishing with seamless job changeover.

The LaserSharp® Sheet-To-Sheet (STS) system is a comprehensive solution for high-speed, highly-accurate conversion of sheet-fed materials into eye-popping parts on the fly. The STS features vision registration technology and a patented material handling system.

The STS is ideal for precision through-cutting, kiss-cutting and perforating full-sheet materials. Expandable features optimize initial equipment investment.

  • Complete digital workflow with instant job changeover
  • Process sheets up to 20" wide and infinite length
  • Vision registration for precision print-to-cut
  • Add up to 2 lasers for greater functionality and/or throughput
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Product category: Laser cutting machines

LaserSharp® Flexible Packaging Solutions

Rethink packaging production with LaserSharp flexible packaging solutions.

LaserSharp flexible packaging machines are designed with the right laser module for the application. Independently controlled multiple laser modules and comprehensive, proprietary process controls create precise crossweb patterns, consistent, accurate score depths, and exact, spherical drill holes across all speeds, from full stop up to 600 m/min (2000 FPM). Best of all, our market-leading integrations link the laser solution with equipment you already own and grow with your business for flexibility and scalability you control.

Superior laser processing at high production speeds maintains profitability while delivering convenience features your customers demand:

  • Easy-open or recloseable scores
  • Etched security or product identification
  • Rapid fill, microwave steam release, or breathable venting
  • Accurate, consistent circular hole drilling exceeds your OTR (oxygen transmission rate) and MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) requirements
  • Multiple low-maintenance laser modules—one laser module per beam—eliminate beam-splitting and focusing hassles, simplify setup, yield superior process control, and enhance flexibility and scalability while minimizing downtime

LasX offers a wide variety of laser modules with different laser wavelengths and output powers, each designed to be retrofitted into your existing workflow or integrated by OEMs into their equipment designs. Key benefits include:

  • Straight line downweb scores at production speeds upwards of 600 m/min (2000 FPM).
  • Processing controls monitor web speed and continuously adjust power output for the highest quality, consistent score depth.
  • Combine machine direction processing with crossweb patterns to increase processing options.
  • Base module uses a steered beam over a large field of view to create large crossweb patterns and unlimited downweb processing.
  • Dual mode modules offer crossweb processing at smaller fields of view supplemented with superior drilling and perforating capabilities at higher speeds for greater throughput.
  • Flexible modules allow you to process at two or more fields of view to increase manufacturing flexibility.
  • Enhanced drilling features are optimized for the most accurate drill holes with ideal sizes less than 100 µm (0.004 in.) at the highest production speeds.

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Product category: Laser cutting machines


In-line laser carton finishing in minutes, not days or weeks.

The innovative CartonsInMinutes® (CIM) system streamlines the processing of folding cartons and related products with high-speed laser converting, robotic part handling, and in-line folder/gluer in a continuous digital workflow. Advanced vision technology assures precise, repeatable print-to-cut registration and accommodates instant job change at production speed.

  • Integrated robotic system removes parts from the waste and feeds trimmed printed material to the folding and gluing system specially designed by Kluge for quick changeovers.
  • Complete digital workflow with instant job changeover
  • Sheet-fed laser processing with in-line folder/gluer
  • Robotic material handling (automated stripping)
  • Vision system for precision print-to-cut registration
  • Add up to 2 lasers for greater functionality and/or throughput

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About us

Company details

LasX is the market leader in production class laser material processing systems. Our patented LaserSharp® technology is ideally suited for converting cartons, labels, and other commercially printed materials in sheet-fed and roll-fed format, and for use in LasX flexible packaging machines. LaserSharp solutions can be retrofitted into existing workflows allowing us to develop laser systems and sub-systems customized to individual customer requirements.

Featured in the LasX booth (11-E17) is CartonsInMinutes® (CIM), a state-of-the-art carton finishing system that delivers ready-to-use cartons in minutes (versus days or weeks using conventional die cutting). A complete digital workflow with instant job changeover make CIM a versatile, cost-effective finishing solution that adds value and optimizes your digital printing investment.

LasX Industries is headquartered in St. Paul, MN, USA. To serve European and EMEA markets, LasX has opened a sales and service office for LaserSharp equipment in Hannover, Germany.

For more information, please contact:

LasX Industries
4444 Centerville Road, Suite 270
St. Paul, MN 55127 USA
+01 651 407 0011

LasX Europe
Bohlenweg 8
D-30853 Langenhagen Germany
+49 511 515 411 90

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