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Our products

Product category: Anilox rollers

SAS (Smart Anilox Systems)

wide web / narrow web

SAS is an anilox solution tailored to our customer’s printing needs. SAS utilises the latest generation engravings i-Pro and HVP in order to not only improve print results but to reduce anilox inventories and specifications.

i-Pro process engravings allow SAS customers to embrace HD reprographic technology. The cell management of this engraving allows for improved release characteristics meaning that the line count of the anilox can be increased whilst maintaining the vital element of cell control in printing a fine HD dot.

The HVP engraving allows for SAS customers to reduce their anilox inventories. Due to HVP’s cell structure the latitude that one anilox can print is far increased. This means that with three or four specifications of HVP anilox the entire print spectrum can be covered from fine vignettes to excellent solids.

The benefits of SAS are simple:

High print quality
Reduced anilox inventory
Reduced press down time (less anilox changeovers)

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Product category: Anilox rollers

i-Pro (HD Process)

wide web / narrow web

The i-Pro engraving is specifically designed to answer the question of ‘high definition’ printing in flexography. The cell management of this engraving was designed in order to increase release characteristics but maintain the crucial control element necessary in all process printing. This open cell management has allowed us to raise line counts significantly creating finer 0.4% dots and allowing printers to make the most of the recent major advancements made in the reprographic process.

With particular significance to wide-web flexographic printing i-Pro has a significant additional benefit. As the speed of printing presses increase above 500 m/pm there is often an inherent ink starvation effect between anilox and printing plate causing inconsistent and low densities. The i-Pro cell management negates this problem with its open design cell management.

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Product category: Anilox rollers

Coating Rolls

Sandon Global specialise in coating rolls on both flexible packaging and gravure units.
Due to the nature of the liquid being deposited it is very important to make sure that both a high enough dry coat weight is transferred for the product to work but also that not too much is transferred so that the product does not become cost prohibitive.

Sandon Global are vastly experienced in predicting dry coat weights using our specialised coat weight predictor called ‘COCAL.’ It is crucial when considering coating rolls that they achieve a specific dry coat weight (g/m²) on varying substrates. Engravings can be modelled to suit the requirement of the coating material being applied after consultation with our technical team. The ability therefore of ‘COCAL’ to accurately calculate the specification of the coating roll that will result in attaining specific coat weights is critical. We therefore supply our customers who desire precise coat weights with a ‘COCAL’ data application sheet.’ The sheet provides a series of questions that when answered in full will furnish Sandon Global with the necessary information to determine the accurate volume (cm³/m²) for the coating roll cylinder using a defined mathematical ‘COCAL’ formula. Due to our wealth of experience at laser engraving ceramic we will then evaluate upon a full coating specification to give our customer the best engraving solution for their needs. In many cases a HVS, Trihelical, HVP or conventional 60°style engraving will be used for applying the coat weight due to their cell characteristics.

We have experience with many companies who have made major savings by utilising the Sandon Global predictive ‘COCAL’ calculator far reducing their annual spend on lacquers and anti mist etc. Achieving the correct dry coat weight (g/m²) time after time not only improves our customers product efficiency and performance but enhances print quality and ultimately improves profitability.

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About us

Company details

Sandon Global supplies the highest quality new and refurbished anilox and gravure cylinders to the print industry as well as providing a range of ancillary merchandise to support the aftercare of its products.

The Sandon team has a wealth of experience based upon decades of anilox manufacture. Many members of Sandon staff were involved in the formative stages of laser engraving into ceramic coatings in the mid 1980’s and are therefore well placed to offer Sandon customers the consistency, support and innovation expected from a market leader.

Sandon Global’s success is based on three value added concepts:
-Quality, Consistency & Control
-Research and Development
-Product knowledge and customer service

Sandon Global is one of the only companies worldwide with the capability to produce its entire product in-house thus enabling the company to maintain a high quality and consistent product. Sandon Global invest heavily in research and development and work closely in partnership with customers to ensure that print quality and efficiency is optimised for all. The Sandon team pride themselves on their high quality Anilox products combined with first class customer service. Sandon Global has won the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) Gold Award for “Supplier of the Year” three times (2015, 2014 and 2011) as a testament to this.

Through extensive research and development, the unique engravings that Sandon have created produce an unmatched group of Anilox to satisfy all customer requirements. Visit Sandon at Drupa (Stand 15B34) to find out how our range of engravings can benefit your print quality and efficiency.

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