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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

Wrapping machine MH-FG-2000D

Technical characteristics and performances have been refined and improved by YOUNGSUN, according to years in the pallet packaging machinery manufacturing experience. All of the using materials are of high quality and the high technical standards for all mechanical and electronic components merge with highly efficient and precise assembling and testing procedures; this leads to the high performance production, safe and durable products. ROTOPLAT stretch wrapping machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance, and most of all, to strict compliance with safety rules and standards.

Be Suitable for unmanned packaging system,
Automatic connect and break film, Soft start/stop, home position,
PLC control, reliable performance , easy operation
Sensor test pallet height, can be set different wrapping modes
and parameters according to different requirements.
*Power Voltage
3 P AC 220/380V 50/60 Hz
0.4~0.6 MPa
*Speed of turntable
*Dia.of turntable
Φ 2000mm (customizable)
*Roller worktable height
≥450 mm(roller type)
*Roller worktable Dia;
*Mast height
2400mm (optional 2000/2700/3000/3200/3400)
*Material Film
LLDPE film, width<=500mm,out diameter<=280mm
2000 kg
Max wrapping height
mast height-400mm
Humidity ≤98%,temperature -10℃-40℃
*Lubricant material
Common lubricating grease
①powered roller conveyor ②sticking mould construction ③Safety fence ④.protective raster

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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products


Palletizers are machines that place goods on pallets in an orderly fashion. They come in many different configurations to handle a multitude of different packaging, incoming material lines, and automation requirements. Specific palletizers are available to handle bags, pails, drums, crates, cases, and kegs, etc. Many of these devices are configured to handle more than one package style.According to the servey,Commercial palletizers are available as fully automatic and semi-automatic devices. Fully automatic machines perform their function without operator intervention.
Palletizers are available in a number of different function configurations, differentiated by the manner in which they receive goods to place on a pallet. The three most common configurations are low level, high level and robotic. Low level palletizers are feed at ground level, while high level devices receive product through a hopper from above. In both cases, product may be received in a rolling or flowing fashion and continuously transferred to pallets. These types of palletizers are best used in applications where packing and shipping speed are important. However, they may be inadequate in situations where the product being shipped is fragile. In such cases, robotic palletizer should be used. These devices pick up, orient, and place materials onto a pallet one at a time. While slower, they tend to apply less stress to the materials while transferring them to a pallet.

Power 380V 50Hz 17.75KW
Air pressure 4-6kg/cm2
Working speed 36000b/h

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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

Strapping machine YS-T45

The strapping machine takes polythene plastic strap as binding material, which is mainly used in packing and binding of paper carton, wooden box and paper and paper parcels in sectors of business, postal service, railway, bank, food, pharmaceutical and publishing.
strapping machine principle:
This industrial strapping machine dispenses, tightens and seals polypropylene while packing or bundling. The machine automatically tensions strap and joins the ends with a secure heat weld. Once the strap is inserted, the motor automatically gets switched off. The machine have stainless steel strapping surface. Our range includes industrial strapping machine, table strapping machine, box strapping machine, plastic strapping machine, steel strapping machine and ball top.

Pallet Semi-automatic Strapping Machine
Model YS-T45
Power supply 1Phase/220V/50/60Hz 0.25Kw
Packing speed ≤3second/strap
Tension Range 3-45Kgs
Sword L1000mm
Hot-adhering Position Side
Packaging Height Range H340-710mm
Applicable Strap
PP width:9-15mm thickness:0.5-0.8mm
(to be specified)
Applicable Strap Spool PP 210mm*178mm
Control System PC board control
Machine Dimensions(mm) L770 W580 H850
Packing Measurement(mm) L800 W700 H1100
Machine Weight(kg) N.W:78/G.W:88


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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

Automatic Carton Sealer FJ-1AWE

Carton sealers are case equipment that seals the top or bottom of a case with tape or glue. Typically, the minor corrugated flaps are kicked and plowed closed as the cases are transferred. As the cases enter the compression section, the major flaps of the carton are closed and a hot-melt adhesive is applied.

FJ-1AWE Automatic Carton Sealer
Model MH-FJ-1AWE
Power supply 3p 380V 50Hz 600W
Sealing speed 20 meters/min
Carton size L(150-∞)×W(120-480)×H(120-480)mm
Tape size 48-72mm(Kraft or BOPP tape)
Machine size L(1370)×W(890)×H(1280)mm
Shipping size L(1400)×W(1050)×H(1435)mm
G.W/N.W 250kg/200kg
Optional ①Extension roller table ②Feet wheel ③Not stainless steel


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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

Case Erectors CF-30T

Case equipment is used to erect, pack, seal, or unpack cases of products. In most instances, case equipment is used to form cardboard boxes; however, corrugated materials and plastics formers are also available. Types of case equipment include case erectors, case cartoners, carton packers, carton sealers, and unpackers.
Case erectors and case cartoners are case equipment which automatically forms corrugated cases. A stack of corrugated blanks are knocked down and placed into the machine. The blanks are pulled out of the machine one-by-one and formed into cases. The newly formed cases are sealed at the bottom with tape or glue.

CF-30T Case Erectors
Alarm when lack tape or case
Model CF-30T
Power supply 380V 50Hz 1.8KW
Air pressure 6kg/cm2
Tape width 4.8-7.2cm tape max.Length 2km
Working speed 20-25cases/min work height 1120+-50mm
Case Size 250
Machine appearance dimensions L 2800mm x W 1560mm x H2250mm
Machine weight 1100kg
Environment conditions Humidity≤98% TEmperature 0-40℃
Optional with "Nordson" hot glue machine



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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

vacuum packaging machine YS-SQ--600SA II

Double-chamber vacuum machine
Model YS-SQ--600SA II
Vacuum capability 63m³/h
Work cycle 20-40sec/cycle
Heating seal bar QTY 4
Heating seal bar size 600×10mm
380V/3ph/50hz 2.0kw (other voltage optional)
Machine size 1425 x 755 x 932 mm
Package size 1480×850×1060mm
Net Weight 280Kg
Gross weight 320Kg
main electrical configuration SCHNIDER breaker
SCHNIDER contactor
SIMENSE button
RENEW microswitch

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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

Labeling Machine A2000

Youngsun company has been specially engaged in design,production and sales of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic labeling machines since 1992,with a complete series divided into normal and special kinds.
These products are applied to various operations such as sticking a label on plane, post surface, single side or multi-sides of a package, sticking labels covering part or all of the surface of a cylinder, or sticking on sunken locations and at edges or corners.
Now Yongchuang can offer simple and economical solutions in China according to your requirements.

It can stick 1 -2 labels on round container at the same time Model
Model A2000
Power supply IP 220V 50Hz 400W
Air pressure 2-5kg/cm2
Applicable container range Height 40-200 mm, Diameter¢25-100 mm
(≥¢100mm need to customize)
Applicable material adhesive sticker
Applicable label range L(15-300)mm x H(15-120)mm
Space between labels ≥3mm
Lable scroll Inner dia¢76mm,Outer dia¢280mm
Direction of label scroll clockwise
Labeling speed:
One label 0-25pcs/min(depend on the bottle size and the Label length)
Two labels 0-15pcs/min(depend on the bottle size and the Label length)
Labeling precision:
One label 土 1 mm (except container error)
Two labels 土 1.5 mm (except container error)
Table height 950mm
Machine dimension LI 800mmxWl 1 OOmmxHl 700mm

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Product category: Labelling machines for printed products

Shrink Wrapper machine

Shrink wrap machines apply heat to shrink a plastic film around a product. This process is often done by automated equipment, but manual and semi-automatic shrink wrap machines are also available. Shrink wrap machines cover the item, and then sent it through a heat tunnel or oven for shrinking. They are used to wrap many different types of packaging, including aerosol containers, bags or pouches, blister packs, bottles or jars, cans, capsules, cartridges, cases, cups or trays, drums or kegs, pallets, tubes, vials, and other packaging containers. Specialized and proprietary shrink wrap machines are also available for a variety of applications and industries.

Wrapper machine(5AY) Shrink Tunnel (RS-5)
Power supply 220V,50Hz,16A,3KW 380V 50Hz 32A 7kw
Packing speed
20-25 package/min
Convey speed
Cutting film and sealing of time <1s/cycle
Machine dimensions L1800×W850×H1600mm L1600×W850×H1500mm
Entrance size of Tunnel 550mm*250mm
Working plate height
Machine weight 520kg 150kg
Sealing knife material;
Stainless steel,spray Teflon;
Sealing temperature;
Packing objects
Packing objectst
Minimum sealing dimensions;(A×B×C)90mm×90mm×10mm
Maximum sealing dimensions;(A×B×C)550mm×450mm×150mm
Maximum product;L500mm×W400mm×H120mm;W+H≤450
Biggest annotations;B+C must not more than 500mm
Largest size cannot be used A×B×C to do the packing


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About us

Company details

HANGZHOU YOUNGSUN INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD has a long history, specializing in manufacture of labeling machine,case erector,case packer,case sealer,strapping machine,palletizers,wrapping machine,and belt/roller conveyor as well as customized packing production line.It has established business relations with many renowned clients such as DELL.HAIER.LENOVO etc.

Awards and Achievements :
• Drafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Case Sealer
• Drafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Strapping Machine
• Drafting unit of Chinese National Standard of Labeling Machine
• Designated production enterprise of Chinese packing industry
• Excellent products of Chinese packing industry
• Passing Moody international ISO9000 in 2002
• Approved CE in 2004

Though Youngsun has been regarded as a quality example in packing machinery industry,Yougnsun people are still seeking for ever greater perfection.

To ensure convenient contacts with clients,we will build an agent network worldwide. For any questions,please don't hesitate to contact us.We will give you the satisfactory reply in time!


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