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Songqiao Industrial Estate
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Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.030  Printing machines for label printing

Our products

Product category: Printing machines for label printing

blank label die-cutting&slitting machine

DK-320G slitting machine with rotary die-cutting function equips with high accurate rotary die-cutting system. This machine is suitable for blank adhesive labels. Die-cutting, lamination (option), slitting can be finished in one process. It has the function of automatic meter/label counting and automatic stopping.

The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting, steady running etc.



Max slitting speed:                          100m/min
Max die-cutting speed:                    80m/min
Max web width:                               320mm
Max unwinding diameter:                500 mm
Max rewinding diameter:                 480 mm
Overall diameter:                            1.9mX1.15mX1.8m(LXWXH)
Machine weight:                             950kg
Power supply:                                 220V, 50/60Hz, 1P


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Product category: Printing machines for label printing

Auto Inspecting machine with BST Shark

ZB-320 Auto Label inspecting machine adopts latest BST (Germany) inspecting system. It can detect defective labels such as missing label, color differnces, bad registration and scratched labels.
This machine equips with inline slitting unit, has the characteristic of fast speed, high accurate and easy operation, highly increased the final label quality and output.


Main specifications:
Camera:                                        LCCD gray camera or color camera
Max web width:                           320mm
light:                                            scattering light and direct light,back light is optional
max axial resolution:                   0.07mm,depends on different application
Circumferential resolution:          speed under 100m/min, 0.07mm
                                                     Speed under 300m/min, 0.3mm
Min defecting size:                        0.05 mm2
Material:                                      transparent or reflective material are workable
Data communication:                   modem or DSL connecting
power:                                        90V-132V,50/60Hz,400VA;198V-264V,50/60Hz,400VA
working temperature:                 0-40℃
humidity:                                       20%-80%,no coagulate;
stock temperature:                     -10-55℃

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Product category: Printing machines for label printing

ZM-320 intermittent/rotary die-cutting machine

This machine adopts latest Rexrtoh-Bosch (Germany) servo and control system, include: unwinder, web-guider, lamination, register die-cutter, slitter and rewinder.

The register die-cutting system is our patent product; it can be full rotary or semi-rotary die-cutter according to the production requirement. When semi-rotary die-cutter, the tension among unwinder, web-guider and rewinder will be the same (different from traditional intermittent type), the material will not run away during the die-cut.semi-rotary die-cutting unit adopts one big magnetic cylinder, if you have different applications, the only job is to change the flexible die.

ZM-320 machine has the characteristic of fast speed, super accurate, easy operation, high efficiency and less cost. It’s good for all kind of label die-cutting jobs, include shrot run to long run.
If the job is large quantity, then you can change the magnetic roller acccordingly, it will highly increase the die-cutting quality and output.


Main Specifications:

Max. Die-cutting speed (rotary):         120m/min
Max.Die-cutting speed (Semi-rotary):  65m/min
Die-cutting length (rotary):                190.5-539.75mm
Die-cutting length (Semi-rotary):       100-350mm
Max .Die-cutting width:                      300mm
Max web width:                                  320mm
Max unwinder dia.:                             700mm
Max. rewinder Dia.:                            600mm
Die-cutting accuracy:                         ±0.1mm
Power supply:                                    380V, 50Hz, 3P

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Product category: Printing machines for label printing

ZJR-330 flexo printing machine

Main Features

 Latest servo control system
The whole machine adopts servo and control from Rexroth-Bosch (Germany) and each printing unit is driven by independent servo motor. There are 23 servo motors in total for 8color machine which ensure the accurate registration during high speed running.

 Improved print quality
 Faster in achieving the perfect registration
 Free from gear marking (no use of gearboxes, less noise, less friction, less wear)

 Very light printing sleeves
 pre-registration design
 High precision and maximum stability eliminate vibration and reduce interventions for maintenance

 Water Chiller drum
Ensure variety of substrates, such as pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, in-mold labels, and flexible packaging.


 Minimum ink quantity to start printing

 Fully removable inking cassettes and light ink pans
 Customer-friendly and intuitive tool-less adjustments
 pre-registration

Main Parameter

Max Printing Speed:     180m/min
Printing color:               4-12colors
Max. web length:         340mm
Max. printing width:     330mm
Repeat length:             Z76-190 (241.3mm-603.25mm)
Max. unwinding diameter:  900mm
Max. rewinding diameter:   900mm
Power supply:             380-400V, 3P, 50/60Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H):  1083×1560×1520mm (8colors)


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Product category: Printing machines for label printing

ZX-320 intermittent offset printing machine

1, adopts Rexroth (Bosch from Germany) servo control system which can ensure the printing stabilization. It can free from the printing roller change.
The operation of this machine is fast, convenient and simple.

2,Shaftless transmission system: every printing unit transmitted by independent servo motor, 15 sets of servo motors in total for whole machine (6color) to ensure the exact color registration during high speed operation.

3,Every printing unit equips with clutch device to be stopped independently by lifting away when needed. This system extends the machine using life

4, Printing unit: adopting high quality and heavy offset printing unit. Assembled with 19 pieces of ink rollers and 4pieces of form rollers (alcohol dampening system), has nice ink working system to avoid Streak trouble and Ghost image efficiently, largely increase the printing quality. The definition and precision would never be reached by Flexo press.

5, Pre-register system: The only work is to input the printing length on the main control panel; every printing unit will be motioned to the presetting position automatically. Largely saves time and materials when adjust the color register.

6, Color registering system: the vertical and horizontal motions of every printing unit are all controlled by independent motor (ease the laboring and reduce the waste). By BST video system, the machine can regulate vertical & horizontal Registering without stopping; it improves the printing quality and increases the producing capacity.

7, Super Large printing area: 300×350, the maximum repeat length could be reached at 350mm and the maximum printing speed is 63m/min. By high-precision photocells, the machine ensures multi-register print on both side, make the possibility of label pattern variety.

8,Touch LCD screen, faster CPU, 12 inch operating display, independent touch screen in each printing unit, powerful human-computer dialogue system, multi-guide inspection display interface, instant alarm signal, makes operation much easier and more efficient.

9,Automatic circular lubrication system in each printing unit ensures mechanical parts can run at the longest time.
Machine will alarm if 10mins no lubrication and machine will stop if 30mins still no lubrication. Easy the daily care and protect machine in most careful way.

10, Easy plate mounting system ensures take off the old PS plate and install the new PS plate can be done in 5mins for CMYK job.
Accuracte plate punching ensures mounting PS plate will be in correct and precise way。
Inline skewing system ensures machine running without stop.

11, Multi-options: flexo UV varnishing unit, rotary die-cutting unit, cold foiling, flat screen printing, ink remote control system, corona treatment, web cleaner, inline trim slitting and inline sheeter are available for options.
One big magnetic die-cutting cylinder adopted largely reduces the tooling cost, the only thing to change is the flexible die when different job required.
Flexo UV varnishing unit enable the machine can do both spot and solid varnishing.
In-line printing and die cutting, easy operation, low cost, high performance.

12, PS plate Intermittent printing adopted, hits the high-level demands whatever high, mid or low capacity printing task, and it is an ideal choice for print firms to produce the high-grade adhesive labels.

Main Parameter
Printing Speed:             50-180Impressions/Min
Printing color:                4-8colors
Max. printing length:     350mm
Max. Web width:           320mm
Max. Printing width:      300mm
Max. Unwinding diameter: 750mm
Power supply:              380V, 3P, 50/60Hz

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(Formerly: Ruian Donghai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.)

With more than 20 years of experience, our company is the oldest and most popular manufacturer of narrow web label printing and converting presses in China. We’ve sold more than 6,000 equipments to nearly 80 countries across the globe. Our CE certified equipments include Intermittent Label OFFSET printing machine, Label FLEXO printing machine, adhesive label DIE-CUTTING machine, SLITTING machine, ROTARY/SEMI-ROTARY DIE-CUTTING machine, BST INSPECTING machine and silk screen printing machines.

Adapting pioneering technologies coupled with robust construction, WEIGANG machines deliver quality performance and provide higher Return on Investment.

We look forward to being partners in your success!

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