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André Rabl

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Dechant Hauer Straße 28
3950 Dietmanns bei Gmünd, Austria

+43 (0)2852-2023020

+43 (0) 2852-20250


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Coating plates and coating foils

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Product category: Coating plates and coating foils


STRIP PLATE® - coating plates for spots in coating on offset presses

Our STRIP PLATE® is a double lay plate for cutting out, for an effective and economical use in the packaging-, catalogue- and color printing, where is necessary to have a high quality coating with spots. The method of process out of the press is easy and quick. During the plate making it’s not necessary to stop the press, an easy setting up in the press and no washing stops during the press in move are the advantages of our spot coating plate.

for direct coat application in coating units with and without Anilox roller

This new kind of varnishing plate for cutting by hand or on CAM-plotter is on a base of 0,35 mm thick polyester. The STRIP PLATE® POLY is more flexible than an aluminium base plate. The total thickness are various from 1,15 to 1,35 mm with various relief from 0,80 and 1,00 mm one thickness, the POLY is transparent. All plates are with an anti ink building up surface. Another advantage is that it’s no need to use a heater table for stripping out operation, because the base plate is so smooth that the adhesion is some lighter, but is strong enough for long runs. But using a source of heat will make stripping a great deal easier.
The STRIP PLATE® POLY can be used on all machines with direct coating, but is also suitable for machines with clamping bars for blankets. The plate can be equipped with all current bars.
The STRIP PLATE® POLY 85 is for the indirect coating application via damping systems and ink units. The depth of relief is 0.50 mm, the base plate is a 0.35 mm polyester film. It has the same properties as the other POLY plates

for direct coat application in coating units with and without Anilox roller

The base plate is made of 0.40 mm aluminium in web-offset quality. The surface consists of Shore 75° PVC 0.90 mm in thickness or in 0,75 mm, the STRIP PLATE® 13 KR therefore has a total thickness of 1.30 mm or 1,15 mm. The resulting relief depth of 0.90 mm or 0,75 mm is perfectly attuned to all offset-presses with direct coating, but also for presses with coater module and Anilox roller and chambered doctor blade.

for the indirect coating application via damping systems and ink units

The base plate is made of aluminium in web-offset quality. The surface consists of a soft PVC coating with a 85°Shore hardness 0.50 mm in thickness, total thickness 0.90mm. The relatively soft surface prevents the blanket and the application roller from being cut. All formats can be supplied.

Water-based acrylic coatings and UV drying coating are suitable for all our spot coating plates. The surface is designed with ink-repellent finish, preventing the build-up of ink and reducing the washing intervals by as much as 99%. An excellent coating with sharp edges distinguishes the STRIP PLATE®. Print runs of as much as 500,000 and more can be reached.


The advantages of our STRIP PLATE®:

  • The coating is smooth and gains in glossy appearance
  • No ink build-up, even with difficult inks.
  • No washing stops, therefore no quality losses in the coating
  • For all varnishes, light acrylic coatings and UV drying coats
  • The edges remain sharp and clean, also over long print runs
  • High solidity of impressions, also for repeat jobs in all offset presses
  • Suitable for Anilox roller with blade
  • Plate making made quick and easy by cutting on the CAD plotter
  • Cutting by hand
  • Surface cuts to a depth of 80% are sufficient
  • Easy peeling off of the PVC foil with help of our electric plate heater
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.


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