Kunshan Huawei Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

No. 281, Kangzhuang Road, Zhoushi Town, 215300 Kunshan, Jiangsu
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Rao Yuqian

Executive board/managing director
Administration, personnel, training

# 144 Kangzhuang Road, Zhoushi
Kunshan, Jiangsu 215300, China

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.065  Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

Our products

Product category: Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

emcot m-3 and kuraflex 390C 30C Non-woven Cleaning wiper

1.mantrial:cotton.polyester .viscose
2.very sofe and a little hard
3.weight:30G 35G 40G 50G

non-woven Clean Cloth(replace Bemcot M-3)

1.B-M-3 / B-M-1 : new researched products with the same cleaning effection as Asahikasei’s BEMCOT,M-3 and M-1.Made of 100% environment protected dissolvable fiber,with higer liquid absorbency than M-3. Without any adhesive.

Applications : widely used in cleanroom of semiconductor,bio-pharmacy/food processing and printing cleaning,etc.

HW-FF-390C/30C : with the same cleaning effection as KURAFLEX FF-390C / SF-30C .Made of mucilage glue or mulcilage glue + polyester spunlace,and also contains anti-acetone adhesive .With excellent water absorbency,lintsfree .

Applications : used for cleaning various machine, tools,parts, printing,instruments surface,IC,LCD,etc

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Product category: Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

Dupont sontara print roll cleaner

1.Material composition 55% woodpulp+45%polyester

2.Material color: white or blue 68g/sm or lake blue color 68g/sm

3.Production process: special spunlace compound technology


(1)High capability of liquid and ink absorbency . absorbency is 5.2-5.5 times than its weight in liquid, 10-15% higher

than competitors, speed of liquid absorbency is 10%higher than competitors , 23% higher than Dupont.

Capability of oil absorbency is 14% higher thanDupontcloth.Speed of oil absorbency is 16% higher than domestic competitors

and Dupont cloth .Dry and wet CDstrength for enhanced type is 25-35% higher than competitors Dry and wet MD strength is 5-49% higher than global competitors

(2)Higher dry and wet breaking strength , low dry and wet elongation ,dry and wet strength is 10-20% higher than competitors

(3)Low lint,no scratching

(4)Excellent abrasion resistance,mechanical stability , chemical resistance.

Dry enhanced type can completely replace common Dupont Print Roll Cleaner.Enhanced type in dry

And wet strength is better than common type ,lower elongation

Features are more excellent than domestic and foreign competitors except Dupont

5.Processing products production line

(1)The only one of the most advanced automatic production line with width of 2.4M used for produce blanket wash cloth rolls

(2)360-2300mmcloth width can be manufactured

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Product category: Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

DRY.automatic blanket wash cloth rolls

SMT stencil roll:
1.high quality of less dust
2.high strength and resistence
3.excellent strength
4.lower rate of hair-slip

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About us

Company details

Kunshan Huawei Purified Equipment CO., LTD. was established in 2005, which is one sales company of Kunshan Huawei Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. We are professional manufacturer of all kinds of nonwoven products, dust free material and cleaning products. Products Covers offset printing, silk-screen printing, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, Optical, semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, medical equipment, biological, beauty, household and office cleaning products. These products are with high quality and competitive price, we plan to make one of the largest domestic production bases. 65% of our products are exported and 30% for domestic consumption.

Huawei has strong product development capabilities, with 12 raw materials production lines ready for the subsequent products service and effectively ensure the product development and product manufacturing. Huawei Company is trying to develop all kinds of function wet wipes cleaning products and personal protective items.

Product Introduction
Flagship products
1. Automatic offset print blanket wash cloth rolls, automatic SMT stencil printin clean cloth and wipe products with manual packaged in sheets type or package type.
Hit products
2. Wood composite multi-purpose wash cloth is with the best performance among the domestic cloth, which is creatively made creped surface and kinds of embossed pattern on the product. All these qualities are made it can replace DuPont Tyvek/ Sontara and Kimberly X50/X60/X70/X80 series.
3. Optical lens wipers can be comparable with the Japanese Ozu products
4. Other regular products also have our own specialties.

Geographic Location
The company is located in Kunshan city, which is between Shanghai and Suzhou. GDP per capita here has being keep the first in the three consecutive years among all of China cities. And the traffic is very convenient, 30 KM away from Shanghai Hongqiao airport, Shanghai port 50 KM, and Suzhou downtown 20 KM, welcome to visit us!

Production Environment
We owned nearly 5000m2 of clean workshop, mainly for the manufacture of all kinds of cleaning products. Plant is installed with advanced dust removal equipment to get rid of static equipment, moisture equipment,air shower room,which successfully guarantees the productcleanliness. And The factory area will reach 15000m2-20000m2 in 2013.

Production Equipment
1. Raw material production line.
a. We established the close cooperation relationship with domestic several raw materials suppliers, and material development organization. And 70% of our production lines are fully imported, with 30% from domestic.
b. Two new raw material production lines are in put.
c. Joint venture material production lines have been put into operation.
2. Processing products production line
a. The only one of the most advanced automatic production line with

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees




Area of business

premedia/ mulitchannel