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Olga Filipińska

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ul.Lutycka 93
60-478 Poznań, Poland

+48 61 8460 800


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
  • 05.04.055  Hot stamping foils, stamping foils

Hot stamping foils, stamping foils

  • 05  materials
  • 05.04  Films / foils
  • 05.04.065  Laminating foils

Laminating foils

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.030  Special printing inks for sheet-fed offset

Special printing inks for sheet-fed offset

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.175  Dispersion varnishes

Dispersion varnishes

  • 05  materials
  • 05.06  Ink, varnish, toner
  • 05.06.180  UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes

UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.065  Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

Our products

Product category: Hot stamping foils, stamping foils

Special quality foils

Grafmaj S.A. provides special foils, applied with pressure and heat,used to achieve intensively metallic surfaces. Moreover, with using a specially prepared dies, the stamped surface could have a refined texture or embossing effects. Depending on the selected foil, the embossing effect may be subtle and understated, or very prominent and eye-catching. In its offer Grafmaj has a wide range of foils series divided into metallic, diffraction and pigments types.

Selection of the very best product and to matching it to the specific needs of the customer is main Grafmaj's characteristic. We believe that nobody is best at everything and that you can be a top tier expert only in a narrow field. That is why we work with various producers. Being independent we can draw from the best examples and search for optimal solutions.


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Product category: Laminating foils

Laminating Foils

When building our portfolio, we focused on selected laminating films that give gloss, matt, metallic (gold and silver) and diffraction effects.

We offer the following films:

  • Films for thermal lamination BOPP, gloss, matte and satin,
  • Films for wet lamination BOPP gloss and matt,
  • Films for wet lamination BOPET transparent, metallic (silver and gold), diffraction

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Product category: Special printing inks for sheet-fed offset

Biggest distributor of offset inks

Grafmaj S.A. is one of the biggest distributors of offset inks in Poland. We offer products from the leading, global manufactures, renowned for making only high quality products. Apart from process inks, we also offer basic Pantone inks, concentrates for mixing facilities, fluorescent inks and metallic inks. We also run a professional mixing facility and a cutting edge laboratory. Making any customized color is not a problem for us. Low-migration offset inks for application on food packaging form another group. Inks for printing on food packaging must satisfy special requirements, introduced for the benefit of consumers by legislative bodies in numerous regulations of the European Parliament and Council. To better answer the needs of the market, Grafmaj S.A.'s portfolio contains low-migration conventional offset inks for application on food packaging.

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Product category: Dispersion varnishes

Water-based varnishes

Dispersion varnishes provide smooth, uniform coating and ensure reliable protection of the varnished surface.

Depending on the type of used varnish, various surface finishes can be obtained - not only glossy, satin or matt, but also ideally flat, rough or even textured.The offer includes an extensive range of varnishes manufactured by renowned producers, whose unrivalled experience in manufacturing varnishes and high quality of products guarantee the satisfaction of hundreds of customers in Poland and all over the world.

Varnishes offered by Grafmaj S.A.:

Water-based varnishes

UV varnishes

Oil-based varnishes

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Product category: UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes

UV varnishes

UV cured varnishes provide a wide range of enriching effects, from extremely high gloss, through satin and matt, to special effects such as textures or fluorescent effects. Apart from attractive appearance, UV varnishes provide suitably high overprintability and excellent rub and humidity resistance.

UV varnishing may be done in all available printing techniques, in screen printing, flexography, offset and screen printing. With properly configured machine and optimally selected varnish, sheets can also be varnished in-line, thus significantly raising the efficiency of the process.

Highly esthetic and durable, UV varnishes are a great alternative to other enriching methods, e.g. laminating.

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Product category: Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves

Offset blankets

Offset blanket is the last element of a printing machine. It is responsible for transferring to paper the sum of effects and results of all previous efforts and endeavors. The proper selection of the right offset blanket plays a key role in achieving the desired effect of reproduction in offset printing technology.

The wide selection of best products matching the specific customer's needs is the highest priority to Grafmaj S.A.

Grafmaj can provide customers with different types of offset blankets:

Offset blankets for sheetfed printing

Offset blankets for sheetfed UV printing

Stripping blankets

Self-adhesive blankets

Blankets for heat-set web printing

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About us

Company details

 Grafmaj S.A. established in 1993, is a distributor of printing materials and packaging films, operating both in Poland and the countries of central and eastern Europe.

Thanks to our modern line of foil slitter-rewinders  and offset blankets conversion facility, Grafmaj offers to its customers wide range of materials to meet their needs and short lead times.

As a provider of printing materials  the company never stops working on the perfect selection of products. In the offer there are only products that boast top quality, reliability and good quality / price ratio. Listening to customers allowed to bring together products offered by various manufacturers from all over the world.

You are most welcome to browse offer, composed of eight product groups of two departments:

Printing Materials Department

  • Foils for hot stamping,
  • Foils for cold stamping narrow web / offset,
  • Dispersion coatings and UV lacquers,
  • Offset inks including low migration inks
  • Offset blankets,
  • Chemistry printing;

Plastic Films Department

  • Thermal lamination BOPP films, gloss, matte and satin,
  • Wet lamination BOPET / BOPP films, gloss and matt,
  • Wet metallic lamination BOPET films (silver and gold)
  • Films for thermoforming A-PET, GAG, R-PET,
  • Packaging films BOPET, BOPP,
  • Films for windows patching;

Please feel encouraged to check our website and read about our offer. http://grafmaj.pl/en




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