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Product category: Sheet-fed gravure printing machines

YT1B1 Folio Sheet-Fed Flexo Printing(Coating)

◆Scope of Application◆ The sheet –fet partial coating machine is suited for varlous large bulk of paper-packing decoration printing with thick ink layer and bright-color, more suited for the high-speed partial or entire sheet coating. Such as large format sheet,thin or thick paper label, color printing boxes and colorful illustrations, uses water ink,water varnishing and UV varnishing without solution volatility and odor ,and is environment benefit.Unique structure of polishing units makes the print have much even coating layer,higher gloss and better wearability. Moreover,accurate parting can make the color-boxes much more “colorful”. ◆Features◆ ●The whole press adopting the PLC control and electric converter in the printing process having low maintenance. ●With the combination of the unique chamber doctor blade device with 120-160 line/inchporcelain anilox roller and flexo plate cylinder, the amount of surface coating can be accurately controlled. ●Anilox roller driven by individual motor, speed adjusted by the electric converter,speed of the press tracked automatically with roller speed, making the coating surface much evener, The gripper transmitting sheet and the front and side lay guaranteed the special patternscoating. ●Coating plate adopted flexo plate or engraved rubber plate. ●Being configured infrared and ultraviolet drying systems simultaneously. ●Being correspond with the speed of unit type offset press.

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Product category: Sheet-fed gravure printing machines

Multi Colours Sheet-Fed Gravure Presses

◆Scope of AppLication◆ YA2 ~ YA4 series are suitable for solid and multi-colors printing to the coated paper and paperboard in big format, gold printing, anti-forgery printing, special printing effects such as frosting printing, ripple printing ,refraction printing and ice-flake printing. Further more, they are suitable for not onlyshort-run printing but also long-run printing. ◆Features◆ Being adopted the key technologies and devices with its own independence property right,and successfully adopted the maturely advanced technolegyin the modern sheet-fed offsetpress. YA2 - YA4 series not only has the advanced manufacturing processes, but also strictly been tested in the enterprisestandard The ink layer of offset printing is thin, and easy to cause ink barat the full-page solid printing. But to the gravure printing, the amount of pigment transmitted is 4 times more than that of offset printing and flexo pdnting So, ne matter the whole sheet or whole job, no matter the short-run printing or long-run printing, regardless of texture of theprinting paper, the series can keep the first-class printing quality, and does net cause any ink bar on the printed sheet. In addgion, whether the sheet is dry or wet will net cause change of ink supply, and can directly carry out the post-printing in the delivery. ● Modular configuration optional printing units from two colors to the six colors multi-color gravure printing units + flexo coating units + offset printing units. ●Sheet size with the surplus option ●Impression cylinder adopted double diameter, There are only three transfer cylinders between units. ●Kind of plate cylinder with diameter of 300mm adopted freely either unitary shaft-cylinder or separated hollow cylinder. ●The high-efficiency dry device with cooling air, hot air and infrared methods among the units, and the ultraviolet option too. ●Better printing method with the combination of offset printing and gravure printing, considering the high efficiency and cost. ●Special device used to adjust the skew of the cylinder between the printing units. ●Paper feeding and delivering with none-stop device on the state of high-speed printing. ●Printing cylinder pressure engagement or disengagement with pneumatic method. ●The doctor-blade system adopted double pneumatic cylinders for adjusting the angle of the blade during the run.

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Product category: Sheet-fed gravure printing machines

YA1 Follo Sheet-Fed Gravure Presses

◆Scope of Application◆ The YA1 series sheet-fed gravure press can be applied for special-color solid printing .which is suited for the exquisite packaging printing products of cigarette packing .wine label and cosmetic boxes etc.The layer of the ink on the print isthick and solid with tiny color cast and high glossiness in gold printing.The press can carry out anti-forgery printing.pearlescent printing and some kinds of special decoration-effect printings. Such as frosting printing ripple printing. refraction printing, ice-flake printing etc.Further more,the series can flexibly combine with offset printing. screen printing and flexo printing in an aim to get much better print result. ◆Features◆ Being adopted the key technologies and devices with its own independence property right and successfully adopted the maturely advanced technology in the modern sheet-fed offset press.YA1series not only has the advanced manufacturing processes,but also strictly been testde in the enterprise standard. ●The whole press adopting the PLCcontrol in the printing process and malfunction system. ●The main drive adopting 7.5KW electric converter motor ,featuring stability in running and less electrical power consumption.On the state of high-speed printing, paper sheet feeding and delivering with none-stop ●The paper transmitting with the advanced high-speed reglster control system. ●The special ink transmitting pump with special stirring methods to control the amount of ink trasmitted ●The doctor-blade system adopted double pneumatic cylinders for adjusting the angle of the blade and locking the blade in place quickly. ●Complete dry of the whole printing sheet surface guaranteed by the special gripper bar(invisible gripper)on the delivery section ●Either hollow plate cylinder or shaft plate cylinder adopted. ●Infrared/ultraviolet dual-purpose drying system suitable for various ink printing. ●Special designing quick blanket locking device to the impression cylinder.

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About us

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BEIJING EZGRAVTEK PRINTING MACHINERY CO. LTD was established at 1999. Now, it is located at ZHI-LI-DA-YANG industry zone, SONG ZHUANG town, TONG ZHOU district, occupying 20’000 square meter, constructing area 8’000 square meter. It is a medium scale printing machinery company that covers R&D, designing, fabricating, assembling, sales marketing.

It is majored in manufacturing multi-color sheet-fed gravure and spot coater. These machines are used in packaging printing industry. The products owns big market share in tobacco industry, high-end colorful case printing industry. There are offices in Shang Hai, Fo Shan, Shan Tou and Wu Han. Its products have been sold to India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pilipino and UAE.

The company has been granted the award of “the technical innovation award of the national best packaging enterprises” by China National Packaging Corporation and China Packaging Technical Association,in addition, been appraised as one of “the high and new technical enterprises” by Beijing Science and Technologr Committee.

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