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Katia Fasola

Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Via Cadepiano 28
6917 Barbengo/Lugano, Switzerland

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.035  Archiving software
  • 02  premedia/multichannel
  • 02.01  Software for multimedia
  • 02.01.035  Website creation software
  • 02  premedia/multichannel
  • 02.05  Mulichannel-Publishing
  • 02.05.010  Digital Publishing
  • 02  premedia/multichannel
  • 02.05  Mulichannel-Publishing
  • 02.05.030  Mobile Applications

Our products

Product category: Archiving software

e-Archive: An affordable and cost-effective online archive.

NewsMemory e-edition Archive is a cost-effective solution for newspapers and magazines to store their current and historical replica editions in one central, searchable database.

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Product category: Website creation software

Metered Paywall with Single Sign-On

Tecnavia’s website Paywall offers a turnkey setup for securely protecting the content of your choice.
It is flexible and customized for each publisher, so that you can build your ideal registration and subscription offers.

  • Totally Metered
  • Metered with limits by sections or specific arguments
    e.g. Paywall with 8 free articles, but only 3 in the sports section
  • Metered but free access to content from specific websites
    e.g. article from Facebook


  • Protect your content
  • Give value to your work and acquire new customers without sacrificing valuable traffic and advertising revenue 
  • Increase your print edition sales

Advantages for publishers
Newspapers that protect their content and keep it exclusive, remain the trusted source of high quality journalism in their communities which results in higher website traffic and advertising revenues.

Advantages for advertisers
• Paid subscribers are a more engaged audience
• Registration provides demographic information for more targeted

• Publishers
• Webmasters
• IT Directors



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Product category: Website creation software

Website design and hosting

Tecnavia supports you, the publisher, in creating responsive and SEO friendly websites which allow you to:

  • SHOWCASE your CONTENT providing readers with breaking news, updates and your previously published content



Our websites are built on WordPress, a user friendly CMS, which gives you full control of your website.


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Product category: Digital Publishing

NewsMemory Bluebird, the new generation of Digital Replica

The Tecnavia digital replica is a full featured and robust solution, for newpapers and magazines, supported across platforms and devices, providing a pleasant and engaging reading experience anytime and anywhere.


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Product category: Mobile Applications

2-in-one App: real time news and the digital replica

A new way to interact with and engage readers

An app featuring real time news and the digital replica, all in one!

Live news feeds provide your readers with breaking news, updates and the published content, PLUS access to archives all from ONE app, with an intuitive and responsive design.

Why the 2-in-one App?

Use the 2-in-one App to drive your audience to a single App, eliminating market confusion and audience fragmentation. Reduce the resources needed and streamline efforts to mantain just one app rather than two!

Attract new readers and keep them engaged through a combination of your live news and a full featured digital replica across all devices.

iOS and Android ready.

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About us

Company details


Tecnavia develops innovative and reliable digital publishing solutions offering a solid reading experience across all devices. We provide the necessary support and tools to simplify workloads, reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase revenues.

About us:

NewsMemory Bluebird, the new generation of digital replica, is the most professional e-publishing solution on the market today.

Tecnavia offers more than an e-edition; we are committed to being the only partner you need, with 360° of service. With a full range of new and advanced products - Native Apps; e-Commerce; e-Archive, Metered Paywall, Single Sign-On, Website design and hosting and much more - , the capacity to integrate with your main Editorial Systems and technical support 24/7, we’re confident we have the solutions you’re looking for!

Tecnavia is a company based in the USA, Switzerland and Italy with over 30 years experience in editorial workflow. As one of the first e-edition providers in Europe and the US, Tecnavia now has 17 years experience in e-publishing, processing and managing 1700+ titles and over 8 million pages per year.


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