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Product category: Scanners

TopoGetter X-series

The modular TopoGetter X -series systems
Modular Topology and Color Scanner for 3D-imaging of haptic surfaces and objects

The TopoGetter X vacuum scan tables carry a rigid bridge which is moved by a pair of digitally and encoder synchronized high-precision y-drives.
Scan table formats available today are 700 x 700 mm and 1300 X 1200 mm.

Two distinct scan units are available for the TopoGetter X -series systems:
One for point-wise measuring of the topology (haptic surface or shape) of the sample, called the Topology Scan Unit .
Another for capturing the color image information of the sample, called the Color Scan Unit.

These can be jointly mounted on the scan bridge to be driven by high-performance linear motors.
The shape and color data are generated in two separate or consecutive scans.

This allows – in a subsequent computational procedure – superimposing the plasticity and color data sets with absolute
on-point accuracy, to produce a perfect 3D-image of the object in print or on monitor displays.
The technology developed to enable all this is called 6 to 5® - technology.

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Product category: Scanners

High-performance Topology scanner

High-performance Topology Scanning

Equipped with the unique high-performance T-scan units , which offer very high scan speeds due to much higher data sampling rates of up to 380 kHz TopoGetter series systems represent the leading topology scanning solutions worldwide.

As with the Standard Topology Scan Units surfaces with 3-dimensional structures can be
measured at very high resolutions down to topological structures of only nanometers.

Other High-performance T-scan head key performance features include:

•Scan resolution in x/y-direction up to *) 2,000 lines/cm ( approx. 5,000 dpi)
•Up to 2 µm position accuracy of scan head
•Measuring quantization of 32,768 steps in vertical (z)-direction in 16 bit data format
•Choice of optics for measuring ranges is 1 to 10 mm
•High scan speed due to up to 380 kHz measurement data sampling rates.
•Ultra high scan speeds due to multi beam simultaneous sampling.
•Automatic layer scan option for objects of various heights
•Maximum measuring range in multiple layers: 50 mm
•Maximum high of scan objects 120 mm

*) Because of constraints due to the image file format TIFF, the highest scan resolution may only be available for a smaller than the maximum scan area.

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About us

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Topocolor-Systems has since the beginning of the century focussed on research and development of topology and color image scanning, leading to 3D image reproduction, and has become the technology and quality leader in this field. Its TopoGetter Systems for topology and color image scanning have proven their technology and quality leadership in demanding applications by customers in various fields of the gravure, reproduction, computer imaging and printing industries worldwide and especially in Europe and Asia. The 6 to 5® - technology pioneered by the Dr.Wirth group today represents the leading methodology of combining topology and color image data in aiming to achieve the ultimately best visual perception of 3-dimensionality and interpretation of plasticity with highest fidelity
By thus unleashing the potential of 3D, the perception of a haptic surface feel, the appearance of plasticity and the appeal of 3D reality imaging becomes more significant than ever before in advertising, industrial printing, decor and gravure, packaging, publishing and digital media.

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