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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.055  Powdering devices

Powdering devices

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.075  Dust removing equipment for printing presses

Dust removing equipment for printing presses

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.110  Fountain solution management devices / Inking system temperature control systems

Fountain solution management devices / Inking system temperature control systems

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.250  Dryers
  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.265  IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers

IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.270  IR dryers, infrared dryers

IR dryers, infrared dryers

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.290  UV dryers

Our products

Product category: Powdering devices


PowderMax series – panel metering sets new standards

With the PowderMax series Eltosch Grafix has taken a different stance in the metering technology of powder spraying units. The new technology mainly proves itself by an even simpler handling and more exact adjustability. Thanks to the Clean Filling System, exchange of the powder cylinder is particularly simple, fast and clean – for maximum cleanliness. Further benefits such as self-explanatory touch-screen display and the great ease of maintenance make the PowderMax series the first choice especially for top-speed printing presses. Both PowderMax models can be easily retrofitted on all presses using the existing Eltosch Grafix powder spray technology and are currently in the process of being expanded to all sizes.

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Product category: Dust removing equipment for printing presses

Powder extraction systems for clean printing presses

On all Eltosch Grafix powder spraying systems the powder is applied as sparsely and exactly as possible. However, an extraction system is indispensable, because every sheet that is delivered also leaves some powder in the printing press. The extraction system takes the powder off exactly at the right place.

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Product category: Fountain solution management devices / Inking system temperature control systems


Smart fountain solution processing and ink temperature control systems for offset printing presses

Buffer storage tank flow-through principle for fountain solution and ink system:

This patented principle based on combined temperature control of the fountain solution and inking unit water circuits minimizes the necessary switching cycles and stabilizes the supply system for energy savings and low wear.

100% flow filtration in the inline process:

The intermediate tank pump presses the soiled fountain solution through a filter where the finest impurities are removed before the solution is processed again. This patented process offers maximum cleanliness and is easy to operate.

High-quality measurement technology for alcohol and additives:

Geared exactly to your requirements, we have a broad range of high-quality dosing and measuring devices. in order to make you one step better at all times, whether in the top or starter class, a choice that pays off with particularly low consumption figures.

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Product category: Dryers

product overview dryers

Drying technology for demanding applications

Drying of water based systems at high speed is an ambitious challenge for every user.

Eltosch Grafix supports industrial users in many ways with a sophisticated product portfolio in the range from easy to complex applications.

To this belongs the drying of inks and varnishes in sheet-fed offset and flexo printing presses as well as the drying of water based industrial coatings like adhesives, silicones, PVDC and other functional layers.

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Product category: IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers

Hi Jet G-Line hot air dryers

Hi Jet G-Line: Maximum output for huge amount of varnish

Hi Jet G-Line hot air dryers provide maximum performance for huge amounts of varnish.

Changeable cartridges or fixed installation

Due to their modular cartridge construction, hot-air and combined dryers from Eltosch-Grafix can be either permanently installed or integrated into the printing press as an insert element with a guiding rail. In this way they can be removed from the press for maintenance or exchange purposes with little effort and reinserted later. Furthermore, with most presses a simple replacement with UV dryers from Eltosch-Grafix is possible. This facilitates a subsequent installation of the UV equipment in the case of presses with limited space on offer

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Product category: IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers

Hi Jet E-Line

Evolution meets Revolution

Hi Jet E-Line is the latest development from Eltosch-Grafix, a pioneer in Infrared / Hot Air (IR/HA) drying systems for the graphics arts industry. This IR/HA drying module is composed of two integrated thermal air nozzles coupled with high performance IR radiators and a connection to an independent supply unit.


Hi Jet E-Line was designed around the innovative concept of autonomous module operation, ensuring complete reliability and functionality. If a module were to be rendered inoperable, production flow could be maintained by simply distributing the thermal deficit amongst the remaining modules. The newly developed air emission profile design delivers optimum drying results even with a reduced air volume. The user's ability to adjust emission profiles for the hot air nozzles is a unique feature. Customizable emission profiles allow the drying travel distance to be effectively optimized. Even the most demanding of application requirements can be met with minimal effort. Hi Jet E-Line is also designed to maximize energy efficiency. The intake air for the dryer modules is drawn from the press's own pneumatic system. By taking advantage of the press system's higher-than-ambient air temperatures, a significant energy savings is incurred through a reduced thermal differential.

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Product category: IR dryers, infrared dryers

jetCure IR

High performance dryer for inkjet printing with water based inks

jetCURE IR is an air-cooled IR module for drying water based printing inks and coatings. It can be operated as a pure IR dryer or an IR/HotAir dryer with the following system characteristics and advantages:


High IR power

Efficient single reflector for each lamp

Plug-in IR lamps

Stepless adjustable IR power control

Short or medium wave IR radiation spectra


High drying performance with up to 300 kW/m²

Compact and lightweight design

Low maintenance

IR or IR/HotAir dryer

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Product category: UV dryers

LightGuide Pure UV

Cool UV system for temperature sensitive applications


is a UV module which reduces direct IR radiation on the substrate by means of a removable barrier component.


PureUV is precision-engineered with innovative reflector geometry. The design prevents direct exposure of the substrate to IR radiation. When added, the barrier component blocks undesired IR radiation thereby allowing only pure UV radiation to reach the substrate which results in a lower substrate temperature. The corresponding cooling system, which consists of a water-cooled module, shutter, reflectors, and an air-cooled lamp, ensures effective and reliable cooling with even the highest of process demands. A wide variety of compatible lamps is available to allow for optimum adaptation of the wavelength spectrum to specific inks.


The PureUV is unique thanks to its compact design and Plug & Play connections. The barrier component can be installed on-demand by the user in order to significantly reduce substrate temperatures.

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Product category: UV dryers

Hi-Cure module

Compact and efficient UV system for space saving integration

Hi-Cure – UV output at the highest level
The new Eltosch Grafix Hi-Cure UV generation stands for extra efficiency. You not only save around a third in energy, with a corresponding increase in output, but you impress your customers with extremely fast on-off switching cycles, rays focussing which saves machine wear, and many other minor details which simplify handling and maintenance.


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Product category: UV dryers

LightGuide module

The perfect solution for the curing of UV inks

Light Guide

is a high-performance UV module for curing UV inks, varnishes, and coatings. Incredible UV yield is achieved through enhanced reflector geometry. The reflection of UV radiation is optimized for maximum efficiency with minimized energy input. The system's "Energy-Minimized UV Curing" certification, awarded by the independent German Berufsgenossenschaft (BG), demonstrates Eltosch-Grafix's strong commitment to both performance and ecology.


UV-lamp output of up to 240 W/cm (600 W/inch) offers more than enough power for high-demand systems and is more than adequate for even the shortest of processing times required by the graphics arts industry and other industrial applications. An Light Guide UV module includes precision-engineered DiCure reflectors. Due to their special surface coatings, infrared radiation is absorbed and UV radiation is reflected. Doped UV lamps can be installed in the module for easy wavelength adjustment to specific applications (e.g. inks or varnishes).

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Product category: UV dryers

Low Energy Curing

Energy efficient UV curing with high reactive printing inks

Low Energy Curing (LEC)

is a unique UV module system with specially designed components for Low Energy Curing (LEC). The low energy curing process is characterized by a combination of highly reactive UV inks and coatings, a specific dryer unit configuration, and a UV lamp developed for LEC inks and coatings. This system has been certified by the independent and neutral German Berufsgenossenschaft (BG) for energy-minimized drying.

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Product category: UV dryers

LED Powerline Focus

LED-UV for High Speed Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Eltosch Grafix can revert to a long time experience in LED-UV technology within the Hoenle-Group. Based on the know-how of several thousand installations worldwide for various applications we developed and designed up-to-date high-tech LED-UV systems for the sheet-fed offset printing market.

LED-UV for sheet-fed offset is a future oriented technology with many advantages

Low energy consumption

Long lifetime of the LED’s

Format shut-off for optimal adaption to the print width

Immediate ON/OFF, no start-up time and no stand-by operation, safe interdeck wash and print

Low temperature load

No ozone pollution and no risk of mercury contamination

Compact and Flexible

The Eltosch Grafix LED-UV modules are compact and highly efficient and are designed for an easy positioning with a user friendly slide-in technology like the well known classic UV installations. An operation at different positions is possible if required for a high job flexibility.

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About us

Company details

Eltosch Grafix – located in the Hamburg area, Germany - is the innovative specialist within the Hoenle group providing world class solutions for nearly every requirement around the printing press and for industrial applications.

Embedded inside the Hoenle group Eltosch-Grafix supplies with its worldwide sales and service organization innovative technology for UV curing and Infrared/hotair drying for the graphics arts industry as well as for industrial applications.

The product portfolio is completed by acknowledged leading edge solutions in the area of powder spraying, powder extraction as well as fountain solutions, ink temperature control and cooling solutions.

Furthermore highly integrated production facilities and our own research & development ensure highest quality expectations.

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