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6351, Hinson Street Suite j, 89118 Las Vegas


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Viktoria Vasileva

Department head/group leader
Administration, personnel, training

6351 Hinson St Suite J
Las Vegas, USA




Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.01  Publishing software
  • 01.01.035  Personalization software

Personalization software

  • 03  postpress/converting/packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.010  Cutting machines and cutting systems

Cutting machines and cutting systems

Our products

Product category: Personalization software

DaVinci Designer

1. Personalization Software : DaVinci Designer offers the ultimate custom designing experience. Expanding further than the standard CMYK to textures, foiling, and spot-gloss layers.

2. Proofing Software : DaVinci’s 3D Viewer delivers unprecedented detail of post-process effects such as Texture, Foil, Folding, and Spot Gloss in a fully interactive in browser experience.

3. Software for Packaging Design : DaVinci Packaging Designer allows customers to create beautiful and effortless packaging. Customers can view their finished product, including the folded and unfolded box.

4. Web-to-Print : DaVinci is an all-in-one product designer. The state-of-the-art design tool includes interactive 3D proofing, and a PDF builder which supports print plus downstream processes. All seamlessly pulling together a user-friendly workflow, increasing order value, and customer satisfaction.

5. Editors : Manipulate and control designs by changing layers, colors, designs, text holders, and more. Interact with textures and lighting instantly within the viewer. Crop or change aspect ratios; lock in fonts and content without locking in the position or rotation. This genius software executes personalization without diminishing brand integrity.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems

Scissor Hands

Scissor Hands adds artificial intelligence to guillotine cutters. It has two hardware components: a large touch-screen (mounted on the face of the cutter) and a small, model-specific connector between the touch-screen and the cutter. The touch-screen connects to the main software component: the cloud-based Scissor Hands AI.

The key to improving cutting machine efficiency is simple. Create a single cut program which covers all lifts of a run, rather than a shorter program that is repeated for each lift. This allows cuts to be shared among parts of multiple lifts, thus reducing the total number of cuts required to finish the run.

Scissor Hands removes training barriers which make cutting traditionally a journeyman’s job. The instructive, touch-screen animations and the elimination of programming reduce training for new operators from months (i.e. how to make and use cut programs) to hours (i.e. an overview of safety features and SOP). New operators can see which direction to load and rotate the lift by watching the animations.

Using Scissor Hands, cutter operators handle less finished product before packaging. This reduces spills and cross-ships. One case study using a layout generated by Metrix showed a Scissor Hands cut program with 50% fewer cuts when compared to traditional repeat-per-lift cut programs. Furthermore, Scissor Hands moves ganged product downstream faster by finishing parts of multiple lifts at the same time rather than partially-filling packages with each lift.

Scissor Hands is a cloud-based software which instantly converts JDF layouts into cut programs. Integrates with MIS and prepress systems to create and load customized cut programs for each job on demand. Employee name, start and stop times, blade drops, and other fulfillment information is captured and reported to the MIS in real-time. These cut programs increase productivity and profit margins through unequaled automation and integration with your cutting machine, MIS, and prepress systems.

The Scissor Hands AI generates a new cut program for each specific run, based on that run’s prepress JDF data, sheet count, substrate coatings, and packaging intent. These AI created cut programs intelligently share cuts across lifts to reduce the total cuts required to finish the whole run. Scissor Hands will even recommend the best-fit package for the product and ensure that specific quantities of product are finished together according to the print provider’s packaging inventory.

Scissor Hands loads the customized cut programs directly into the cutter - bypassing manual programming and any step-count limitations. It uses the cutter’s existing hardware by intercepting and injecting signals, rather than replacing motors or relying on manufacturer integration. Therefore, Scissor Hands is a completely auxiliary system – augmenting the cutter’s behavior while still retaining all functionality of the original machine.

The mounted touch-screen shows the cut program steps in progress. It animates an actual snapshot of the run, showing every cut, rotation, and backgauge movement. It also displays all intermediary paper handling, including how to stack partially cut sections.
Scissor Hands also handles data collection and reporting. It tracks the operator’s jobs, start time, end time, and blade drops. This data is then accessible by MIS systems or other reporting systems for tight integration or analysis.

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About us

Company details

Opensoft is a product-oriented software development company with extensive experience in building custom e-commerce solutions, industrial automation systems, and mission critical enterprise applications. Farheap Solutions, our parent incubator, has successful business operations around the world in software development, graphic design and printing.

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1-9 Mio US $

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  • prepress / print
  • postpress/ converting/ packaging
  • future technologies